NEW SENNHEISER CX Earbuds- Better Sound Than AirPods, Half The Price

New Sennheiser CX earbuds sound better than AirPods (and most other earbuds) but cost half the price of the AirPods Pros, And promise better features than even the flagship Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds.


Hey what’s up welcome back to the
website today i have some good news we have a
brand new pair of earbuds from Sennheiser
and these honestly are pretty different
from most of their other earbuds out there
so typically if you want to buy a pair
of sennheiser earbuds
you might buy something like the
sennheiser momentum twos and
if you’ve seen them on my website before
you’ll know that these have been a
standing champion for best sound quality and overall

one of the best pairs of premium
wireless earbuds but the drawback
is the price these were coming out at
around (price maybe change when you buy ) plus dollars
which means that for a lot of people
that’s way out of range for what they’re
willing to spend
on a pair of earbuds and generally if
you wanted that kind of sound quality
you would have to spend a lot of money
but as we progress and we get better
technology every year
things are getting cheaper and cheaper
and cheaper and we’re starting to see
that price
come down for good sound quality so good
sound quality is getting cheaper
and now even cheaper than that we’re
looking at the brand new
cx true wireless earbuds selling at just 130

Cheaper black Friday sales

and that’s what they cost new i
guarantee in a couple of months they will
be even cheaper black Friday sales they
always have some good sales on this
and for that reason, i’ll put a link
below depending on when you’re watching
this you can see
the latest sale but these earbuds right
here honestly
have a lot going for them so you can
think of it this way if you were a
company and you were going to make a
pair of earbuds
you really have five categories to look
at and a certain number of dollars you
can spend
to make that happen the five categories
are the microphone quality
the sound quality the physical design
including the battery life and the

you have the comfort and of course you
have the software and the features now
if each of those five categories
goes on a scale from zero to five and
you only have
maybe 12 poker chips you definitely
can’t max out all of those instead you
have to kind of pick and choose
some companies choose to just kind of
make it balanced some focus on one thing
or another thing

Sporty type stuff

and it really comes down to what are you
looking to do with the earbuds if you’re
looking to
go for runs and do some sporty type
stuff then you might not care about
sound quality or microphone quality
you might care a lot more about features
and comfort and water resistance
and stuff like that and so getting back
to this pair of earbuds right here

these are really geared toward sound
quality but the good thing is
a couple of years ago if you were going to
a face that same problem and design
a pair of earbuds you might only have
say eight poker chips maybe last year
you had 10 or 11
but now you might have like 12 or 13
which means that
focusing on sound quality doesn’t mean
the same as it used to

no longer do you have to have a massive
pair of earbuds with no water resistance and no
no features instead you can really get a
lot of the stuff that you want
without compromising too much and then
just put a little emphasis on the sound
quality and that’s exactly what we did
right here so

Water Resistance Earbuds

let’s get into this talking a little bit
more about the physical design
these do have a water resistance rating
which is the great sound quality great price
and a water resistance rating is
something that i really like to see
the case itself is not especially huge
it’s actually smaller
as you can see then the momentum two
which is the premium model
but of course, it’s not an especially
exciting looking case it has a magnetic
a little flip-up top and the earbuds
themselves come in two different colors
so you can get matte black

or matte white and honestly a pretty
plain simple design so aesthetics are
pretty minimalist
not especially exciting but as far as
comfort goes
i found that these were even though even
though they’re very simple
surprisingly good i found that if i’m
going for a run for the most part they
stay in my ears if i’m doing push-ups
they stay in my ears
but i will say if you’re doing something
more dynamic and if you’re sweating a

Better Quality Music

lot so like burpees for example
eventually, there is a good chance that
they’ll work their way out of your ear
because they don’t have a little wingtip
but you know for most people these are
not geared for working out
they just get the job done for working
out really what they’re geared for is
sitting around listening to
better quality music whether that’s at
your desk or at home
and the comfort the long-term comfort of
these i found were really good
i even fell asleep with them for an hour
woke up and had absolutely no discomfort at all

overall a really nice design even though
it’s very simple
not the best-looking design but comfort
and overall
build of it is pretty decent on the
outside we have a touchpad
this is customizable in the app and i’ll
show you the app in a second
on the inside of the earbud, you’ll see
we have an indicator light and the
charging nodes but unfortunately one of
the compromises made
was that these do not have autoplay and
auto pods if you take them out of your
ears they will continue to play

