NEW portable speakers for 2022

Marshall has just announced two new portable speakers to their range; an update on the highly successful Marshall Emberton, and a new ultra-portable speaker, the Willen.

Hey guys big news one of our favorite
brands marshall has just announced two
new products just in time for summer so
here’s everything we know so far so guys I’m really excited to let you
know that marshall has just announced
a new iteration of their iconic Emberton
a portable speaker named the Emberton ii
and a brand new product which is
an ultra-compact portable speaker named the
willen is starting off with the Emberton 2
then now I’ve been waiting for a new
model of the Edmonton for ages and

Marshall Willen + Emberton II new speakers

I’m so glad it’s finally arrived it looks
like the new Edmonton will also not see
an increase in price from the original
at 150 pounds which is great and it’s
going to be available from launch in a
color choice of black and brass and
cream and I have to say the blackened
brass looks awesome it stays true to the
brand of marshall and they’ve kept
pretty much the exact same design as the
first, Emberton the only improvement to
the design is it’s unique texturized
silicon sleeve so what else do you get
with the new Emberton then well perhaps

the biggest change is that you now get
an extra 10 hours of battery life from the
first Emberton so you’ll now get 30
hours of playback before it needs
charging which is just insane for
a portable speaker that will definitely
get you through a whole weekend without
reaching for the cable no problem at all
another little change that I spotted is
that the new Emberton is now ip67 rated
instead of just ipx7 so that means it is
now officially rated against dirt and
dust ingress now as well as being able
to be submerged in water for up to 30
minutes in one meter of water now

Emberton boost feature

it’s going to come with Bluetooth 5.1 which
is an improvement from 5.0 from the
original there’s also a new stack mode
to pair multiple martial Emberton
speakers together a bit like we’ve seen
with the jbl party boost feature and you
also will get new eq presets in the
marshall app which I’m excited to try
the last thing, I’ve taken note of is
that the new Emberton 2 actually will
comprise of 50
post-consumer recycled plastic from used
electronics water bottles and car light
covers and it’s going to be 100 PVC free

so nice to see marshall doing their bit
for the planet, everything else is pretty
much staying the same including the
internals nothing’s changing there you
still get that 360 degrees sound which is
great to have in a portable speaker the
battery indicator and that little rocker
button in the middle which handles your
play pause volume skip track etc which i
have mentioned in the review of the
first, Emberton is really really high
quality to be honest I don’t think

New little portable speaker the willen

they’ve needed to change much on the
Emberton, they’ve just improved on what
is already a great looking and great
sounding portable speaker the Edmonton 2
is due to launch this summer so keep
your eyes peeled we will be doing a full
review on both the Emberton 2 and willen
very soon so make sure you subscribe to
catch that and comment below any
questions that you have for our review
so moving on to their brand new little
portable speaker the willen then now
this is interesting as it looks like

marshall has decided to enter the ultra
compact portable speaker market for
under 100 pounds it’s going to be able
to fit in the palm of your hand it’ll be
available in black and brass and cream
the same as the Edmonton and you can buy
for 89.99 it shares much the same
design as the Emberton so it’ll still
have that useful battery indicator with
that hardy silicone exterior that we’ve
come to expect from a martial portable
speakers but the great thing about the
willen is that it’ll be used in all

Get 15 plus hours of playback

kinds of different positions so standing
up laying down fixed to an object or
hung up using the strap that you’ll find
on the back of it, it’s going to get 15
plus hours playback with an ip67
weatherproof rating and in terms of
internals you’ll still get two passive
radiators like in the Emberton but you
just get one two-inch 10 full watt range
the driver this time so this is only going
to be a mono speaker I’d expect it to
have the same sound signature as

The Emberton but just not quite as powerful
and you won’t get that omnidirectional
sound so this is going to be more suited
to adventures and taken out and about
with you whereas the Emberton is going
to be used more at home outside and on
holiday etc something that you will get
with the willing that you won’t get with
the Emberton is the built-in microphone
for making and taking calls and I know
that is a feature that is quite often
requested at the moment marshall’s
website just states that black willen is
coming this summer and the cream will
come in autumn but

Favorite portable speakers of 2022

we don’t have anything more firm than this just yet
unfortunately now guys we have got a
huge article on the way comparing our
favorite portable speakers of 2022 but
we need you guys to comment what
speakers you want us to feature in that
the article so the new Emberton 2 is obviously
going to definitely feature as well as the
Sonos Rome and the JBL flip six but what
else let us know in the comments thanks
for reading guys and I’ll see you all
very soon.

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