Need Weight Loss Inspiration? Check Out These 3 Famous Men Who Lost Weight With WeightWatchers

Weight loss is more than just about feeling good about your appearance. When you hit those fitness targets, you feel better about yourself because of your discipline to take care of your health and body. Just look at Rebel Wilson who’s famously vocal about her fitness journey. Beyond the physical benefits of weight management, she says that weight loss has also made her more confident and self-loving. Health advocates like these remind us of what rewards meet us at the end of our weight loss journey. And if women have weight loss inspirations to look up to, men do too.

Having seen the effects of the program firsthand, these men’s journeys can serve as weight loss guides and inspiration. WeightWatchers believes that weight loss for men can be made more effective when you have a solid support system, which is why it’s important to connect with others pursuing the same fitness goals as you. The 3 men listed here are part of the #WWBros community and can help you orient your goals towards what suits you best.

James Corden

Credit: @j_corden on Instagram]

James Corden announced his partnership with WeightWatchers on January 1, 2021. By mid-February that year, he had already lost 16 pounds. Following years of failed New Year’s Resolutions, James admitted that he was left feeling sad and frustrated. Tired of being unhealthy, the WeightWatchers ambassador decided that beyond the issue of weight, he needed to prioritize wellness.

James highlights that the program’s no-measure, the no-track feature allows him to enjoy the food he wants at any time with the people he wants. Underscoring his fitness success is the support system that comes with joining WeightWatchers.

Josh ‘The Fat Jewish’ Ostrovsky

Credit: @thefatjewish on Instagram]

WeightWatchers ambassador Josh Ostrovsky highlights the simplicity of the program that makes it highly sustainable without being daunting. Professionally known as ‘The Fat Jewish’, Josh recounts that he decided to pursue fitness after missing out on meaningful memory-making activities on a Caribbean trip due to his size. He realized that he had crossed the line between thick and unhealthy and had to make healthy changes to undo that.

After losing 55 pounds, Josh asserts that other weight loss methods and fad diets don’t work. WebMD explains that the best diet is a lifestyle including food that you can enjoy along with healthy habits. This was true for Josh, who says that you don’t have to go to extreme lengths to see major changes in your physique.

DJ Khaled

Credit: @djkhaled on Instagram]

In 2017, DJ Khaled joined WeightWatchers after realizing that he wanted to do something about his weight. By 2018, he went from 293 pounds to 250 pounds and became an ambassador for the brand. He mentions that moderation is a major component of his diet — not deprivation. Instead of indulging in his favorites several times a week, he reduces that number to just once a week as a celebration.

Khaled explains that his fitness journey ties in with his desire to love himself. Doing so, he says, is a way of taking care of the people that he loves. He also emphasizes that sharing his weight loss journey with his support system on social media has made him feel supported and motivated.

A lot of the time, the ‘fitspiration’ we’re exposed to feature models with unrealistic bodies. This gives off the impression that you have to be impossibly buff to be considered healthy. But Harvard states that even a modest decrease in weight of 5% to 10% can positively impact your health, lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health. Likewise, these WeightWatchers ambassadors show us that you don’t have to be shredded to make positive changes in your life.


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