NEW Apple AirPods 3 | Everything You Need to Know

New Apple AirPods 3 offers new internal hardware too. The headphones not only have new speakers that should make for better audio quality.

NEW Apple AirPods 3

Hey welcome back to the website these
right here are the brand new apple
airpods 3. the third generation of the
classic airpods and as you can see they
got a huge redesign these no longer look
like the first or second generation
airpods but rather a lot more like the
airpods pro if you removed the silicone
tip so why did apple make these and in a
day where there are so many
budget-friendly earbuds that do a lot
more than they used to are they still

a good buy well in this article we’ll be
diving into all of those including
what’s different with these earbuds why
you might want to buy them and of course
the sound and microphone test as well so
we have plenty to talk about in this
article but let’s start off with what’s
actually new about these earbuds besides
just the shape apple also added a lot of
features on here to make them more
similar to the airpods pro these now
have things like magsafe charging on the
back they have water resistance on the
case and the earbuds more on that later

Adaptive eq spatial audio

they have adaptive eq spatial audio they
have four sensors and a lot of other
differences like that but of course the
biggest difference that you’re going to
notice immediately is the difference in
the physical design so let’s talk a
little bit more about how apple
redesigned these and maybe why they did
that as well so looking at the case on
the outside the first thing you’ll
notice is that the case is slightly
different in shape and design than

the other previous cases it opens more
similarly to the airpods pro in a
landscape style like this but at the
same time it’s smaller and lighter than
the airpods pro case you’re getting 30
hours of battery when you include the
case so they’re definitely packing a lot
in there and of course in the earbuds
themselves you’re still getting six
hours and of course we are getting a lot
of ways to charge these earbuds

Wireless charging

Wireless charging
Wireless charging

including lighting cable on the bottom
qi wireless charging or magsafe charging
as well which i think all of those are
great ways to charge these earbuds
personally i will be using magsafe and
qi the most but one kind of strange
thing that they did here i think this
would have been a perfect opportunity to
use the iphone 12 which has magsafe to
be able to charge these i really wish
that they would have something that you
could magnetically snap it on there but
instead it’s kind of the opposite of
that these do not stick on the back of
your iphone nor are they able to charge

in the back of your iphone so the fact
that they don’t stick means that it’s
unlikely apple’s going to give us the
ability anytime soon to charge anything
on the back of the iphone now once you
look inside the case the earbuds
themselves like i said are a pretty
drastic redesign over the first and
second generation airpods so these right
here you can see look a lot more like

Proximity sensor

the airpods pro the stem is 33 shorter
they have more of that elongated top so
it fits a little differently and i’ll
talk more about the fit and comfort in a
second but one of the big differences is
the proximity sensor on the inside and
this is something i didn’t know i needed
until we got these earbuds here so the
airpods 3 have something really
interesting with that proximity sensor
rather than doing what most other
earbuds do and just detecting when

they’re close to anything these
specifically use an optical sensor to
detect when they’re contacting your skin
so this means if you’re listening to say
a podcast you take them out of your ears
it’ll automatically pause and you set
them down on a table unlike most of the
earbuds this will know that it’s on a
table and not in your ear and will

Four sensors
Four sensors
Four sensors

therefore not start playing because i
think we’ve all been there you take your
earbuds out you set them on a table it
starts playing and then you pick it up
20 minutes later and you’re way off from
wherever you left off in your podcast
additionally, they changed the way you
control these now have four
sensors on the side again much like the
airpods pro although i wish again that

they added some more customization in
the software you don’t actually have any
way to customize the force sensors the
controls and so what they come with is
what you get but of course let’s talk a
little bit more about how these fit in
your ears unlike the original airpods in
the second gen where you kind of just
went in and set them vertically down
like that i find that these you kind of
have to set them in and twist a little
bit so they’re pointed down in your ear
canal and as far as the comfort goes in

Silicone tip earbuds

the fit it’s it takes some getting used
to exactly how to put these in your ear
and if you don’t do it perfectly they
definitely are uncomfortable and of
course everybody’s ears are different
but speaking from my own experience once
you get it right i find that these are
really comfortable and i can easily
listen to them for maybe two hours
before i get any kind of ear fatigue but
unlike a lot of silicone tip earbuds and

i think this is a big thing with why
apple continues to make the open design
unlike the silicone tips your ears never
get hot they never get sweaty there’s
never any kind of seal that you have to
worry about getting right instead these
are much more
forgiving you can say that and of course
because they’re more forgiving because

