OnePlus Nord wired earphones come at $40

OnePlus Nord wired earphones, The global tech company OnePlus released its first pair of wired earphones in India on Saturday. These were the Nord-wired earphones.

The Nord wired earphones will go on sale in India on September 1 for just $40. They will be available both online and in stores.

OnePlus Nord wired earphones

With an easy-to-find range of wired earphones that work with the 3.5mm jack, the company wants to bring its signature sound to a wider audience.

The product will have 9.2mm dynamic drivers and a 0.42cc sound cavity. The company said in a statement that the product will have the familiar OnePlus experience.

The design will look like the popular OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Series. It will have a smooth black finish with bright red accents to give it the classic OnePlus look.

The audio controls are easy to use, and the clip is magnetic.

Magnets are built into the earphones to make them easy to carry and take care of.

The device has a microphone built into the cord and buttons that give users more control over calls, music, and the voice assistant.

The 3.5mm audio jack on the headphones makes them work with laptops, gaming consoles, and Nord smartphones.

Also, the headphones come with three sets of silicon tips that can be switched out.


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