ProjectManager Software Vs. Project Insight Software: Comparison

Even though there are some heavyweight software companies in the market space of project management software. ProjectManager and Project Insight are the upcoming contenders for the welterweight title and both are warming up for the fight. Let’s go through their features and decide for ourselves who will prevail. 

ProjectManager Outline 

ProjectManager Software is among multiple award-winning software companies with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Their introduction to the market was back in 2010 and they instantly became a hot commodity in the field of Project Management Software. Their portfolio offers high-class cloud-based work management products. Organizations such as NASA, Avis, and the University of Washington are among some of its high-profile clients and they have established a global footprint with their offices in serval countries across the globe. 

Some of the key features of ProjectManager include: 

Gantt Charts 

Kanban Boards 

Workflow Automation 

The Process of Getting Started with ProjectManager Demo 

ProjectManager does offer a 30-day free trial package for two versions of its software. Companies can have a first-hand experience with their software in terms of judging its ease of use, features, tools, layout, and integration of their business model with the software. To fetch the free trial packages, all you have to do is go to their official website and fill out the feature form and get started on your evaluation of the software. 

The Things to Keep in Mind About ProjectManager Cost of Use 

ProjectManager pricing is based on the number of users and offers both monthly and annual billing options, although companies are offered a 23% discount on annual pricing. The price starts at $13 per user\month and goes up to $28 per user\month. As for the most premium version of the software, individual companies can negotiate prices according to needs and size. 

The ProjectManager Review Index 

ProjectManager has an overall rating of 4.1\5 on Getapp, with a 79% positive user appraisal based on 330 reviews. It also has a rating of 4.1\5 based on 330 first-hand user reviews. 

Project Insight featurette 

Project Insight Software is Irvine, California based Software company. It too offers s cloud-based software for project management, but it is the older out of the pair by having two decades of constant accumulation of 93% customer retention rate, and currently serving 700 companies and 21,000 users. The company’s standard practices are based on the project management body of knowledge issued by the Project Management Institute, due to which, they are recognized as the go-to option for any company seeking to implement a certified and well-designed project management software in their day-to-day operations. 

A few Key attributes of Project Insight are as follows: 

Resource & Capacity Management 

Portfolio Management 

Project Template 

Project Insight Demo: How to Go About It 

Project Insight has three options for any potential customers who are considering their project management software. There is a free version which is limited in terms of features the user has at his\her disposal. There is the option of selective add-on through which the customers can pick features according to their needs, and after the purchase of 12 add-on all add-ons are included. Last but not least, the premium(enterprise) option which can be configured according to the specific needs of the customer. 

Project Insight Pricing: The Cost of Convivence  

The cost of running Project Insight software is extremely customizable, in the sense of the fact that through add-ons the customers can choose the features which are required for their intended purposes and they only have to pay for them, and the purchase of 12 add-on the software automatically converts the premium(enterprise) version. The customers can start with the free version and add other features later on with each add-on listed at its respective pricing, from $30 to $250. The enterprise version is priced at $45 per user or the customer could go for volume licensing by directly negotiating with the Project Insight. 

What Picture do the Project Insight Reviews Paint 

Project Insight has a rating of 4.4\5 at Capterra from 57 satisfied users. The software also has a user satisfaction rating of 83% on Selecthub from 71 voters\users. 

What are Some of The Inherited Shortcomings of Each Software 


Most of the services come with restrictions in, apart from when using Business Enterprise. 

Lazy and late responding to e-mail support. 

Extra hidden costs. 

Project Insight: 

The software can be glitchy and slow sometime. 

It is a little complicated for new users. 

Not having a significant online presence. 

What are Some of The Advantages of Each Software 


It is very customizable and offers filtering choices. 

Budgeting and resource management tools are already included. 

3rd party apps can be integrated. 

Project Insight: 

It can cater for unique business requirements. 

It has a very well-built and constantly updated mobile app. 

It offers time tracking which helps in progress being on schedule. 

Money-Back Guarantees and Can Excel Replace Either One?  

ProjectManager offers a trail period for its software and it’s free of cost, only when the customers are satisfied, they make the purchase. Project Insight offers a free version for customers to get a feel for their software and buy one feature at a time. Neither of them can be replaced by Excel. 

 Conclusion of The Face-off

Both Software’s have their inherent positives and negatives in features and in operational use. Some features are exclusively offered by one software provider and some by the other. But what it all boils down to is that there is no bad project management software for everyone, it is the case with each software company serving the needs of a company with specific needs in terms of both feature requirements and pricing policy. So, potential customers of either company, assessing the offerings of each software and its features, first need to assess its own requirements and choose the one that best fits their own mold. 

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