NEW TicWatch E3 Review – Affordable Smartwatch better than Flagships

NEW TicWatch E3 Review. The new TicWatch E3 is an affordable smartwatch designed to be a flagship killer. With the new snapdragon 4100 chip, this watch offers more power than any other WearOS watch, while also selling for nearly half the price. So where did they compromise?

NEW TicWatch E3 Review

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to the
website what we have right here is a
brand new smartwatch from ticwatch
and this one is one that I’ve mentioned
previously on this website, i wasn’t
actually allowed to mention the name of
it because
it was under embargo but this is my new
pick for the best budget-friendly
smartwatch so if you’re looking to buy
a new smartwatch and you don’t want to
spend a lot of money
for one of the galaxy watches or
ticwatch pro 3

then this is going to give you
essentially the same performance
possibly even better
at less than half the price of that so
you’re looking at under (price maybe change when you buy)
here is the ticwatch e3 now we have
plenty to cover in this article
including testing and i’ll talk about
where they cut corners and how they
managed to get the price cheaper
but overall the performance of this
watch it’s going to be matching the best
out there this is running the snapdragon
4100 chip on board

NEW TicWatch E3 Review
NEW TicWatch E3 Review

Display Pretty Bright

we’ll explain what that means later on
in the article but let’s kind of take a
few steps back and just take a look at
this watch and talk about
the physical design on the outside so
you can see that we have a 44 millimeter
body right here with a 1.3-inch display
the display gets pretty bright it’s
pretty vibrant and colorful and
it’s very responsive as well it’s
obviously a touch screen on here
and we can also control it with the two
buttons on the right side

now we’ll talk about the buttons in a
second but you’ll notice that there is
kind of a chunky bezel around
this entire display and that’s pretty
the standard for a lot of watches
although most other watches try to hide
this with some little like minute marks
or something like that
this one didn’t do any of that they kind
of are sticking with that minimal

Speaker and Microphone

looking at the right side you’ll see we
have a speaker and a microphone
usually, those are the first thing to go
when people are saving money on watches
so i was very happy to see that on here
that means we can answer phone calls
we can actually field the phone calls on
here and talk to people and we can use
it as a voice assistant we’ll talk about
that in the interface tour
but the buttons on here uh neither one
rotates so we don’t have a crown or
a bezel that rotates but

the button on the top is your back
button your home button it’ll open up
the app drawer for you
and if you press and hold it opens up
google assistant the bottom button
does a little bit less it just opens up
the health app which is what i have it
set to right here
and if we double press that you’ll see
that it opens up google pay
if we press and hold it opens up a kind
of nice little quick settings where
you can turn off the watch you can drain
the speaker

Water Resistance

in case you take it underwater because
as another note, you actually can take
this underwater this is rated for ip68
water resistance
and again that’s another item that’s
usually among the first to go when
people are making more budget-friendly
devices so ip68
great water resistance and I was very
happy to see that on the back of this
device you’ll see we have
four little diodes for the heart rate
sensor and we’ll talk about the sensors
more in a second but

overall the physical design is pretty
simple like i said a minimal aesthetic
but it definitely gets the job done and
you’re probably gonna notice that as
a common theme throughout this article
that this watch is really geared towards
the performance or the function over
and so it doesn’t really look especially
flashy or exciting on the outside
but like i said it’s going to keep up
with a lot of the best watches out there
which is really why i think this is
especially interesting

Fantastic Performance

and a lot of people on a budget will
really resonate with this watch
because it’s giving you a fantastic
performance a fantastic
value honestly and the only compromise
is going to be
it’s just a little bit less exciting on
the outside but let’s talk a little bit
more about
what kind of sensors it has on the
inside and what this is able to track
so there’s a lot of things honestly and
this is also good so we have of course
the heart rate sensors as i showed you
and so you can have 24 7 heart rate

it also tracks your blood oxygen so you
can track sleep tracking
uh respiration all kinds of stuff like
that you also have three different
methods of tracking positioning
including GPS and GLONASS
you have stress management and stress
the tracking we have NFC payments we have
wi-fi we have Bluetooth to connect your

Track Blood Oxygen Levels

as well as Bluetooth to connect to other
devices like earbuds
and so that means that you can go for a
run and leave your phone at home and you
can track your run with GPS
you can track the heart rate you can
track your blood oxygen levels
and you can listen to music with earbuds
wirelessly connected to your watch now
this doesn’t have an LTE variant that’s
not really surprising for this price
but all things considered it really
offers a lot of the staples we wanted to

in a weros watch and with that better
with that better processor on here the
snapdragon 4100
it’s also giving us a better performance
with more efficient battery life now
i keep mentioning the snapdragon 4100
chip so
explaining what that means essentially
most watches out there that run google’s
wear os which is
the operating system that you’re going
to use on most watches that pair with an
android phone