Nine-Hour Battery

unless you pause it by tapping the
outside or pausing on your phone now
looking at the outside i want to say
that one thing about these earbuds even
though they’re very large
it’s not especially wasted space in fact
you’re looking at a nine-hour battery
life in the earbuds
27 hours when you include the case which
for referencing the airpods pro
without active noise cancellation lasts
about five hours per earbud
and about 24 hours with the case so
really a pretty good battery life here
and then lastly you’ll see on the

outside we do have a dual microphone
the setup here so let’s actually get into a
microphone test now
to see how they actually sound this is a
microphone sample indoors in a studio
one thing i want to point out is that
there are different levels of sidetone
which essentially means
i can play different volumes of my voice
back through the earbuds
so i can hear myself talking so it
sounds a little more natural and i don’t
end up yelling

Microphone Sounds Earbuds

but the sidetone is not the best
quality for some reason on the left bud
in particular
it kind of sounds a little bit tinny it
sounds like it’s almost peaking which is
a little bit strange but with that being
said let’s go outside and see how the
microphone sounds
in a more noisy environment okay so
we’re outside right now there’s some
cars behind me it’s a little breezy out
here so leave a comment and let me know
how the microphones sound to you
so remember how i said features were one
of the five categories, you could really
focus on
and with these earbuds at the price and
at the what they’ve already done with a

really good sound quality
and a pretty decent design you would
expect features would be pretty poor and
historically that’s something Sennheiser
really struggled with
was adding good features on their
earbuds and these surprisingly
actually have some better features than
their flagship model
in fact on these earbuds, you’re actually
getting the newest Bluetooth 5.2
and with that, we’re also getting mono
mode which is great it means that you
can listen to just one earbud at a time
and while the other one is in the case
and that’s something that we could not do

True Wireless and Flagship model

with the momentum of true wireless twos
again the flagship model
that is more than double the price
unfortunately, as i mentioned these do
not have
autoplay and auto-pause so that’s
the feature that’s missing but if we take a
look at the app here this is the
sennheiser sound control app
you’ll see that we do have quite a few
features so we have an equalizer we can adjust
and there are two different ways you can
look at this you can look at it through bars
or kind of a little parametric equalizer
here we also have

some connections if you want to choose
which device it’s actually
connected to right now again a really
nice feature so it makes it a little
easier to switch between different
if they’re all in the same room and if
we go up to settings on the top right
you’ll see that we actually have even
more features here as well we can choose
the codec we’re using
auto power off you can choose how long
it’s going to be until they turn off
which is nice because
without autoplay auto-pause, you could
potentially leave them on a table and
they could drain their battery playing

Can Customize the Controls

sidetone is very useful if you’re on a
a phone call where it plays back
what you’re hearing around you so you
can hear your voice you don’t end up
yelling on a call
and we can customize the controls on
these earbuds which again is something i
love that Sennheiser does you’re able to
customize each individual press the
single the double
the triple or the press and hold again
something that we don’t see on airpods or
or really even galaxy bugs are hard to
customize i love how we have that option here

what’s missing here however is the
option to have like a find my earbuds
although i don’t use that especially often
i wish that we did have this it’s
something that we have on like the
momentum headphones you know they have
a tile built into them that would be
nice if Sennheiser added that at the
very least to this case I’ve mentioned
more than a few times in this article that
the sound quality is an emphasis for
these earbuds so
let’s actually dive into that and talk
a little bit more about what it’s actually like

