President Biden to sign an executive order, Breaking

In Washington this morning president
Biden will deliver a new response to the
recent supreme court ruling allowing
states to outlaw abortion many democrats
have criticized the president for not
acting more strongly after the justices
overturned the roe versus wade decision
which made abortion a constitutional
right Christina graffiti is at the white
house this morning Christina what’s the
president expected to say, in just a few hours

we’re expecting the president to take
his first concrete steps towards
protecting abortion access and as you
mentioned this comes amid growing
pressure from his own party to do more
now the president is expected to
announce that he’s going to direct hhs
to protect access to medication abortion
and take steps to ensure emergency
medical care for pregnant women and
those experiencing pregnancies lose the
order will direct agencies to educate
medical providers and insurers about how
and when they are required to share
privileged patient information with
authorities information on abortion rights
advocates fear could be used to
prosecute women who’ve had the procedure

the president will also ask the federal
trade commission to take steps to
protect the privacy of those seeking
reproductive care online now since the
court’s ruling at least 10 states have
enacted a near-total ban on abortion
within months the procedure could be
illegal or severely restricted in almost
half the states but dana President Biden
has stressed there’s only so much he can
do without congress and has urged
lawmakers to codify the rights of roe
into federal law.


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