Track Blood Oxygen Levels
Track Blood Oxygen Levels

Snapdragon 3100 Chip

now for those watches most of them right
now almost every single one of them on
the market
runs on the snapdragon 3100 chip and
that’s about three years old now so a
lot of watches are still coming out
using that really really old chip and
they’re slower they’re not as efficient
with battery life
last year the new 4100 chip was
announced with
massive improvements but so far there
are almost no watches on the market
that have that new improved chip there’s
only actually one that i know of which
is the ticwatch pro 3.

this is a very expensive watch but also
a very functional watch a really good
one and so seeing that ship brought down to
an under (price maybe change when you buy) watch is obviously really
exciting better battery life better performance
overall a better
watch in general so with that being said
let’s get into a microphone and speaker test
all right now for reference, this is me
calling another phone from my phone
and then this is the microphone on the
watch so if i answered a phone call from
the watch it would sound something like

Microphone Sounds

again leave a comment and let me know
how the microphone sounds on this watch
so this is a speaker test i’m just
calling from a different phone to see
how it sounds
you can answer a phone call through the
watch so leave a comment and let me know
if you
hear what i’m saying so as you can see
right there another compromise made by
this device
was in the speaker quality i found that
it was a little bit difficult to
understand what people were saying when
i was on phone calls

but for basic use with a voice assistant
i really didn’t have any issues with
this now obviously with smartwatches
you have a lot of functionality but one
of the big ones that people care about
is their fitness tracking their health
tracking whatever it might be
and when it comes to fitness tracking
although this is not specifically geared
or marketed as a fitness watch
it still is very capable of tracking
your fitness so we’ll get into some
testing of the accuracy
with gps and the heart rate but first
talking about some of the fundamentals

20 Different Workouts

this tracks over 20 different workouts
which i know is not the same as others
that have like 100 different workouts
but realistically most people don’t do
more than five or six different workouts
it’s not likely I’m going to be
paragliding or tracking my yachting
workout anytime soon
so i i don’t i had no i didn’t feel
limited by the 20 that were on here
this also has auto fitness detection
which again is a great feature that you
usually, see in more premium devices so
if you just start walking it’ll detect

and it’ll start tracking that for you i
think that’s a really convenient feature
on top of that you have GPS mapping so
you can look at the interface
or you can look at the watch while
you’re going somewhere and navigating back
to where you started if you’re if you’re
on like a long bike ride and you got

Accuracy Testing

and uh you know there’s a lot of other
things like that but with that being
said let’s actually just
jump right into the accuracy testing i
actually want to start off by pointing
out that the app has been
rearranged and i think they did a great
job it’s much easier to see much more
digestible but if we go to exercise and
we go to this morning’s exercise
i can go down and see that for example
we have all kinds of different things in
here we’ve heart rate and i’ll talk
about that in a second

we have step frequency and step length
which is actually surprisingly accurate
the step length i did lengthen my
strides really intentionally
towards the latter half of the run and
you can see that right there now the map
you can see gps was pretty much
right on the money had the right length
right you know you can see no drunk

Really Zoom

unfortunately, we can’t really zoom in on
this map there’s not really a lot of
map tools but if we go in and check out
the heart rate you can see unfortunately
they did a lot of smoothing here and
In general, it was low
this is not atypical for an optical
heart rate sensor to be a little bit low
in the beginning of a run
but i found that this one overall
throughout the entire run

was consistently low and a little bit
over smoothed when it comes to features
it’s really impossible to name all the
features on this watch because
you can download apps and do all types
of different things but some of the
highlights that i really like that are
not on every watch out there
include offline music which means like i
said you can run with this watch and
some earbuds and

Auto Fitness Detection

leave your phone at home you also have
an always-on display you have auto
fitness detection you have notifications
with quick replies
and actually full replies if you want to
type them or use a microphone
granted that it only works with android you
can pair this to an iPhone but
you won’t be able to reply to
notifications and you can also use find
my phone

and of course, you have music controls
those are some of my favorites on here
but again there are tons of others and
i’ll show you a couple of them
again in the interface tour and with
that being said let’s actually get into
the interface tour
so getting into a quick interface tour
first you can see there isn’t always on

