NEW Beats Studio Buds – The best Quality Review

New Beats Studio Buds are true wireless earbuds that feature active noise canceling with Transparency mode, 8 hours of battery life, and rich, immersive sound.

NEW Beats Studio Buds

Hey what’s up welcome back to the
website right here we have the
beats studio buds and these are
especially interesting because
unlike the previous beats that came out
with the ear hook and the really large case
these are starting to look more and more
like AirPods with active noise

a smaller case and some really striking
similarities in the design that we’ll
talk about this later on in this article
but these are different than most other
earbuds so a lot of earbuds have to
really outperform the market
in some way they have to have something
really going for them like Sennheiser
it’s the sound quality
sony it’s a balance of features and
active noise cancellation and
with beats for a long time they’ve
really been riding the wave of their
brand recognition they’ve done a
fantastic job of marketing
back when they were really pushing the
headphones in 2008 2010
2012 around that era and similarly to
a movie sequel if you think about a

Earbuds Brand Recognition

movie series it depends sometimes on you
have a movie sequel that is really
really good and it blows the previous
one out of the water
but there are also other times when
the sequel comes out just because the
original was really popular
and they kind of half-ass you know
something like Shrek 3
toy story like i mean there’s a lot of
movies that are like that so
in this article, we’re going to dive into
the beats studio buds and see
what kind of sequel this is if this is a
pair of earbuds that is exactly what
beats needed to do
or if they’re still just trying to ride
their brand recognition

now with that being said let’s get into
this article i want to start off with a
the physical tour just talks about the
design here
and like i said beats is owned by apple
now so the design quality here
is pretty solid just to make it simple
like that, you’ll see that the hinge on
the top is a nice little magnetic closure
very satisfying to close and much like
the airpods pro
the case sits open kind of diagonal like
that it’s really a striking resemblance
although more of an oval shape rather
then kind of the boxy
the rectangular shape of the airpods pro and
another difference though
is that these, unfortunately, don’t have
wireless charging at (price maybe change when you buy) dollars

Beats Studio Buds Wireless Charging Nice Benefit

i can’t be mad that wireless charging is a
nice benefit but
not having that isn’t the end of the
world something that’s very interesting here
is that these unlike the airpods pro are
charging with USB
type-c so this is kind of an approach
that you’ll see as a common theme with
these earbuds
where it’s kind of trying to bridge a
the gap between ios and android
and really appeal to a larger market
especially at that lower price
they’re thinking that a lot of people
might be buying these if you have an
android phone so

USB type c is the first big step in that
the direction we’ll talk more about the dual
compatibility later
but as you open up the case you’ll see
that we have a little indicator light on
the front we have a button on the inside
for pairing
you usually won’t need that button
because like i said the dual native
setup of these means that you just open
the case and you’ll get a pop-up on
either phone

Different Design Earbuds

but the earbuds themselves i’m really
happy to see kind of a different design
yeah kind of just naturally pinch the
outside there
it’s easier to put them in your ears
when they’re really small like this
and overall size and design of the buds
themselves I’m very happy with that
on the inside, you’ll look and that looks
very very similar to me
uh to the airpods pros the shape of that
really the ergonomics of it and so
similarly, these are very very
comfortable when you wear them
they’re very light they’re easy to
forget they’re even in your ears and
like i said they kind of pinch design on
the outside

makes them very easy to put in your ears
and remove from your ears
and on top of that another big problem
we see with something like the galaxy buds
i love the galaxy buds but a problem you
see with that is that the touchpads if
you’re working out and your hands are
sweaty or if it’s raining or
if you’re wearing gloves touchpads are
not always the best thing to have
and so is that these in my opinion
are really more geared towards working out
the physical buttons really a
perfect sensitivity
i think is a big positive there as far
as aesthetics go we have three different
colors here

