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OnePlus 9 pro-Mobile reviews | Your Best Shot – OnePlus (United States). The OnePlus 9 Pro showcases the stunning “Designed by OnePlus” vision. It’s an irresistible harmony of creativity, exclusive materials, and premium unibody.

So it’s been about one month since the
one plus 9 pro came out
and in the first month there was a lot
of talk about this phone a lot of
excitement about the hasselblad
partnership the big specs

OnePlus 9 pro

the overall impressive package but i’ve
actually been using this phone
every day for the past month and as my
daily driver there was a lot of stuff i
noticed that
wasn’t reflected by specs so i want to
step away from the spec sheets and talk
more about

OnePlus 9 pro
OnePlus 9 pro

what this phone is actually like to use
on a day-to-day basis because ultimately
specs might help you buy a phone but
once you buy it it’s not gonna be the
specs that determine
how good that phone is for you it’s
gonna be the little nuances the things
that you notice when you use this phone
every single day so in this article i
wanna talk about some pros and cons that

i noticed that i didn’t expect when i first got
this phone and
you know ultimately help you decide
whether or not this is a phone for you
so i want to break this article down into
three main categories
the first being the physical aspects the
second one being the camera which
is really interesting and we’ll get
there when we get there but the third

OnePlus 9 Mobile reviews

is actually the software which because
the main purpose of this article is to
talk about
the little nuances and what i like and
don’t like about this phone on a
day-to-day basis
by far the software is the most
important thing we’ll talk about
but of course the physical aspects are
also very interesting and looking at
this phone you’ll see
it looks a lot like a galaxy s20 s20

s20 ultra s21 like the galaxy s lineup
looks a lot like this phone and being
that i came from the s21 to this one
i really expected it to feel very
similar and in many ways it did it’s a
little bit more slippery but
for the most part the dimensions the
shape the curves are all

very similar which is a good thing i
like the design of that phone but
there are actually some differences that
i found were big improvements
one of them being of course the switch
on the right side one plus does this and
it’s something i really like to see you
can switch from silent

OnePlus 9 Mobile reviews
OnePlus 9 Mobile reviews

Oneplus 9 pro

to ringer to vibrate with a physical
switch on the right side something we’ve
been seeing on iPhones forever
and i just i don’t know why android
phones don’t adopt that more i really
like having it on here
so that’s a big positive another big
positive is actually the layout of these

I’ve said this for a while with Samsung
phones i don’t like it when all the
buttons are on one side and i think
having the volume rocker on the left
and the power button on the right side
just makes the most sense it’s easy to
use with one hand easy to take

Latest oneplus 9

to me that’s what makes the most sense
the aesthetic of this phone as far as
i’m concerned i think it looks pretty
good it’s kind of frosted on the top and
and more mirrored on the bottom so you
might get a few fingerprints on the
bottom but

in general i think it’s a really nice
looking phone some other things that i
did notice on the front of the screen
they kind of had a mixed bag of opinions
on the fingerprint sensor so for one
it’s very fast it’s very accurate and i
had no problem signing

Oneplus 9r

in but other than that there were some
things that i weren’t especially fond of
so for one the fingerprint sensor is
all the way on the bottom of the screen
which means that yes i got used to
moving my thumb down there
but at the same time it just feels like
you really have to flex your thumb
farther than it would naturally go
and it would just be more comfortable if
that was maybe an inch higher on the
screen so

maybe an improvement for next year but
again something that is pretty easy to
some other things where because it is an
optical fingerprint sensor it’s not
ultrasonic which means that you do need
some kind of light behind the screen
in order to sign in and that means that
when you’re

Oneplus 9r
Oneplus 9r

Oneplus 9 5g

looking at this at night so maybe 1 am
if you wake up or 2 am whatever
you wake up and you look at your phone
even if your phone screen is dimmed all
the way down
you’re going gonna have a really bright
light behind that fingerprint sensor
which i found to be kind of annoying and
a little bit blinding

especially when it’s really dark out the
third thing that i really didn’t like
about this
is that when your screen is totally off
like this so like literally
all black nothing on the screen and you
just put your finger where the
fingerprint sensor is