Secure enough

they’re not customizable you’re not
going to have the perfect fit for every
single ear but it’s going to be good
enough that you don’t need to have the
perfect fit i found that when i’m
working out when i’m running these are
definitely secure enough in my ears and
i also noticed that if i’m talking on
the phone for a long time something i
had an issue with the airpods pro is
that with the airpods pro

I was talking a lot maybe the movement of my
jaw whatever it might be the airpods
would work their way out of my ear
specifically the left one whereas these
don’t do that they kind of just hang on
my ear no matter what i do and with the silicone tip being there to force it
out these really seem to fit well and of
course that ties in with what i was
saying before about why apple chose to
make another pair of open design earbuds because

A better fit a tighter fit

the rest of the markets using
silicone tips or even phone tips being
that you can get active noise
cancellation a better fit a tighter fit
more noise isolation better sound like
there’s a lot of advantages to having a
tight seal in your ears and yet apple
chose to do the open design because i
think they know a lot of people really like

this design and i just know a lot
of people for for example my brother
complain that they cannot wear silicone
tip earbuds these are definitely not for
everybody but for people who like open
designs these should be a pretty
comfortable fit and on top of that if
you either don’t like the original
airpods or the airpods pro i recommend
trying these because they definitely
feel very different than both of those

Best sound quality

Best sound quality
Best sound quality

hey guys just a side note i actually
will be comparing these to the appl
airpods pro so if you want to know the
difference between these and the pros
definitely go down and click that
subscribe button so you don’t miss that
article when it comes out now i’ve already
talked longer about fit and comfort than
i do in most other earbud reviews but

I think that’s important with these
earbuds because when you’re looking at
them that’s going to be the main reason
people buy these it’s not going to be
for sound quality although they sound
good if you really cared about sound
quality you would buy either the airpods
pro or maybe the Sennheiser buds or sony
buds like there’s so many other options
out there the reason people will be
buying these earbuds in my opinion
is going to be for that fit and

ipx4 water resistance

that comfort but other than that there are
some other things that we really like
about these some things that they
changed from the previous designs and
one of them as i mentioned earlier is
the water resistance so the earbuds
themselves have ipx4 water
resistance which is pretty standard we
see that in pretty much every other pair
of earbuds in the market if not even
better so that’s nothing special nothing

that great but the case itself is also
ipx4 water resistant which i think is a
pretty nice ad there now looking back at
the design of the earbuds you’ll also
notice all of these vents all the way
around the earbuds there’s black ovals
everywhere some of them are for vents
for the adaptive eq and for the base and

Bluetooth 5.0

the overall sound quality while others
are for the microphones so speaking of
microphones let’s actually get into a
microphone test now to see how good
these sound so this is an indoor
microphone test with the brand new apple
airpods 3. leave a comment let me know
how these sound i mean honestly we
already know the airpods have always
been really good with their microphones

how these actually sound let’s
first talk about how they connect they
have bluetooth 5.0 which is relatively
new it’s not 5.2 but it’s good enough
that you’re going to get a pretty strong
and stable connection these also have
mono mode and of course being apple
they’re going to be in the apple
ecosystem which means that if i’m
connected to my iphone and then

A pretty nice sound

A pretty nice sound
A pretty nice sound

I am playing something on my imac or my
macbook or my tablet whatever it might
be if it’s in the apple ecosystem these
will automatically switch to the other
device so you can’t really customize the
eq as i mentioned you can’t customize
the touch controls like there’s a lot of
things you can’t customize but these do
have adaptive eq which is supposed to
give you a pretty nice sound no matter
what you’re listening to and what

the air conditions are around you however
being an open design this sound is very
easily altered by how you wear them in
your ears but these are nowhere near as
bad as the galaxy beans instead these i
find for most situations sit exactly
where they need to be when you’re
listening to music with these the sound
profile is pretty impressive you’re
getting a pretty rich full sound with
decent clarity a surprising amount of
bass and overall a little bit more

