NEW Fitbit Luxe Band | Premium Fitness Smart Band Review

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NEW Fitbit Luxe Band

Hey what’s up welcome back to the
website what we have right here is a
brand new fitness tracker from Fitbit
and this device is really moving in
the opposite direction of pretty much every other
fitness band fitness tracker sports band
whatever you want to call it
all these devices like my band 6 and
the galaxy fit 2
they’re all moving in the same direction
they’re all moving to make the price
lower more affordable
for whatever the reason might be
sometimes they’re trying to be a gateway
into an ecosystem like the galaxy fit
or other times they’re just trying to be
an affordable fitness tracker and

this right here the Fitbit lux is doing
just the opposite
rather than taking their already kind of
expensive fitness tracker the Fitbit inspire
and making it cheaper they decided to do
the opposite they wanted to make it more expensive
and appeal to a more luxurious market so
you can see the design right here is the
obvious change there
but they also added a lot of fitness
features on here a lot of things from
the Fitbit sense which is their flagship device

NEW Fitbit Luxe Band
NEW Fitbit Luxe Band

Fitness Smart Band

got brought down to this including skin
temperature and stress tracking
and while i really like a lot about the
Fitbit lux there are a few things that
you definitely want to know about
before you consider buying this but
let’s start off with the physical design
because as you can see here
that’s one of the main selling points
the premium build quality the premium

and the Fitbit lux luxurious design
the first improvement on here over the
Fitbit inspire which is their other
a fitness band is actually the display this is a full
the color display is AMOLED
it’s bright it’s vibrant and it’s detailed but
it’s a little bit small it’s actually
0.76 inches which are
substantially smaller than something
like theme band 6 however it’s a touch
screen and it has good color so
looking at it it doesn’t look especially
bad as far as the touchscreen goes the
very small size does make it a little
bit trickier to

Pinch force Sensor Band

navigate the interface however over time
i found that I definitely got a lot better at that
and i don’t have any issues now this
does not have any buttons on here
so to go home from whatever screen
you’re on you just double-tap in the middle
and it’ll just go right back to your
watch face I found that that works
really well I was skeptical at first but
i had no issues with that and turns out
you really don’t need a button on these things

we don’t have that pinch force sensor
either so really double tapping on it is
what you’re going to have to do
you’ll see that on the outside like i
said no button on here no microphone
on here nothing on the outside just a
really slim honestly pretty nice looking
design this one is obviously gold and
kind of like a sand

band on there on the back of the device
you’ll see the straps are held on with
that proprietary Fitbit snap
honestly, it’s pretty easy to use so I can’t complain and
we’ll also see the array of sensors from the Fitbit logo to
the heart rate sensor and I’ll talk
about sensors in a second
and then below that is our charging
nodes and the charger in here just kind
of magnetically snaps onto the back
again very easy to use and the physical design is


just so simple that i don’t really have
much else to say this is water-resistant up to 50 meters
so swimming is no problem the battery
life on here is about five days and
that’s mostly because we have an AMOLED display here
otherwise, we might be getting a larger a
longer battery life now
other than that like i said nothing to
talk about physically we’ll get into an
interface tour in a second
but i want to first talk about some of
the sensors and the accuracy

for my own testing with this device so
the first thing as far as sensors go of
course we have a heart rate sensor on
here we have an accelerometer that’s
basic stuff for fitness tracking
you can also measure blood oxygen levels
and skin temperature with this
which is not especially common with the
more budget-friendly fitness trackers
and you might be wondering why would you
want to do that blood oxygen skin temperature

Oxygen could

i mean one great example would be to
measure your sleep and really analyze your sleep better
that’s where you’d probably be using
those the most but of course blood
oxygen could be used for a lot of things from
recovery time your vo2 max if you’re
working out and things of that nature so
really nice to have on here i like seeing that but
unfortunately what this is lacking is

GPS this doesn’t have GPS on here which
means that if you run with your phone
you’re fine it’ll use connected GPS but
if you wanted to run without your phone
and you were willing to spend 150
on this then you would be out of luck
instead, you’d want to buy the Fitbit
charge 4 from last year
as you could probably imagine that array
of sensors can really track a lot with
your health and i found that
it really does a pretty decent job there
is one big catch