Oneplus 9 series

on a lot of the ultrasonic phones and a
lot of other phones out there it would
just sign in automatically but this one
it doesn’t instead it wakes the screen
and then you have to touch it again
to actually sign in so one extra step
that i thought was a little bit annoying
typically when you pick your phone up
the screen turns on anyway so it’s
normally not a problem

but in some situations, i just found it a
little bit frustrating
back to some positives with this phone
the haptic feedback so the vibrating
motor on there
does a really good job it’s a really
nice clean vibrating motor it’s not the
strongest out there but

Oneplus 9 pro camera

it seems to be really well controlled
and by no means sloppy so
that was positive i like how that felt
and overall the build quality of this
phone just
seems really solid so physically
speaking i really don’t have any
complaints besides the fingerprint

sensor and i really liked using this of course
some other things that
are maybe more internal the battery life
on this i thought was fantastic i’m
getting about a day and a half out of
this but
of course it depends on how you’re using
it i’ve generally been maxing out the
screen resolution
the refresh rate and i have nfc on all
the time but

Oneplus 9 pro camera
Oneplus 9 pro camera
Oneplus 9t pro

granted i don’t i try not to use my
phone too much during the day i’m
usually editing videos and doing other
now for some people who really push this
harder and are going to burn the battery
the good news is the other side of
oneplus like really

one of the big reasons that they started
to become popular is because they’re
focusing on
making things fast charging is one of
them so you can charge with 65-watt warp
charging with a wire
or 50-watt wireless charging which is
already faster than most phones can
handle anyway

Oneplus 9 specifications

and so i mean i feel like i’m never
running low on battery, okay and then one
last thing i want to mention is i really
like the curve of the display on here i
some curved screens they look really
nice in the front which this one does
but sometimes they have a problem where
your palm has like
some little rejection issues in the
corner and it starts changing keyboards
and stuff like that
this one that is definitely not the case

it works perfectly fine i’ve never had
any kind of palm rejection issues
and i think the curve of the screen is
really a perfect balance
so that brings us into the next category
which is the cameras and so
the big thing is the Hasselblad
the partnership they mentioned that a
million times in the release everyone’s
talking about it

Oneplus 9 specs

and for the most part it’s supposed to
bring better colors to
the phone so better colors and honestly
i think the colors do look pretty good
on this phone compared to a lot of other
ones out there i would say this is
definitely a little bit more
real and natural so not very saturated
like we see on Samsung phones
not very flat and warm as we see on
iPhones and so

honestly, i’m definitely a fan of the
colors with this but
of course there are some other drawbacks
and we’ll mention that in the sample
but let’s start off by getting into a
article test
all right so this is the test of
the camera i’m just walking really normally
you can see it’s

Ultrawide lens

really incredibly stable the audio
quality in my opinion is also really
good on here
yeah so from the looks of that video it
seems like hasselblad might have
forgotten to look at the video as you
can see the white balance was really a

Ultrawide lens
Ultrawide lens

it shifts between warmer and cooler
tones all the time and especially when
you zoom out to the ultrawide lens
this is shooting 4k 30 but it also goes
all the way up to 4k
120 so as far as specs go this is
definitely a very impressive video
looking up you’ll see that we have a
pretty good dynamic range the sky looks
pretty natural and we can zoom out from
the standard lens to the ultrawide lens

10x zoom

here and the colors look a little bit
different i think everything looks a
little bit yellower
but if we zoom back in it doesn’t give
you like the smoothest transition
between lenses you’ll see right here
it kind of skips around right there and
you can see the color difference
but if we just go to the standard lens
uh one disappointing factor i found with
this is that

when you zoom in i believe it’s not
using the telephoto lens so
as we zoom in it caps us out at 10x zoom
and you can see it doesn’t really look
that great so
zooming in the telephoto video is not really
going to be something you’ll experience
with this phone

Front-facing camera

and if we quickly jump down you’ll see
that things get in focus
really quickly and now this is what
the front-facing camera looks and sounds
like i’ve never really been a big fan of
having the camera

in the corner of the screen uh because i
feel like i have to i don’t know just
looks weird when i’m looking at the
camera one downside is that
this is only shooting 1080p for some
reason i don’t know why they didn’t
upgrade that it’s 20 21.
need to have 4k on all the cameras but

they don’t on this one otherwise the
color and sharpness look pretty decent
for a 1080p selfie camera if you guys
leave a comment and let me know you
think of this and all the cameras
for video and audio quality so needless
to say oneplus clearly missed when it
came to video capabilities but i think
there’s still shots made up for it

