Ms. Marvel’s Khan Family In ‘Captain Marvel 2’ Afterall

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was introduced to Kamala Khan for the first time in the streaming series Ms. Marvel, which made its premiere on June 8 on Disney+. Khan enjoys reading about and watching superheroes. She finds out that a set of bangles that once belonged to her family in Pakistan can grant her the ability to use her superpower, which is the ability to absorb the energy of the cosmos.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The show concentrated on the conflicts that occurred among her family rather than analyzing how she got her start as a superhero. Her mother, Muneeba, played by Zenobia Shroff, her father, Yusuf, played by Mohan Kapur, and her older brother, Aamir, make up this group (Saagar Shaikh).

In the next film, The Marvels, Ms. Marvel will be starting a brand-new chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. Despite the fact that she has her own universe to explore in the comic, filled with the folks populating her house, school, and mosque, it is scheduled to debut in theatres on July 28, 2023. This is despite the fact that she is the protagonist of the comic.

Nia DaCosta, who directed Candyman 2021, will helm the film, which will combine elements from Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and WandaVision’s MCU arcs. The sequel to the film Captain Marvel, which will be released in 2019, will focus on the superhero Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, as she forms alliances with Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau.

The Khan family from Ms. Marvel will make an appearance in Captain Marvel 2.

Following their enormous panel at D23 Expo 2022 that took place yesterday, Marvel Entertainment posted a video on Twitter that featured members of the MCU cast and crew. Vellani was at the event, and he was ready to talk about some Marvel secrets without giving anything away.

She stated that fans of Ms. Marvel may expect extra material with the Khan family, who play a “funny” part that she is anxious for audiences to see. This is in addition to the other superpowered hijinks that will take place in the sequel to Captain Marvel.

In her words:

We now have additional Khan family members! I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. They play such a hilarious… That is not going to be a spoiler–They play a really fantastic role in the movie, and I’m really happy for people to watch the journey that they go on. They play a really great role in the movie.

Followers of Ms. Marvel

It is probable that followers of Ms. Marvel who were afraid that her story would be included in the stories of the more experienced heroes she will be teaming up with this time around will feel pleased by this announcement.

According to Villani, it is currently unknown whether or not the Disney+ series will feature any other key characters from the show. The show introduced a large number of fresh, likable characters throughout its run. It focuses on the characters played by her teenage peers, like Yasmeen Fletcher as her best friend Nakia Bahadir, Matt Lintz as the romantically troubled Bruno Carrelli, Rish Shah as her mysterious crush Kamran, and Aramis Knight as the Pakistani Red Dagger fighter Kareem. 


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