Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 Review | Full Detailed Comparison & Testing

Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 Review | Full Detailed Comparison & Testing. Samsung Galaxy Fit2 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 6 comparison on basis of syncing activity tracking features price in us, reviews & ratings and much more with full Comparison.

Hey guys welcome back to the Website
right here we have the Samsung galaxy fit 2
and the brand new band 6. and when it
comes to fitness trackers
there are really only two options I mean
there are a lot of options out there but
mi band 6 and the galaxy fit 2 are
really leading the pack they’re two of
the best fitness trackers

Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 Review

but which is actually the better buy so
both of these are now selling for
approximately the same price they’re
approximately the same size
have approximately the same features but
there definitely are some fundamental differences
that will make one of these much better
then the other one so

Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 Review
Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2 Review

in this article, we have a lot to talk
about I want to start off with some of
the physical differences
then we’ll get into some testing to see
the accuracy differences I’ll talk about
the interface and of course the apps
you’ll need
as well as the compatibility but like i
said starting off with the physical
aspects of these
you can see that I mean like i said
they’re both a really similar designs if you

Galaxy gear fit 2

a couple of years back when we had the
galaxy fit 1 and theme band 4
they were pretty different but now we’re
seeing that they’re both
a single silicone band and then a little
the unit inside and you can take the unit
out if you want but you don’t have to
because both of them have chargers
that just snap on the back so the galaxy fit 2

has a charger that clips onto the back
whereas mi band 6 here
just has a magnetic charger both of them
are really easy to use
i probably prefer the magnetic one but
of course, that’s a really subtle
difference there

Galaxy gear fit 2
Galaxy gear fit 2

Xiaomi mi bands 6

you can easily take this out and change
the band to whatever color you want
and like i said my band probably has
a few more options are that
it was like my band 5 and now the 6
have really the same band size so you
can choose from all types of
colors and sizes and whatever you’re
looking for there’s a lot on the

as far as how the bands actually go on
the one that comes with
is fundamentally a bit different so if
we look at the mi band 6
the band is similar-ish to an apple
watch where you have a little loop and
then you have a small hook there except
it works in the opposite way of an apple
watch so here
what happens is you feed it through and
then you snap it in place it’s a little
a bit tricky at first to get it on your wrist

Amazfit band 6

it definitely takes just a bit of
practice but once you get used to it i
do like this style because
it’s really hard to fall off as I have
I’ve gone surfing with this swimming in
the ocean I’ve never had any problems
with this
or theme band 5 for that matter falling off

now the galaxy fit 2 on the other hand is a
a little bit more like a traditional
belt buckle or watch where it’ll slide
in and you’ll snap it into place and
then you tuck the other side
the loose end in so I mean that one’s
going to be a little bit harder to get
the correct fit because you are tucking
that extra material inside uh but I mean
either one is very secure
and they’re relatively easy to put on
now neither one of these has a physical

Xiaomi mi bands 6
Xiaomi mi bands 6
Galaxy gear fit 2

anywhere on there which is great because
they both have fantastic water resistance
i believe up to 50 meters but the galaxy
fit 2 is actually rated for 5
plus ip68 so a little bit of dust
resistance in there realistically
they’re probably both the same
resistance just a matter of how they
actually, inspect it there
and like I said no buttons on here but
the galaxy fit 2

has a little touch sensor on the bottom
that’s going to act as a home button
also acts as a back button and stuff
like that but me band 6 does not
have anything there which I think is
actually, a benefit to not having that button
because instead, you’re just using
gestures on the screen very similar to
what we’re doing on most phones these days

Mi band 6

where I can swipe from the left and
that’ll just go back home
it’ll be my back button for everything i
need like that and that frees up a lot
of space for this screen which is really going to be
one of the biggest differences between
This is the screen size and as you can
see on me band 6 here
this now has a 1.56-inch screen
versus the 1.1 inch screen on the galaxy
fit 2. so that’s about a 50

improvement in screen size of course
it’s round on the top and bottom so it’s not
actually that much larger but I mean
looking at it aesthetically
i think it looks much much better you’re
able to use that space for
some really nice little graphs as you
can see on the watch face here i
actually, really like that personally
and so i think that’s a big win for the
me band so that’s pretty much everything
i wanted to mention

Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2

physically but before we start talking
about some of the differences with the
i want to talk about what these both
have in common so they both connect only
by Bluetooth to your phone
so no wi-fi no GPS nothing like that
they both have stress monitoring and
breathing exercises they find my phone
features they have weather
they have high heart rate alerts that are
a new thing that we’re seeing on theme

band 6 and of course, now they both have auto
fitness tracking which before was
another advantage
of the galaxy fit 2 because mi band
5 didn’t have auto fitness tracking
mi band 6 does have that now and i
guess that leads us to our first
the difference even though they both have
auto fitness tracking

Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2
Mi Band 6 vs Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung galaxy gear fit 2

meaning you start running and it’ll just
detect that you’re running
they actually work very differently so
on the galaxy fit you just
start running and very quickly it
detects what you’re doing and it
actually retroactively records
uh what you did so the whole time it’s
saving everything you do but it’s
usually just deleting that and if it
detects that

you’re doing a workout for long enough
then you have a workout and the minute
two or three uh it’ll already jump right
into that and you have two or three
minutes of workout already recorded
where me band six however is a
a little bit different I I’ve tried this
a couple of times now and

Samsung galaxy gear fit 2 pro

maybe it’s just a bug that they have to
work out but from my experience, i’ll
start running and about a quarter-mile
into the run
it’ll vibrate on my wrist and it says
what workout are you doing?
and it has a 30-second countdown timer
so after 30 seconds
nothing happens and it doesn’t record
the workout so it’s kind of an auto
workout recorder but it’s more like a
reminder if you start working out and
forgot to start the activity so

that’s definitely a win for the fit too
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another advantage of the galaxy fit 2
which used to be a bigger advantage than
it is now


is actually the number of workouts
available so this now has
approximately 100 different workouts you
can choose from and you can actually put
i believe 10 on here so you can go in the app and
choose 10. the mi band 6 on the other
hand has substantially more workouts
than mi band 5

but it’s still only 30 workouts I mean i
say only 30 workouts i don’t think I’ve
done more than 30 workouts
maybe ever i mean most of my workouts
can be categorized
into like four or five different
workouts but regardless of either one of
these you can do like Zumba
or rock climbing like all kinds of
crazy stuff getting back to an advantage
of theme band 6 it only requires one
an app so if you get me fit app

Galaxy gear fit

you’re able to track your workouts on
thereof course it has connected GPS
you’re able to change settings for your
device and of course see all of your
workouts that you did earlier
whereas the galaxy fit to requires two
apps you’ll need Samsung health to see
your analytics

Galaxy gear fit
Galaxy gear fit

and you’ll need galaxy wearable to
change settings if you have a Samsung
the phone they’re already on there so it’s
not a problem
but on other phones like an iPhone
For example, it’s a little bit of a hassle to
have to get two different apps but
speaking of apps as an advantage of the
galaxy fit is that the apps are better i
think they’re more well-executed than
mI fit app

Xiaomi mi smart band

i think it’s easier to see your
analytics and i think it’s easier to
change settings as well so
that’s kind of a tricky one there it’s
a win for one or the other depending on
how you look at it
when it comes to battery life on the
spec sheets it might look like the
galaxy fit 2 is the winner here
with a 21-day battery life which when
If you really dig deeper it’s 14 days
you have continuous heart rate

and then they advertise me band 6
here as a 14-day battery
so realistically from my experience
they’re both approximately the same
battery life depending on how many
notifications you get how many workouts
you do

Mi fitness band

it’s going to be roughly two weeks of
battery life so I really I’m gonna call
that one is a tie
now we’re gonna see a couple of wins for
the galaxy fits too when it comes to the
interface and one of them
is that it has a really convenient quick
setting so if you swipe down from the

you’ll be able to change the brightness
and go into night mode and
a bunch of other things like that’s
not something we’re seeing on theme
band of course if you swipe down
you can access your settings but it’s
just a little bit more removed and a
a little bit less convenient

