PIXEL 6 PRO REVIEW | Buyer’s guide: Price & specs

 Pixel 6 Pro, the completely redesigned, fully loaded Google phone. The Pixel Camera system includes a pro-level telephoto lens.


Typically flagship android phones are
for people who love to customize
everything about their phone and iphones
are very robust yet largely
uncustomizable making them great for
non-tech people but the pixel 6 pro here
is an elegant combination of the two
with a robust clean interface and tons
of massive customization options hidden
just beneath the surface so now it’s
been a month since the pixel 6 pro came
out and i’ve been using it a lot in this
article we’re going to take a step away from

Any at all actually i’ve never really
had to clean that out and so the design
overall gets a total a plus i love the
way this phone looks of course on the
front you have a large beautiful display
has a very fast processor and gives you
a very smooth experience so when you’re
watching media or navigating around or
whatever you do with the phone this is
going to be a very capable device and
additionally something i did mention in

The beginning of my original review was
that i love the sharper corners on here
i love how you have a more full media
experience and it feels like the galaxy
note that we didn’t get this year so for
note users i could definitely see this
being a very promising option but the
first drawback i faced was related to
maybe the large display and that is that
the phone definitely can get a little
bit warm if you’re watching media on
full brightness or if you’re watching it
for a long time sometimes a phone

Fingerprint sensor

fingerprint sensor
fingerprint sensor

Definitely gets a bit warmer
additionally the fingerprint sensor in
the middle of the display had a lot of
complaints from a lot of different
people and for different reasons so
first of all i would say that i really
don’t have a huge issue with the
fingerprint sensor but it is an optical
fingerprint sensor which means that
unlike the samsung ones which are
ultrasonic if your finger is wet and

You try to sign in you will have more
more issues with that additionally if
you have any dust on your finger that
could be a problem and it’s not
necessarily the fastest way to sign in
right here but
you know that’s something that
definitely can improve in time over
software improvements and google did
respond to people that complained about
the fingerprint sensor speed they
essentially said that it was related to
the security algorithms that make your
phone more secure obviously and that
ties me to the next positive with this

Android 12 feature

Android 12 feature
Android 12 feature

phone and that is that it feels or at
least to me it feels a little bit more
like you have more control over your
privacy and security with this phone so
for example the privacy dashboard this
is something that’s more related to
android 12 as opposed to the actual
pixel 6 here but i love how you have
things like the privacy dashboard it
allows you to see what’s accessing
different features on your phone the
camera the microphone and on top of that

if you go to the quick toolbar on the
top or the quick access settings you can
actually turn off your camera or your
microphone very easily and although
android 12 is not exclusive to the pixel
6 of course it’s definitely a big part
of the pixel 6 experience and so talking
a little bit more about android 12 one
big thing i mean i’ve been using the
iphone 13 quite a bit lately the 13 pro
and i really like ios 15 but one thing
that is definitely better on the android
12 experience here with the pixel 6 in

Android 12 bluetooth

My opinion is the quick settings i think
that this absolutely crushes it from the
easy access of course swiping down it
gives you all types of things that are
more interactive like you can actually
select what internet you’re using you
can select the bluetooth you can
actually go to the settings icon all
these things that you don’t see on
iphone and additionally like

I said you can actually go over and disable your
microphone your camera all types of
things like that and you can rearrange
this very very easily so in my opinion i
think that’s a big positive that you’re
not getting with the iphone that you’re
definitely getting on the pixel 6 or
with any android 12 experience for that
matter and so that’s a big positive
there but of course not everything with
android 12 is a walk in the park there
are plenty of things that people
complained about and

Pixel 6 review

Pixel 6 review
Pixel 6 review

I had some complaints myself the overall experience
for the most part is very smooth but
sometimes it is a little bit buggy and
of course that’s growing pains in the
beginning i’m sure they will work these
out but for example people were
experiencing some random crashes and
this is something i experienced for
example when i was using the magic
eraser every now and then i think this
happened twice to me overall the app
would just absolutely crash and i would
just be sent back to the home screen not
sure why that happened but another issue
that others did experience that i did
not experience was battery drain issues

so anyone who complains about the
battery life on the pixel 6 there’s a
chance that it might be related to
android 12. my battery in my opinion has
been absolutely amazing i’m not
complaining about the battery at all and
actually one of the big pros with this
phone as with most pixels is actually
the standby time for the battery so if
you charge this phone up and you just
set it another room it can go for a
really long time thanks to google’s very
efficient ui before you actually start
to drain the battery so battery life on

Charging ability

Charging ability
Charging ability

Here especially if you don’t use it
non-stop is absolutely amazing and if
you do use it non-stop you’re still very
comfortably getting six or even seven
hours of screen on time per charge with
a very massive battery on board but of
course there is a drawback when you have
a large battery you need to charge it
really fast to get it charged in a
reasonable amount of time and the

Charging speed on here is actually only
23 watts google originally recommended
30 watt chargers which was misleading
because it doesn’t actually accept 30
watt charging it just accepts 23 watt
charging so a little bit of a
miscommunication there definitely a
drawback i wish this could charge a
little bit faster than the typical like

Android power

Android power
Android power

Two ish hours to actually charge it up
and as i kind of said in the beginning
this phone feels like the best of both
worlds like it’s something that if
you’re an android power user you would
love to have this phone because it does
all of the android stuff and it does it
really well but if you are somebody who
is typically an iphone user and you’ve
been turned off by samsung phones for
for how much stuff they actually have
going on this feels very clean and very
elegant and i think that material u does