Oneplus 9 pro

the primary rear lens the color looks
really good the bark the leaves
everything in this picture were very
true to life it looked really good and
you can see this one with the water
again great sharpness great detail
overall really solid color that looked
exactly as i saw it in real life
again you can go into even this shot
here and you’re still seeing a lot of
great stuff there

the ultrawide lens still is a little bit
warmer for some reason even with the
still shot so you’ll see as we zoom in
it’s a lot cooler right here but again i
think this shot
looks really good the primary rear lens
was impressive the 3.3 x telephoto lens
was passable but not great zooming into
10x very very grainy but you can still
tell what it is


and then of course 30x zoom looks almost
like a fake
it looks like a bob ross painting or
something i i don’t know uh but looking
at the macro lens which is actually the
ultrawide i was happy that they doubled
that in there

uh because it has autofocus a good
sensor good color
and it doesn’t take up an extra lens
spot on the back of the phone
looking at the front-facing camera this
was okay a little bit dull with the
not a whole lot going on there and a lot
of clarity bubbles all the way around me
with the portrait mode
the rear camera the skin tones look
better it still over-sharpened things in
the background as i mentioned before
like those branches

Mobile reviews

but i wasn’t a big fan of the portrait
mode it kind of just uniformly blurred
everything behind me
and made it look like a green screen
other than that though i was definitely
impressed with the primary rear shooter
i thought the color and everything
looked good and

Mobile reviews
Mobile reviews

it was a decent still shot camera so to
summarize the cameras
overall they’re pretty good the things
that i didn’t like the 1080p limit on
the front-facing camera
the over-sharpening of the background
for images uh the just uniform blur on
on portrait mode

Oneplus 9 specifications

and then the last one is kind of that
the digital zoom doesn’t really
do that much for me so it wasn’t quite
as good as a lot of other phones at this
price but
that’s pretty much the limit of what i
didn’t like what i did like was the
natural color the overall aesthetic of
most photos
especially with the main and the
ultrawide lens overall they did a good job

and of course using that ultrawide lens
as a macro lens
kind of a little double thing right
there so you don’t need that extra macro
lens on the back
i don’t really use it anyway but i was
happy to see that at least they’re using
a high-quality sensor and just kind of
doing a two-for-one there that’s
something i really like to see more and
more phones do

Oneplus 9 series full review

so the camera is like i’ve seen some
mixed reviews some people say it’s a big
setback for this phone some people say
it’s a huge improvement
honestly i think it’s somewhere down the
middle like the cameras are definitely
passable they’re able to compete
in some situations with the best but
overall i wouldn’t rank this my number
one phone

Oneplus 9 series full review
Oneplus 9 series full review

for the best photos or videos but
honestly, i don’t think that’s really a
big deal because
the physical aspects and the software
aspects really make up for that and so
that leads into the software aspects of
this video so
the software on this phone is
running android the latest android and
it has uh

Oxygen Version

their version of android on there which
is called oxygen os and so
oxygen os from one plus is kind of
supposed to be a lighter operating
the system they still have a lot of things a
lot of features in there
that i really like to see but it’s still
very close to

just pure android so it’s going to have
a very quick experience honestly
and so from my testing with this i found
that there were some things i really
for one when you connect a pair of
earbuds or headphones or anything


it will automatically detect what codec
it’s capable of using
so if it’s aptx you can just
automatically use that versus
other phones when you have to go into
like developer options and stuff like that
you just know that you’re going to get
good audio quality as soon as you
connect to this phone
that’s a big positive another thing i
liked it’s called zen mode on here it’s
a cool way to

kind of disconnect from your phone so if
you find that you’re using your phone
too much and you need to focus for
60 minutes two hours maybe even 10
minutes whatever you want
you can go into the zen mode it doesn’t let
you get out of this so you literally

My phone

lock your phone it shows you a timer and
it counts down until the end of your
focus or zen mode your zen time
and so i think that’s a cool feature
that i’m not going to be distracted by
my phone

