New BMW M2 Leaks: It Sure Looks Mean, But Does It Look Good?

New BMW M2 Leaks We haven’t had a lot of good things to say about BMW’s designers lately, especially when it comes to the XM and iX SUVs. Does the new BMW M2 have a better look for the brand? We think this M2 works a lot better than the standard 2 Series coupe. If you think we’re wrong, please tell us in the comments.

The G87 BMW M2 was mentioned in a forum post that has since been taken down. This car, which is thought to be a late prototype, has different headlights than the usual 2 Series. It also has wide nostrils and a bumper that wouldn’t look out of place in a Need for Speed game. We’ll be there. We’re not sure about the back end,

and there are some strange details here and there, but there’s no denying the car’s aggressive stance. The choice of color is also interesting. It looks like a new color, not like Yas Marina Blue from the G80 M3 that was left over, but there is a hint of Hyundai Performance Blue in there. Does BMW’s M division miss its former boss, Albert Biermann, who left to work for a Korean company in 2014?

New BMW M2 Leaks:

But the leaked image comes at the same time as some bad news for ICE purists, so it’s not all good news. Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW’s M division, recently said that the upcoming BMW M2 will be the last M car with a pure internal combustion engine.

Other vehicles will become more electric in different ways, starting with 48-volt systems and plug-in hybrids and going all the way up to fully electric drives. In this way, the M2 will be the last M with a pure combustion engine drive and without electrification options like a 48-volt on-board network, van Meel told Germany’s Bimmer Today.

The ‘S58’ engine found in the X3 M, X4 M, M3, and M4 models is likely to be used in the upcoming M2. The power unit in the current M3 Competition makes a strong 503bhp, while the twin-turbocharged inline-six ‘S55’ unit in the outgoing BMW M2 Competition makes 404bhp. With some performance upgrades, the current special edition M2 CS has 444bhp, so don’t be surprised if the upcoming M2 has a similar amount of power.

If what van Meel said is true, the upcoming M2 could be one of the last great BMW M cars. If you don’t like the idea of an electric M model, you might want to contact your local BMW dealer as soon as possible. Lucky buyers will be able to order the new M2 with a six-speed manual transmission, so it has all the makings of a real enthusiast driving machine, which is a dying breed these days.


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