Skin Temperature Band

like really annoying catch that I’ll
talk about it in a second but you’re able
to track your breathing rate your heart
rate your sleep your stress
your skin temperature is 20 different
exercises and on top of that you have
smart track which means
if you just start running it’ll
automatically detect that and it’ll
start tracking that workout so
as far as tracking goes really no issues
except like i said

the one big catch here is that Fitbit’s
been doing this thing recently and
it really bothers me that they do this
but they’re trying to funnel everybody
into Fitbit premium, this comes with
A six-month trial is which is great
and i recommend everyone does the trial
because it’s free but after that you’re
gonna be paying
maybe ten dollars a month or 80 a year
to get Fitbit premium in order to see
all the analytics there are some things
on here that

Skin Temperature Band
Skin Temperature Band

Fitbit premium

it almost feels like Fitbit’s holding
them ransom kind of like you need to pay
in order to see
everything your watch is capable of
measuring so for example
finding out more details about your
sleep you can’t do
without upgrading to Fitbit premium i
wish they didn’t do that
but it’s something that they are doing
before we get into the interface tour i
want to highlight a few of my favorite
features on here

because a lot of different bands have
different features you might think it’s
like a slim little basic bare-bones device but the features
really can make a big difference so with
this device we’re getting a smart alarm
which is the first thing I really like
and i use honestly, every day and what this does is
essentially it sets an alarm if you say
i want to wake up by 7 a.m
it’ll track your sleep and it’ll wake
you up within 30 minutes before
7 am to make sure that you wake up at the
perfect time based on your sleep cycle
so you wake up feeling refreshed you
don’t need coffee in the morning you
just you feel a lot better


maybe that’s anecdotal but at least from
In my experience, i do like having that
the second thing is google fast pair
Google acquired Fitbit so the first
thing they added
was the quick pairing which means that
when you bring this near an android
the device it’ll give you a little pop-up
and say do you want to pair it with this it doesn’t
really make anything that much easier it
just opens the Fitbit app for you
but it’s something showing that they are
starting to integrate a little bit more with google

we also have notifications and quick
replies if you have an android phone
if you have an iPhone which this does
I still, work with iPhones very well
the only drawback here is that you
won’t have quick replies to text
messages and of course, we have an active zone
minutes which is so supposed to kind of gamify

Workouts and Exercise Band

your workouts and your exercise and give
you a simple number to let you know
how active you’re being and if you’re
doing what you’re supposed to
to meet the goals that you might have so
with that being said guys let’s get into
the interface tour is okay so looking at
the interface you can see that
the display honestly is pretty small if
you rotate in the right light you can see that

but the way they really managed to make
these watch faces hide it very well in my opinion
if we swipe down from the top you’ll get
into some quick settings from do not
disturb to sleep mode
a screen wake option turn on the water
lock and you can go into settings
although there’s really not a whole lot
in settings you can change a couple of things but if we
double tap that’ll bring us back to our
home screen

Use different apps

from the home screen, we can swipe up
from the bottom and that tells us
basically our day we’re used to seeing
that kind of thing in a Fitbit
and of course, it’ll tell you things
about like your heart rate your sleep
last night and things of that nature if
we want to go and look at sleep
you can tap on that but you’ll see that
nothing really happens there
instead, we can swipe over from the top
and this will cycle through our
different apps the first one is the
notifications we have

as you can see right now I don’t have
any notifications but you could have
quick replies there
the second one is our exercises and we
have about 20 different to choose from
we have relaxed right here if you want to
do a breathing session you can set an
alarm you can set a countdown or a timer and
that will bring us back to
the home screen here of course you can
customize that within the app and I’ll
show you the app in a second

Health metrics Band

now taking a look at the app you can see
that it shows us a lot of metrics about
how many zone minutes i had how many
steps i had today so far
what my basic health is in general gives
you a nice snapshot of that
and you can go into health metrics
although this is where you start to see
some limitations so right here
it says right here we don’t see
trends without premium we’re gonna be
missing out on a couple of different things
and a lot of those do take longer to

show up anyway but I recommend
if you have this device you really
should be using premium if we go up to
my user is right here and we go to the lux
we can change some settings here from
clock faces
and the clock faces they have a couple
to choose from as you can see
all of them right here uh just you know
a lot of really nice looking ones that really

