Nicki Minaj Has Been Trending This Week And The Whole Situation Is A Hot Mess

This week, Nicki Minaj became popular again on social media after her fans, known as Barbz, attacked the rapper’s critics. Things got messy, as they often do when people fight online, so we’ll explain what happened.

Kimberly Nicole Foster, a cultural commentator, tweeted on September 12 that Minaj is a “horrible person.” In response, Barbz sent Foster threatening posts and texts, which Foster has made public. 
Foster has said bad things about Minaj and her fans in the past, but he hasn’t replied to a request for comment yet. She said in a YouTube video that she posted about Minaj because she had seen the rapper post “nasty things on social media” and say mean things on her Amp radio show.

Nicki Minaj Has Been Trending

Foster has said on Twitter that she is thinking about going to court because of the harassment, but no lawsuit has been filed yet. She also talked to at least one fan about their behavior on Twitter and kept track of several attempts to doxx her and death threats. 
She wrote: “I’ve told the police about every incident, and I’ll do everything I can to get compensation from anyone who contacted me or posted that information.”

She also showed screenshots and recordings of threatening text messages she got, such as “I will kill your whole family” and “I can’t wait to see your face when I blow up your building.”

The original post was taken down because it had phone numbers in it, but she has since shared more screenshots that have been edited. 
“Documenting things in public does not mean playing the victim,” Foster said in a tweet. She later wrote that the two people who said they were sorry for bothering her were “appreciated.”

She also showed screenshots and recordings

Foster also showed proof that Minaj has liked posts that Barbz has made about her that are negative. 
Minaj has a history of fighting back against her critics with the help of her fans. Wanna Thompson, a writer, was harassed in 2018 after she tweeted that it would be “dope” if Nicki made more mature music. In 2021, Minaj allegedly tried to get information about two reporters who were looking into her false claims about COVID-19. Minaj is also suing a blogger who, she says, called her a “cokehead.” This week, court papers showed that Minaj is suing the blogger. The rapper also thanked fans for sending her team screenshots of evidence that could be used in the case.


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