Apple AirPods 3

spacey and airy than a lot of other
earbuds the vocals from kanye’s song
hurricane or specifically the weeknd in
that song
are vibrant and lively they’re fun to
listen to and then if you’re listening
to the new song in color by my morning
jacket it sounds warm and rich and you
can really hear the hand sliding on the
guitar so a lot of details like that but
then there are other situations like

when you get to the second verse or the
chorus that sometimes the vocals and
instruments get a little bit muddled
together so there’s not always the best
instrument separation and i think that’s
kind of tied into the more open design
of these earbuds but overall you get a
pretty nice balance and even though you
lose a little bit of low level detail on
things like the cymbals and the hi-hats
the overall sound quality of these
earbuds i think is far more impressives

Slightly louder volume

I generally have to listen to them at a
slightly louder volume than i would with
other earbuds because again you are
hearing a lot of sounds around you so
you need to turn the volume up a bit to
really hear your music and with that
you’re going to get a little bit more
sound bleed so if you’re worried about
people around you hearing what you’re
listening to whether you are worried
about disturbing them because you’re in

a workplace or if you listen to some
type of music that you don’t want people
to know you listen to then these might
not be the best now there’s a lot to
talk about with these earbuds but let’s
kind of break down the pros and cons of
using them the first one and the biggest
one probably the main reason you buy
these earbuds is if you’re looking for
an open ear design personally

Comfortable adjustment

I like silicone tips because you get active
noise cancellation and things like that
but a lot of people like i said are just
not comfortable with that and they want
this open-ear design so that’s a big
positive there they also unlike the
first and second generation are much
more subtle much more compact and have
that much shorter stem so as far as
aesthetics go i think that’s a big win

but you can leave a comment and let me
know how these look to you personally
like i said i think they look a lot
better than the first generation but you
know if you’re not a fan of the stem
then maybe these aren’t for you anyway
also the smaller case with the magsafe i
think is a big positive there the water
resistance is great and the sound
quality is definitely a big improvement
over previous models additionally

Easy switching

we can’t overlook the benefits of being in
the apple ecosystem from pairing easy
switching find my and siri all of those
giving you a ton of functionality on
here but of course not everything’s good
with these like i said some of the
drawbacks include the lack of
customization from being unable to
customize the fit unable to customize
the controls unable to customize the eq
like you can’t really change much with

these earbuds what you get is what you
get on top of that they don’t have any
kind of volume controls with the force
sensors so if you want to change the
volume you’re really going to use your
phone or you’re going to tell siri to do
that they have obviously terrible
isolation being that open design so if
you’re in a louder environment you
really have to turn up your music to
hear what it is and kind of a weird one

NEW Apple AirPods 3 Features


this is a big one that i want to point
out that a lot of people might be
bothered by if you have good hearing and
this is that for some reason if i put
the earbuds if i put the airpods in my
ear and i don’t have music playing i
hear very subtle but a very very
high-pitched ringing or kind of yeah
ringing in the left earbud so it sounds
like you have tinnitus i i don’t have
that’s not tinnitus it’s not i’m hearing

it actually is from the earbud and i
think that’s kind of a strange thing
that is specifically on the left one and
then really the only other drawbacks are
that you only have one color i don’t
think that’s a big deal but some people
like other colors for earbuds and
there are a lot of earbuds
that can deliver similar audio
quality and even more features but of
course like i said the opening year
design is going to be the main reason

Open-ear design

you’re getting these so in conclusion
although there are better deals out
there the airbots 3 are sort of in a
class of their own besides airpods 3
there really aren’t many premium
open-ear earbuds that fit well and sound
as good as deeds so for anyone seeking
that open-ear design and you know
whatever the reason might be if you have
sweaty ears if you hate the feeling of
silicone tips or if you just want
something that’s quick that’s clean

that’s hygienic and is easy to use then
the airpods 3 are going to be a
fantastic buy but as i mentioned if you
don’t care about the open ear design and
you don’t care about the ecosystem there
are plenty of other great pairs you can
choose from it comes down to your
personal preference and why you’re
buying the earbuds in the first place so
leave a comment below and let me know
what you think of the apple airpods 3
are these something you’d buy or are you
going to pass on these as always if you
enjoyed this article consider liking and
subscribing i’m Abdul rehman thanks for


AirPods 3 Review What’s New? Similar to AP Pro but open design like the AP2 33% shorter stem Magsafe on case AdaptiveEQ, Spatial Audio, Force sensors, DESIGN Fit/comfort: these can be nice but they are not customizable I can wear them for a while but if they are not perfectly placed, my ears hurt after about two hours These are sort of more secure than the AP Pro for me (left bud always slips out if I am talking on the phone)


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