My phone
My phone

so i mean does everyone is ever going to
use that probably not
but it’s something i’ve been using
almost every day of course you have
plenty of other features on here related
to android so google assistant is very

google pay as long as you’re signed in
you just tap anything and pay
like a lot of that stuff that’s with
android works very well
and i found that the experience on here
is just very very quick very
simple little seamless animations that
make it feel very fast and very smooth
and like i said before it’s a really

One plus

good combination of the simplicity we
see with an iPhone
and the features that we’re seeing
on Samsung phones so Samsung phones
feel a little bulky just because they
have so many features in there

and then iphone sometimes to me at least
feel a little bare because
you really can’t customize that much
it’s missing a lot of features that i’m
on android phones and i think this one
is really the happy medium there
so for example if you don’t like the


widgets cluttering up your screen
you can swipe down from the middle of
the home screen and it goes into this
other little categories
this other little interface there that
has a bunch of different little widgets
you can have a step counter there your
recent apps
i put my calendar there uh remember your
parking space like all kinds of things that


it’s just a really convenient interface
to have so
as far as software goes the more i use
this the more i like using this and
i’ve used oneplus phones in the past but

One plus 9 pro software

every time i come back to oxygen os i
just really like using it so guys
that’s pretty much my summary of what
it’s been like to use the one plus 9 pro
after a little while now and so honestly
to summarize the physical build of it is
fantastic i love having the switch on
the side

uh the cameras are are good but not the
best it’s really the only thing holding
this phone back from being
a clear best phone in the industry right
now but the software
really makes up for that a lot i find
that it’s really smooth very fast and
easy to use

Android phone

and so i chose to use this phone as my
daily driver because right now
i think it’s the best android phone on
the market but you guys can leave a
comment below let me know what you think
of this phone

or any other phones that you think might
be able to compete with this one
and maybe i’ll make a comparison if you
guys enjoyed this video as always
consider liking and sharing.


An elegant hybrid between the Pixel and iPhone’s simplicity, and the feature-packed Samsung phones. This phone is fast, helps you accomplish what you need to, and gets out of your way. Fast screen, brief animations, quick access to actually practical tools, fast charging, and fast processor


I LOVE the switch
I love how the volume is on the left side
OnePlus still does stuff Samsung stopped doing, like shipping with an incredible charger, and also adding a screen protector, pre-installed
Cannot sign in with the screen off
The fingerprint sensor is a bit low for my liking
In dark environments, the FP sensor can be blinding
Clean haptics – not the strongest, but well-controlled and high quality
No expandable storage 🙁
Some people had overheating issues, but I have not noticed that yet
Screen curve is not a problem for me. Last year’s S20 for example had edge issues for me
50W wireless charging stand is insane! And 65W warp charging my not be ideal for the battery but is so nice to use


No 16:9 photos?
Video is trash.
Sky looks too teal at dusk
Digital zoom is weak
Pro photo mode is great
Wide-angle macro is great
1080p limit on front camera – sucks!
The camera isn’t a huge weakness, but in a world where cameras are the primary selling points of phones, focusing on everything that isn’t the camera might not have been the best idea, or maybe it was?
Natural-looking photos – not too oversaturated or too flat


Choosing a codec is easy. No developer settings required
Battery life is great. I’m getting 1.5 days with max specs – refresh rate, resolution, NFC
Zen mode is awesome!
Clean, elegant software with just enough features, but not too many
Google pay without doing anything – fantastic
This phone feels much faster than the S21, thanks to the lighter, smoother software with simpler and quicker animations
I love the swipe-down interface, but I wish notifications and quick settings appeared there. I hate needing to choose
Android keeps pace with iPhones now with nearby share, Google RCS messaging, duo

It looks like OnePlus really made a complete package here. This is probably my favorite Android phone ever… for now. The downside? The camera is good, but not as good as the iPhone 12 or S21 ultra. On the upside, it costs less than many top-tier flagships and offers a superior experience. For anyone seeking the customizability of android phones but with the simple clutter-free experience you get with iPhones, this is a fantastic buy. The OnePlus 9 Pro is fast and there when you need it, and gets out of your way when you don’t.

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