NEW Marshall Mode II | Motif ANC Difference

Today we are reviewing the brand new earbuds short review and tell you about the good and bad things. if you want to buy these earbuds you have to check our review must, In this article, we are talking about the features and specifications of these earbuds.


Marshall amps were used by a lot of the best rock bands of all time. Think Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, you get the idea

BOTH have One color
BOTH have 6mm drivers, but slightly different driver sensitivity
5 / 25 hrs with case vs 4.5/20 in ANC
BOTH have Touch controls
BOTH have Transparency mode
BOTH have Mics for phone calls
The app works with ios and android
BOTH come with a nice long charging cable
4 ear tip sizes vs 3 with ANC
BOTH have Wireless charging
BOTH are IPX4 earbuds, an IPX5 case
BOTH have a mono mode
Model II has BT 5.1 vs 5.2
Mono mode?

Marshall Mode II vs Motif ANC SOUND

Both have aptX, SBC, AAC

Marshall Mode vs Motif ANC Price

$180 vs $200

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