Cheaper Earbuds 2021

to listen to music with these earbuds
the first thing i want to point out is
that there are three different codecs
you can listen with sbc
aac which is what you’ll use on an
iPhone or
apex which is what you can use on an
android if you want to have the highest
resolution audio
honestly, the apex is something i really like
to use I’m a big fan of that
and so having that on here is really
a big plus
now the sound quality itself if you look
at the box, it says bass boost on the
bottom corner and at first i was a
little bit worried that these were going
to be

imbalanced that they’d have too much of
a lift on the bass as a lot of mid or
low range
earbuds have like a lot of the cheaper
earbuds they kind of boost up the bass a lot
and these i mean obviously knowing
Sennheiser that is absolutely not the case
they still sound really natural really
balanced very rich and warm
and the bass boost is an option you have
in the eq
and really it is kind of a subtle bass
boost and it gives you a little more
bassy sound

Momentum True Wireless Earbuds

makes it warmer if you’re interested in
that we could also just use the eq
to remove that and still have a really
nice natural sounding pair of earbuds
i found that these like i said are very
detailed very crisp
there is a little bit more warmth if
you’re comparing them to like the
momentum true wireless twos i found that these
definitely are substantially warmer but
of course, the eq like i said could
mitigate that
and i found that they are slightly less
detailed they’re slightly less clear rather

then the momentum true wireless twos but
again you’re comparing these to
something double the price comparing the
Sennheiser buds to other earbuds in
their own price category even the newer
ones like
the pixel buds a or the new beats buds
the Sennheiser earbuds are really in a
league of their own they’re
substantially better than
say the pixel buds because the
Sennheiser buds i found are richer
more natural
and more full sounding than the pixel
buds a and then comparing them to the
new beats buds

Sennheiser buds

i mean they can still have plenty of
bass on the Sennheiser buds
but again you’re getting far more
clarity and far more detail
then something that’s a little more
bloaty like the beats buds so
really in conclusion for sound quality i
think you’re really going to struggle to
get anything sounding nearly as good as these
for this price which is good we’re
starting to see great sound
come to a lower price okay so overall
the cx true wireless earbuds
in my opinion, are honestly a pretty big
win for Sennheiser i love how we’re
getting that great battery life on here
In the mono mode, we’re getting a water
resistance rating and we’re getting that
really low price
without ever having to compromise on
that signature Sennheiser sound quality and

i think that these are a pretty solid
buy but they’re definitely not for
you need to really think about what are
the two places you’ll be spending most
of the time
wearing the earbuds for example if you
only wear earbuds when you go running
these will definitely get the job done
but they might not be the best pair for
that there are other pairs out there that
have a better water resistance rating
more running oriented features and maybe
like wingtips

Active Noise Cancellation

whereas these would be more geared
towards anybody who is going to listen
to music all day in an office or
at home or anywhere you just hang out
you want to listen to good quality audio
this is going to be a fantastic buy of
course these don’t have active noise
but the passive noise blocking honestly
does a pretty decent job
so as long as you’re not only wearing
them on like an airplane
i don’t think you’ll be missing the
active noise cancellation and i really
like these earbuds

but you can leave a comment below let me
know what you think about the cx
true wireless earbuds from Sennheiser
and if there’s anything you wish these had
or didn’t have for this price as always
guys if you enjoyed this article consider
liking and sharing.


Good sound quality is becoming more affordable

Water resistance: IPX4 (CX 400BT did not)
Battery: 9 hrs / 27 hrs
Controls: Touch (customizable)
Comfort: fantastic. I took a nap with them in and woke up without any discomfort
Fit during workouts: surprisingly decent but if you sweat while repeatedly moving, they can work their way loose
2 Colors: matte black and matte white
Dual microphones


Bluetooth 5.2
No autoplay/pause
Mono mode!
Sennheiser Smart Control App
Sidetone during calls

Fantastic spatial
Very warm, possibly a hair too warm, but EQ can help that
Overall, very natural sounding. About as close as you can get to being in the studio with Bluetooth earbuds at this price

Much more natural, rich, and full than Pixel Buds A
Much more clarity and detail vs Beats Buds
Slightly warmer and a hairless detail and clarity vs the Momentum TW2.


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