Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney Suspend Divorce Proceedings for 6 Months to Work on Marriage

Patrick Carney and Michelle Branch have decided to work on their marriage.

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney suspend divorce

In papers filed in Tennessee on Tuesday and seen by PEOPLE, a judge approved the couple’s request to put their divorce proceedings on hold for six months so they could go to counselling. When the six months are up, they will decide whether or not to go through with the divorce.

“As shown by their signatures below, Michelle Jacquet Branch and Patrick James Carney want to stop the divorce proceedings in this case so that they can get back together,” the papers said. “The parties can go to counselling to try to get back together, or they can go back to living together as husband and wife. If they do either of these things, it won’t be seen as an excuse for their bad behaviour in the past, and everything they did or said before this order was made will still be grounds for divorce. “

The fight started when Branch, 39, accused Carney, 42, of cheating on her while she was at home with their baby daughter on August 10. Branch then deleted the tweet. The singer of “Everywhere” was arrested the next morning for allegedly hitting her rocker husband in the face at their home in Nashville.

Branch was arrested around 2 a.m. on August 11 and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $1,000 bond, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office told PEOPLE. She had a court date on November 7.

6 Months to Work on Marriage

Branch then asked for a divorce from the drummer for the Black Keys, whom she had married in 2019. She did this on August 12.

I am so sad for myself and my family that the word “devastated” doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel. “I’ve had the rug completely pulled out from under me, and now I have to figure out what to do next,” she told the press at the time. “Because my kids are so young, please be quiet and kind.” Branch said that they couldn’t get along anymore in her divorce petition, and the papers say that “the parties are no longer able to resume their marriage and live together as husband and wife.”

The star also asked to be the primary residential parent for Rhys James, 4, and Willie Jacquet, 7 months, and for Carney to have “reasonable parenting time privileges” while paying child support. 


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