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Nude Bikini review

This is going to be part one of two from the brand Yoins because I did order a lot of bikinis so  
I’ve been splitting it up in two different Articles. For today’s article, we are going  
to have all colorful bright bikinis and in the next article, it’s going to be a little more down  
to earth like black and the browns and those type of tones. So I think we’re just going to dig into  
it’s because I’ve already been editing, not editing, I’ve been doing photoshoots the whole day so I’m  
a little bit tired but what I was supposed to say is I’ve been already filming this Article but  
the audio was out so yeah I have to refilm everything one more time so yeah, anyway let’s  
dig into this. Starting with this very colorful flowery floral type of printing bikini. It comes  
in this top with the v-shape there the clips in the back it’s adjustable straps  
but the clips is not adjustable they are like this so you clip them like…

Nude Bikini review
Nude Bikini review

My god I cannot do my work today. You clip them in like this so they are not adjustable.
I have this bikini in size large and it’s fitting me perfectly but um I will say  
like since you cannot adjust it in the back it is a little bit big underneath but in the cups  
and everything is fitting me perfectly. The bottom part is looking like this with a Brazilian  
cut in the back, can we get focus, and on the sides, you have the adjusted ableness so I will say this  
bikini runs true to size but if you’re in between two sizes go for the upper size. I always say that  
I’m an in-between size small and medium when it comes to activewear but in bikinis, I am between  
size medium and large and I definitely needed size large in this to cover my cups and everything.  

Nude Bikini review
Nude Bikini review

Super pink bikini

I would say true to size but if you’re in between two sizes size up. Next up we have this super pink  
so this is like maybe a bikini that is made for smaller chest area because as you can see it’s  
kind of not wide at all. Surprisingly it is fitting me and I didn’t think it was going to when  
I saw it first but when I put it on it’s actually pretty stretchy so it fits me pretty perfectly.

Super pink bikini

I have it in size large and I think I need it in size large to be able to cover my boobies but  
it leaves me with a little bit of gap underneath. It’s not super tight underneath. It comes with this  
panties that are super high waist not a Brazilian cut, it is a normal cut in the back but it’s super  
high waist and you see this looks like gold flakes. I will say it’s true to size there’s  
nothing digging in or anything on me but the same thing here if you are in between two sizes go for  
the upper size and for sure if you have a bigger chest area, size up otherwise it’s not going to  

Black bikini

But I like this bikini a lot the only thing is maybe like if you want to have a nice tan these  
are kind of thick but of course, you can take them down the same thing goes for the other bikini  
I reviewed you can just take them down a little bit and then you can like swim like this and then  
when you are sunbathing you just take them down and you’re gonna get a nice tan. Next up we have  
this one. It’s black and then a lot of colors and I really like this because it’s a bandeau so

Black bikini
Black bikini

you will have a really nice tan in this and I also like this bandeau it’s adjustable in the back so you can  
tie it in so it’s fitting you perfectly. I have this in size large and in the top it’s fitting  
me perfectly the bottom part is also fitting me perfectly but I will say that the bottom part is  
a little bit smaller in size. The top part is very forgiving in the sizes you can adjust it but the  
bottom part is actually a thong so I mean I don’t feel 100% comfortable wearing a thong but I love  
the colors and everything but it’s kind of small in sizes and you cannot adjust it so I will say go  
for the size you think you need in the bottom part and the top part will fit you since you can adjust it.

super colorful

But this I would say it’s like a small-medium and not a size large. It is fitting me perfectly  
it’s not digging in or anything and you have my measures if you scroll down.  
if you want to see my measures and compare them with sizing but I will still give this a thumbs up.  
But I mean it’s very good for the tan it’s just that

super colorful
super colorful

I don’t feel 100% comfortable in the thong thing but yeah I give it thumbs up anyway. So lastly we have  
this super colorful with printing it’s like a leopard printing or something and this one is very  
interesting. I’ve never seen a bikini like this because the top part is you tie it underneath and  
then around your neck so you have the adjustable parts in the front it’s very hard to show here I  
think it’s better we take a look at how it’s looking on. I have this in size medium and I will say this  
one is very true to size. In this bikini size large would have been a little bit too big even for me. 

Brazilian cut

So size medium fits me perfectly it comes with this bottom part that has a Brazilian cut, adjustable  
on the sides and these little rings here. So I think this is a very cute bikini, I will say very  
true to size and it’s also very forgiving in the sizes you can adjust it both in the pants and in  
the top part. The only thing with this is that maybe these rings, I don’t know but maybe these  
rings will be rusty when you are wearing them in the water. I do not know for sure of course because

I haven’t been worn it yet… but I haven’t been, I haven’t worn it yet but that is the thing that I  
can think about like maybe this will be ugly but I don’t think you will see it as much because I mean  
you don’t look at it so closely, so I don’t think you will see if it’s getting a little rusty anyway.  
Out of this batch, I don’t know which one is my favorite, I think the blacktop is my favorite  
one out of them but I like all of them. I think all of them are good quality good pricing  
everything is good I will say thumbs up and this is the first time I’m trying this brand and

Neutral colors trying eight bikinis 

I really like it and I’m very excited for the next Article that is coming in a few weeks because I have  
to mix it up with some other Articles also but it’s coming in a few weeks and with more neutral colors.  
I really like them I really like this brand and I would say overall after trying eight bikinis  
from them, I will say that their sizing is very true to size so if you want to go for a bikini I 
think any bikini on their side… side, I cannot speak today, I’m too tired it’s evening now I’m waiting  
for having dinner and I have been shooting the whole day so a little bit tired. On their website! that’s  
what I’m trying to say. So yeah I think we’re just gonna summarize this Article now and we’re  
gonna take a little look at how they are looking on the first little try on when I’m showing all of them.

So yeah my friends that is it for today’s Article
So yeah I hope I’m gonna see in my coming Articles make sure to also follow me on  
my Instagram so you don’t miss out on my daily posts there. But with that being said, thank  
you so much for reading todays article I hope I’m gonna see it in my coming one,

♡ My measurements ♡
Waist: 67cm
Tummy: 80cm (5 cm under the belly button)
Hips: 103cm
Chest: 93cm
Under chest: 68 cm (for bra size guide)
Thighs: 58-59cm
Leg inner seam: 76 cm (down to lower angle)

I am 178cm (i think that is 5’10) tall.


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