A great job of making the phone feel a
little bit more welcoming than other
phones and it doesn’t like you don’t get
as much burnout you don’t feel like it’s
too in your face everything’s very very
simple and clean but if you want to find
things they’re never more than a couple
taps away and i think they do a good job
with that now of course being that this

Camera pixel

Camera pixel
Camera pixel

is a pixel phone the cameras were a huge
thing to talk about people loved them
talked about good things bad things and
starting off with one of the cons before
i get into what i really like about it
and granted there’s a lot that i like
about the cameras but one of the cons is
actually the selfie camera i noticed
that after using this a lot i found it
to be a little bit weak and although

If you saw my comparison between this and
the iphone 13 pro i pointed out that in
high dynamic range situations it beats
the iphone 13 pro there are many other
situations where it doesn’t for example
if you’re in a low light situation it’s
really grainy at best so i was by no
means impressed by the quality of the
front-facing camera however the
rear-facing cameras did an absolutely
fantastic job after years of pixel
having really low quality sensors and
high quality software they finally got

High quality sensors

High quality sensors and high quality
software giving you fantastic still
shots no matter what you’re doing the 4x
zoom the ultra wide the standard wide
angle lens i was taking fantastic photos
in almost every situation out there
night photos look amazing moving photos
look great and they also have a lot of
really cool features

A lot of people talked about magic
eraser right and that’s very great but
personally i didn’t use that very much
what i really did like however was the
motion mode i think this is really cool
and honestly very underutilized and
there’s two ways you can do this you can
make things look like they’re moving
fast or you can take a photo of say a
waterfall and kind of have like a long
exposure effect on that so i think
that’s really cool and of course another thing

Best features

Best feature
Best feature

I really like about this phone is
that you have some really great access
to both the camera and to whatever else
you want so if you double press the
power button that’ll open up the camera
of course but also you have this really
cool feature and i believe this came out
in android 11. if you double tap the
back of the phone you could open up
snapchat or whatever you want personally

I use snapchat there but you can also
take a screenshot or whatever you want
that feature to be it’s something that i
think is very very convenient of course
iphones do this as well but it’s a great
way to you know better utilize your
pixel and when it comes to video quality
of course this phone does a really good
job but it’s definitely not the best
feature on here the best feature would
be the still photos but the video
quality is still a massive improvement
over last year’s pixel 5 and actually

Wide angle lens

Any other pixel for that matter but
there is a con there’s one big drawback
i noticed with the camera and this is
that for some reason it is a little bit
laggy so if you open up the camera
there’s really only one situation i want
to talk about and this is when you’re
zooming in from the standard wide angle
lens into the telephoto what happens is
if you zoom in it’ll digitally zoom in
and expand it and look really grainy and

Then you wait almost an entire second
and then it switches to the telephoto
lens so you can see right here it zooms
in it’s digital and then after about
half a second or a second it finally
becomes more clear and of course once
it’s clear the telephoto lens the 4x
does a great job but if you’re in a
really quick setting and you really want
to take a photo in an instant
that’s a little bit of a drawback there
now the last drawback is kind of a con

Size of the phone

Size of the phone
Size of the phone

But also a little bit of a pro depending
on who you are and that is the size of
this phone so for people that love large
phones that’s great it’s a big phone and
that’s really nice but for people that
want smaller more pocketable phones
unfortunately you don’t have an option
to get the same horsepower of this phone
in a smaller form factor the iphone does
that older pixels used to do that but
the new pixel doesn’t do that if you
want a smaller phone you have to go down
to the regular pixel 6 and you make some
compromises but of course this would not
be a pixel review if we didn’t talk

About some of the big phone things of
course pixels have always been great at
making your life more efficient from
google assistant and things like that
but there’s really five big things i
want to talk about related to the phone
so the first one is of course the call
screening you have automatic call
screening and so if somebody calls you
and you don’t recognize a number you
could screen it you could set up
automatic call screening and when you
are on a phone call you have wait times
tells you how long it’s going to be on
average based on the time of day if
you’re calling somebody like for example
a help center

Pixel features

Pixel features
Pixel features

You also have direct my call so if
there’s a list of different things press
one to do that press two to do that it
can actually show you on the screen and
make it easier for you to select the
options and of course you have hold for
me which is another really really big one
and i guess that was four i said there
were five but there’s really four things
so four big things with the phone
honestly i love all of those but of
course there’s other pixel features
throughout here that we’ve been seeing
for a long time that google doesn’t
share with the rest of android 12 users

like they’re really exclusive to the
pixel and so again another one of the
reasons you might want to consider
getting this phone but overall like i
said in the very beginning of this article
the pixel 6 is really a great compromise
between the two of android power users
and iphone users as well i think this is
quite possibly my favorite phone right
now like i said i love the iphone 13 pro
ive been using it a lot but when it
comes to still photos in a clean ui i
think the pixel 6 is really hard to beat like

Intelligent combination

Intelligent combination
Intelligent combination

I said before android phones are
usually for power users and tech lovers
while iphones tend to be a little bit
more simple and streamlined and elegant
but the pixel 6 pro is really an
intelligent combination of the two i
love how google brought some great
hardware a robust clean interface and
tons of massive customization options
that make it a fantastic buy for both
iphone lovers and android lovers but

leave a comment below what do you think
of the google pixel 6 pro there’s
obviously been a lot of excitement
around it but not everything was great
there were definitely some things that i
thought maybe you want to be aware of so
leave a comment below and let me know
what your thoughts are on this phone as
always if you enjoyed this article
consider liking and subscribing I am Abdul Rehman
thanks for reading and i’ll see you next time.


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