Customize Band

accentuate the color and the in
the vibrancy of this display
so i’ll just leave this one for him for
now we can also go to some apps and see
what we have on here
right now as i said we really don’t have
a ton to choose from
so that’s really all you have but you
can customize which one’s actually to
show up on your device
we can go and set reminders to move we
can look at like health and safety or
health or

health and wellness reminders so
For example, the zone reminder when you’re
running it’ll notify you when you get
into cardio zone
and when you move from there so really
the apps like i said are a big
limitation right now i would like to see
music controls on here I would like to
see a remote camera control
but maybe that stuff will come
eventually at least right now I’m not
seeing any of that

Bad Thing

and now let’s talk a little bit more
about the accuracy of this so for the
heart rate accuracy i tested this on a
run next to the polar h10 a
known accurate heart rate strap and as
you can see here for the most part it
did a pretty decent job it was slightly lagging

and you can see one part where it was a
little bit low but for the most part it
was where it should have been
unfortunately a bad thing about this
the watch is that the body of it is actually
relatively soft I noticed this while filming b-roll
and as you can see right here i dropped
it’s just once and we’re already seeing
some damage on the one side so the
verdict on the Fitbit locks
honestly, i kind of struggled with this
and i think there are two things that
would really eliminate you from wanting
to buy this device the first one is the

Fitbit charge

if you are a little tighter on money
or you just don’t want to spend (?)
then this is not the device for you
instead, you should absolutely buy a theme
band 6. and in fact, i have a full review
i’ll link it below you guys can check
that out the second category
is anybody that really wants GPS if
you’re willing to spend this money and
Do you really want GPS
on the device and not connected to your phone then

the Fitbit charge 4 is going to be
the right solution for you but if those are not
main priorities for you if you have some
extra free cash you’re not really
worried about that and really you want to have
something that looks nicer and functions
better than this is going to be a
fantastic buy i really like
the aesthetic on here i like the
interface the Fitbit app always works very well
and while you might not have quite as
many features as you’re seeing on
devices like the galaxy fit 2 or the mi
band 6 with regards to things like

Weather and music controls Watch

weather and music controls and remote
the camera you’re still getting a
great array of fitness tracking elements
on here which i think does a pretty decent
job but between the aesthetic here
the size of it and that color display in
there i could see this being a very
a popular device for anybody who has
smaller wrists
or just really wants to start tracking
their fitness without compromising their style

Weather and music controls Watch
Weather and music controls Watch

so that’s been it that’s my verdict on
the Fitbit lux i hope that didn’t come across as too
vague i think by now most of you
probably know if you want to buy this device or not
or if you really want to have a good
value devise that’s cheaper and and
and you really don’t care about what it
looks like then maybe this wouldn’t be it but
if you value fashion over the function it’s
a pretty solid buy

NEW Fitbit Luxe Band

you guys can leave a comment below and
let me know what you think of the Fitbit
lux is this something you would buy
would you buy it for yourself for
somebody else and who do you think would
really like this device
most always if you enjoyed this article
consider liking and sharing
I’m Mehar Abbas Anwar thanks for reading and
I’ll see you next time.


The display is nice but honestly pretty small
FULL COLOR, AMOLED but only 0.76”
This is the main selling point of this watch
5-day battery
Saves 7 days of motion, 30 days of daily totals
Vibrating motor
50m water resistance

Heart rate
Blood oxygen
Skin temperature
Connected GPS


Breathing rate
HR (24hr)
Stress (like Fitbit sense)
Skin temperature (like Fitbit sense, but no EDA sensor)
20+ exercises
SmartTrack – auto fitness detection


Smart Alarm
Google Fast Pair
Notifications with quick replies
Menstrual tracking
Active zone minutes



This is a solid device, but for the price? Some people do not want a black band.
Works well with Android or iOS, despite now being owned by Google. The touchscreen is alright but a bit small. I wish they utilized the accelerometers more intelligently for controls. For this price, onboard GPS would be welcomed. Unfortunately, it appears, that Fitbit wants you to pay to get all the analytics available from your device.


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