Nicolas Cage Loves His Cat. The Internet Was Made for This Moment

For a new exhibit, artists are making new versions of Cage and his best furry friend. My cat has some sharp observations about one of the new versions. 
A cat lives with Nicolas Cage. An art show was made because of Cage and that cat. There has never been a better day for the internet.

The art will be shown at CatCon, a convention that is all about cats, which is what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the Internet, which we all love. This year’s event, which is like a Comic-Con for cat lovers, will be held in Pasadena, California, on Oct. 1 and 2.

“Nicolas Cage is an artist’s dream subject—cult, he’s camp, and he doesn’t care,” said CatCon founder Susan Michals, who also started and runs the biennial Cat Art Show, which is sponsoring the Cage exhibit. “Dogs and cats have a lot in common, so why not combine the two and show it on canvas?” Uncaged: The Unbearable Weight of Genius in Cat Art is an art show at CatCon that features the work of seven artists.

In honor of the versatile actor and his black cat Merlin, Brian Hoffman’s Castor Troy, which is an 11-by-14-inch print hand-decorated with diamond dust, embossed, signed, and framed in a vintage-style frame, is part of the celebration. As a tribute to Cage’s wild-eyed villain in the 1997 movie Face/Off, the piece shows the actor’s head on top of the body of a retro cartoon girl, with a blue bow in his hair. Three cats from cartoons are all around him.

And Hoffman, a designer, illustrator, and printmaker from Boston, says, “It’s definitely weird and a little creepy, but it’s also heartwarming and fun if you like Cage and cats.” At first, the piece had Cage sitting next to magic mushrooms as a tribute to Alice in Wonderland and her cat Dinah, as well as to that time Nic Cage and his cat were said to have taken mushrooms together. ” “Wild at Art” is an oil-on-board painting by Vanessa Stockard. It shows an actor being held by a life-size black cat with yellow eyes and a yellow wig. I asked Jet, my black cat with yellow eyes, what he thought about it.

Jet said, “The separation of cat and human in Stockard’s work is both simple and powerful to me.” “Anyone sees a bird I can kill?”

Cage’s face is so expressive that it lends itself to being painted and used in many memes.

You’ve probably seen GIFs of him from the 1997 action-thriller movie Con Air, with his long hair blowing in the wind and his eyes half-closed as he walks toward freedom after a long prison sentence. You may have also seen the meme in which his face was put on many pictures of cats. Cage has always liked cats, so it makes sense that Merlin is his best friend. In this interview, Cage says, “He loves to be touched.” He will sometimes jump into bed and give me a hug, you know? I’ll think it’s my wife at first. “

The art in Uncaged will be for sale at Cat Con and on the Cat Art Show website. Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to three cat-related charities. This new cage-cat genre will hopefully help all memes.


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