The aesthetics are really Fantastic Earbuds Feature

these are obviously the red ones there are
also black and white
and i think i mean as beats always have
done the design and the aesthetics are
really fantastic
i really like what they did here now as
far as security goes in your ear if
you’re working out
even though these don’t have a wingtip
kind of the natural shape of them
almost works as a wingtip in a way
similar to how the air pods do this
and they feel really secure I’ve gone
for runs and workouts and
and i really don’t have any issue
there are also three different silicone
tips you can put on the end
to really make sure you get the proper
fit and seal these are also ipx4 water
resistant so again

pretty decent for sweat or a light
drizzle is another thing similar to the
airpods pro is the battery life on here
we’re looking at
24 hours total when you include the case
but the earbuds are now looking at eight
hours per earbud
which i think is a good indicator of
possibly what the next generation of
might look like longer battery life
the smaller design i think that there’s a
couple of ways that we can look at these
and see kind of an insight into the next
generation of air pods all right so the
design the comfort the aesthetics
all of those are really solid with these
earbuds which is no surprise

Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds

because beats have always really excelled
in those in those categories especially
with aesthetics
and this is absolutely no exception but
that’s where it’s easy that’s what we
know beats really does well
the next thing i want to talk about is
the features and then I want to talk
about the sound quality a microphone test
and the active noise cancellation on
here to see how those perform because
honestly, that’s where it’s going to get
a little bit trickier now

let’s start off with the features at
this price there are it’s you know
very competitive market so like the
galaxy buds plus have a ton of features
the jaybird earbuds have a ton of
features but these
really doesn’t have a lot of features
the big thing that’s going for them is the
dual native setup as i mentioned before
which essentially means that if you have
an android or an iPhone
as soon as you open the case you’ll get
that little pop-up on the bottom and
you’ll pair

Dual Native Setup Earbuds

for the first time now this like i said
only affects the first time you use them
every subsequent time
every pair of earbuds ever just connects
to your phone so it’s not a problem
but it is a little more convenient to
not have to go into your settings to pair these
for the first time although these do
have like a dual native setup
they are not that native to the iPhone
meaning that you don’t get a lot of the
benefits we’re seeing
with the apple airpods pro for example
so you’re not getting built-in Siri
you’re not getting like to find my
a situation where you go and find my

there are a couple of other features that
we’re not seeing that you’d otherwise
get if you had that h1 chip in there
now on android, it is a little bit more
native here so it still works very well
you get a little pop-up that’ll tell you
the battery levels
every time you open the case these also
work with single bud use so if one
earbuds in the case you can use the
other one doesn’t matter which one
you’re using

Noise Cancellation Transparency Earbuds

so that’s something I like to see and if
we look at the app again aesthetics of
the app really does a great job here
but it’s not really that like there’s
not a whole lot here it’s pretty basic
so you have a nice little
kind of apple looking thing right there
to switch between noise cancellation
and off and we’ll talk more about how
well those perform in a second
but you could rename your beats you can
look at like you can customize what the
buttons do when you press and hold
so if we do that it gives you like two
options you can summon the voice

or you can do the noise control so i
usually have one earbud do either one of
and that’s kind of it there’s not a
whole lot of features here they really
do the fundamentals for features but
they don’t really go above and beyond
in any particular way all right so with
that being said let’s actually get into
a microphone test
and this is what the beats studio buds
sound like indoors uh honestly
even though these are owned by apple
they’re not quite at the level in my
opinion of the airpods pros

Microphone Test

but they still do a decent job if you’re
on a phone call indoors this is what it
would sound like i think most people can
hear what you’re saying
but please leave a comment and let me
know how these sound to you and let’s
actually, go outside now and see what
they sound like in a noisier environment
okay so this is the microphone test
outside with some cars behind me a
little bit of breeze here so leave a
comment and let me know how this sounds
to you

next up we have arguably the Achilles
the heel of these earbuds
and this is the sound quality so beats
has always presented themselves as a
very premium pair of earbuds or
and these being called the beats studio
buds kind of implies that they have
superior sound quality
and honestly, that’s just not the case in
the fact i would be really surprised if
anybody was in a studio
using these for the sound quality i’ve
seen a lot of reviews out there that
praised them as good sound quality for
the price

