Nintendo Switch OLED Splatoon 3 Special Edition Available

If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED, you might want to skip the regular version and go for one of these bright Splatoon 3 special editions instead. It’s completely covered in “graffiti” from Splatoon, and the Joy-Con controllers, with their blue and yellow gradients, might be the best-looking version to date.

Pre-orders are now open through the links below, but keep in mind that the new design of the console doesn’t come with Splatoon 3. When the game comes out on September 9, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Best Buy has the Nintendo Switch OLED Model Splatoon 3 Special Edition for $359.99.
Order the $359.99 Nintendo Switch OLED Model Splatoon 3 Special Edition at Walmart. 
Order the $359.99 Nintendo Switch OLED Model Splatoon 3 Special Edition from Amazon

Nintendo Switch OLED Splatoon 3

You can get the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch OLED starting today, August 26. This gives you plenty of time to play with it before the game comes out in September. We expect to sell out quickly, so get in while you still can. You can now pre-order the game here on Amazon. 
The new Nintendo Switch has a 7-inch OLED screen and 64GB of internal memory. It also has a wired LAN port, better sound, and a wider, adjustable stand. As for the technical specs, Nintendo didn’t make any of the changes that gamers were hoping for, like a more powerful processor, 4K video output, or longer battery life.

The main draws here are the bigger OLED screen and the better sound. In our review from late last year, we said that the Nintendo Switch OLED is only a small improvement over the original Nintendo Switch, but it is still a welcome one.

As was said, Splatoon 3 will come out on September 9 for the Nintendo Switch. The new game in this colorful series is set in the Splatlands, a “sun-baked desert inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings.” Here, you can read everything we’ve written about the upcoming Nintendo Switch video game so far.


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