Miami Heat: Fan perspective on the big talking points

As part of a new series of articles made just for Sky Sports by NBA fans from the UK and Ireland, we take a look at how each team is doing before the preseason starts at the end of this week. 
I’ve always been a big sports fan in the UK, but for a long time, I didn’t care about any of the sports in the US.

That was until the night before the 2016–17 NBA season started when my younger brother sent me a message saying he had kind of followed the sport the year before, and since the new season was about to start, he thought we should both give it a try. Okay, I thought, basketball… Let’s give this a try. It’s a fast-paced sport with easy rules to learn.

So I asked him who he was going to cheer for. He said that since he went to Orlando often, he would support the Magic. So, just to create some competition within the same state, I chose the Miami Heat, who live south of Orlando. 

Since we started our Twitter account in 2019, we now have a strong presence on social media. It has grown into a place where Heat fans from all over the world can talk about all aspects of the team, and we now have more than a dozen people who help us make content in both written and video formats. All of the top content creators in South Florida have taken us under their wings, and the official Miami Heat account even follows us. 

My favorite players

We also have a podcast called “Heating Up The UK.” I’m in charge of it, and some of the most important people in the organization and in the media have been on it. The hardest work paid off when I got to fly to Miami to see the team play in March of this year. The Miami Heat took me onto the court to watch the players warm up and even gave me a personalized “UK DAN” Heat jersey. A memory that will always stay with me. 

This one is pretty simple. Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler. When Jimmy joined the Heat, many people thought it was his way of retiring, and he was called a “locker room disruptor.” In Year 1, he led them to Game 6 of the NBA Finals with only Bam, Goran Dragic, and a bunch of rookies and people who didn’t get picked in the draught. His job as a leader and the demanding parts of the tough “Heat Culture” was a perfect match.


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