Not Terrible Sound Quality

but if you saw my most recent article
talking about these Sennheiser
cx earbuds you’ll know that those costs
even less than these
and have far superior sound quality in
fact reviewing these after those earbuds
made it very
difficult to listen to these and really
look at anything
positive about the sound quality so i
mean realistically it’s not terrible
sound quality and eq can help that
but with that being said they definitely
are really
bass-heavy and kind of get muddy so
really to explain what the audio
quality sounds like to me obviously
everybody has different ears everybody
has different music preferences

i tried to take a balanced approach of a
lot of different genres
and what i came up with here first of
all i ran into the issue of having kind
of like a crackly white noise when no
music was playing in the left earbud
i mean in both your earbuds but
especially in the left earbud
and so that was kind of off-putting from
the start on top of that it’s overall an
unbalanced profile so the bass is too
emphasized but also not especially clear
giving kind of a slightly muddy feel to
that um it’s also

Instrument Separation Earbuds

lacking detail and sounds a little
bit more congested with some poor
instrument separation a lot of that kind
of ties in with muddy
being kind of a little more swelled up
around the low end of frequencies here
and so the combination of those things
already puts it back from a lot of
the competition that does sound
more clear and more detailed but
otherwise, it’s kind of dark dull

although it will be decent for like wrap
or some workout type rock like
if i’m working out it’ll definitely get
the job is done and if you haven’t listened
to more premium sounding earbuds
these would sound really good to you and
keep in mind that not everybody’s
looking for that amazing sound quality
and some people be very happy with this
in general the sound quality on these
for the price did not impress me
especially because Sennheiser just came
out with a pair of earbuds

Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds

that sounds far superior and i think
even a non-audiophile would hear the
difference between those
another feature that was really heavily
advertised on these earbuds is actually
the transparency
and the active noise cancellation which
again i love to see especially at this
lower price starting to add inactively
noise cancellation
is really a big positive now from
actually testing that i found that
the transparency mode sounds very clear
very natural

although it’s not especially loud so it
doesn’t quite sound like you’re not
wearing earbuds as the AirPods do
instead, you know you’re wearing earbuds
you can hear the surroundings a little
bit better though
now the active noise cancellation blocks
out some sound
but i wouldn’t rank it anywhere near the
top the top 10
honestly for active noise cancellation
but it’ll kind of reduce the sound a
little bit around you
and it does a decent enough job that you
know it’s there and i do like having it
although like i said it wouldn’t block
out a lawnmower or a blender or a
sink or a train

Widespread Adoption

but it will do a decent enough job if
you have like a refrigerator that’s kind
of buzzing or if you have a vent in your room
and it makes a little bit of a
distracting white noise can
definitely drown that out so overall the
beats studio buds is this the movie
a sequel that’s going to bring these back
to the mainstream and see a lot of
widespread adoption
or are these going to be like the Shrek
3 that you kind of just wish you stopped

on the previous movie well i think that
depends on what you’re looking for if
you’re somebody that’s looking for
the aesthetics the overall kind of image
of these that beats always has had
and of course, if you really want that
kind of bassy sound then
these are going to do a great job
they’re really a solid build for a pair
of earbuds
the dual native setup between android
and ios really bridges the gap pretty
nicely and i like how that’s executed
and of course, they look really nice like
i said but

Earbuds will offer better value more features better sound quality

if you’re somebody looking for the best
value the most features
or most importantly good sound quality then
this ain’t it these really don’t sound
especially impressive for the price
the features are bare-bones and they get
the job is done but there are many other
earbuds at this price it’s really
competitive market
and other earbuds will offer better
value more features better sound
quality and possibly even better active
noise cancellation but
in general, you guys can leave a comment
below and let me know if you like the
beats studio buds, to be honest, I might
keep them around just for how they look
but for everyday listening, i think I’ll
stick with some other earbuds
as always if you enjoyed this article
please consider liking and sharing.


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