Paul Schrader, Golden Lion, Martin Scorsese Venice Film Festival

Paul Schrader is a well-known US filmmaker who is known for writing strong male leads. However, at the age of 76, he decided to try something new and write a screenplay with a female lead. 
Schrader wrote or co-wrote four Martin Scorsese movies, including Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. He has also directed more than 20 movies, and this weekend at the Venice Film Festival, he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work.

Filmmaker Paul Schrader toys 

After getting the award, Schrader told Reuters that he had done everything he had set out to do in a film, but he still thought he had more work to do.

“I’m sitting here wondering what would happen if Travis Bickle, the main character in Taxi Driver, wore a skirt,” he said.

“I know that all writers are told to write about things they know. I wrote down what I know now. I might want to write about what I don’t know. I should probably write about a woman. “

He said that he had just finished writing a script about a female trauma nurse. He admitted that it was hard work and said that he might not be able to direct the project by himself.

Female co-director

“Because it’s such a female piece, I’m even tempted to look for a co-director. And I’m not sure if I’d be better off with a female co-director,” He added that, but didn’t say anything else about the project.

His new movie, Master Gardener, was shown for the first time at the festival on Saturday. It is the third in a loose trilogy about a “lonely man in a room.”

In the movie, Joel Edgerton plays Narvel Roth, a dedicated gardener who is torn when his rich boss Norma, played by Sigourney Weaver, asks him to train her troubled great-niece Maya, played by Quintessa Swindell.

Edgerton said that playing the part brought out parts of him that are usually shut down. I’m usually not violent, but I can be. And acting lets me talk about things I don’t talk about in real life, “Reuters asked him about it.”


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