Auto Fitness Detection
Auto Fitness Detection
Any Direction

if we press any button it’ll wake the
watch and we can swipe in any direction so
this is obviously going to be our watch
face we can touch and hold to change that
and right now it’s showing us
the weather this will change all day or when
i move around
if we go over here we can see the google
assistant as well as my day it’ll have
find my phone all kinds of stuff like
that and if we swipe up from the bottom

you’ll see some of the
notifications i might have received of
course we can get rid of them if we
swipe any of them away
and other than that we can swipe down
from the top and have some quick
settings you can also access full
settings there
and that’s pretty much it up there now
if we swipe from the right
we have our tiles now the tiles are
going to be really anything you want
them to be you can customize them and
find some different ones that you might
want to add

Heart Rate app

and if you want to learn more about say
your heart rate you can tap on it it’ll
open up the heart rate app now if we
press the top button it brings us home
and from here we can press this again
and it’ll bring us into our app drawer
now you can change the way this looks
this is not the normal way where os lays
this out
but it’s a way that i think it looks a
little easier to use
and they give you a lot of tick apps
right here so the tick watch like tick
exercise tick pulse

sleep oxygen a lot of them are
self-explanatory something like zen you
might not
at first you might wonder what that is
but it makes sense it’s going to be like
a breathing exercise
uh to really you know de-stress and
track stuff like that
now other than that if we go down you’ll
see that there are plenty of other
things on here now i i didn’t download a
lot of third-party ones
but you could easily go into the google
play store and add any other apps you

Snapdragon 3100 Watch

something i didn’t expect but honestly
it does make sense is the battery life
i was expecting to get maybe three or
four days with this chip on here
but realistically it was just shy of two
days which is still better than a lot of
watches out there
especially any snapdragon 3100 watch but
you know maybe they use less efficient
sensors on here maybe
whatever it might be maybe the battery’s
a little bit smaller it doesn’t quite
last as long as i was hoping it to

but again at this price it’s still
better than a lot of the competition
so overall the tick watch e3 impressed
me more than i expected although it’s a
simple and plain design
it really delivered a lot of function
this is really geared towards anybody on
a budget
looking for a lot of value and a lot of
function over fashion
because it really does a lot it has a
great water resistance rating it has
nfc it has wi-fi has a microphone it has

Premium Watch

it does a lot of what we want to see on
a more premium watch
but at a fraction of the cost at under
(price maybe change when you buy)
the ticwatch e3 really delivers a lot of
value but of course
it doesn’t do everything this is no
replacement to the apple watch 6 or the
galaxy watch 3
because you do kind of cut some things
back it has a simpler and in my opinion
less pleasing design than something like

the galaxy watch three and on top of
that you cut back on a couple of
features not just the build quality
but also the lack of a rotating crown or
rotating bezel
the lack of a second display for
comparing this to the ticwatch pro
and it is an overall cheaper build
materials you also don’t have an ECG on
or any option for late but if you’re okay

Leave a comment below

with all of that and you don’t want to spend 400 then
this is going to be a great pick for you
guys leave a comment below and let me
know what you think about the
ticwatch e3 is this the watch you’ll be
buying and
what did you want to see on here that
maybe you’re disappointed about on the
flip side what do you really like about
i don’t know just leave a comment below
if you had any interest in this article
as always guys thanks for reading if
you enjoyed this please consider liking
and sharing.


Auto fitness track
2-day battery
Lots of permissions
Lots of Tic apps

Google WearOS smartwatch with new Snapdragon 4100 SoC (The TicWatch Pro 3 is the only other watch that has this chip)


IP68 water-resistant
32g (lighter than the 103g GShock WearOS watch!)
44mm body
1.3” display
Mic and Speaker and haptics
The aesthetic is decent enough, but clearly looks like a smartwatch with premium internals
What the buttons do*

GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou
Blood OX
24/7 HR
Sleep tracking
Stress + stress management
NFC payments


20+ workout modes
Auto fitness detection
GPS mapping
Accuracy testing

Offline music
There is an AOD
Auto fitness detection
Notifications with quick replies and full replies (typical of WearOS)
Find my phone
Music controls



This is an awesome general utility smartwatch for anyone on a budget. When I say on a budget, I mean if the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is out of reach, this is the next in line. The only things holding this back from the premium models are the lack of a rotating crown or bezel, the lack of a second display, and the cheaper build materials. This also has no ECG or LTE options.


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