Samsung galaxy gear fit

to turn on some of those things and
that’s another advantage of the galaxy fit
being that it has those other those
other things there so one of them is

the galaxy fit 2 has a night mode so you
can go and tap on that
in your quick settings and that’ll make
sure that it’s not waking you up all night
it also has an underwater mode so if
you’re going to keep it on when you take
a shower or

just hop in the pool then you can
disable the screen with that night mode
so those are two quick things that are very
convenient in the quick settings on the
top we’re not seeing those
on theme band 6 and I guess while we’re
at it another advantage of the galaxy fit 2


is that it does have auto-brightness
detection and it’ll automatically adjust
your brightness is based on
whatever the environment you’re in is
but on the flip side

mi band does actually have some
scheduling you can do within the app
where you can have it dim down overnight
and you can essentially schedule in a
night mode so when you’re sleeping
it’s not going to be really bright and
blinding your eyes but again that’s
going to be something that is actually

a big advantage on me band 6 and one
of the big improvements over mi band 5
is that we now have blood oxygen so spo2
sensor on there
allows for more in-depth sleep tracking
it’s going to have some insights
on your breathing while you’re sleeping
and it’s overall just a really nice
sensor to have if you’re trying to
really dig deep into your health


Amazfit band 6

me band 6 also has idle alerts so if
you’re sitting at your desk for too long
it’ll notify you you’ll get up and you
can walk around and it’s just a great
way to make sure you’re not
stagnant for an entire day without ever
moving around this also has
a pair so a personal activity
intelligence’s just an index to kind
of gamify

how active you’ve been and given you a
nice index to see
if you’re ahead or behind where you were
last week so you can keep up with your
goals and it really just encourages you
to continue working out which ultimately
is one of the main goals


of having one of these little bands in
the first place getting back to some
advantages of the galaxy fit too like i
said the interface
is going to be a big one going around
the interface from the icons to the
usability to the no even the
notifications that’s actually a big one
it’s going to just look better smoother
more refined

and personally, i prefer the interface of
the galaxy fit too but of course theme
band 6 has some other advantages in
regards to features
and that’s something we’ve really been
seeing on theme bands for a while they
love to pack features in here
so I think the weather app is a little
a bit more robust they show you a little
bit more

Samsung galaxy

they also of course have I mean both has
music controls which are very nice
but on here you are actually getting
female health tracking that’s something that
I don’t believe is on the galaxy fit too
or at least I didn’t see it when it came

Samsung galaxy
Samsung galaxy

I know they recently added it to the
Samsung health app so
it may be on the galaxy fit too and
maybe they’re just hiding it from me
because I’m not a female but
it’s something that i don’t believe is
there and i know for a fact it
definitely is available

Mi band

on theme band 6. on top of that you
also have things like
remote photo taking so you can set up
your camera and use this as a remote
shutter so that’s really convenient
and so with that being said, i want to
get into some of the accuracy tests to
figure out the fundamental differences
between these

so take a look at the heart rate after
going on a run you can see this is the
polar h10 is considered to be a very
accurate heart rate strap and we’re
going to use this as our baseline you
can see right here mi band 6 did a really good job
attracted really well except for a

Galaxy gear fit 2 band

little anomaly in the beginning
and then the galaxy fit did a really bad
job it was consistently low
and did a lot of smoothing so when you
look at these graphs together it’s very
clear that the mi band 6
is more accurate and more consistent
with your heart rate okay so the mi band
6 and the Samsung galaxy fit 2
are both great devices and I know in

In this article, I kind of gave a win to one
and then the other
and I went back and forth so it might
seem like it’s a tie but we definitely
can’t end this article on a tie I want to
come to a conclusive answer
and I think it comes down to this it
depends on what your specific needs are
so if you are really looking for a
healthier lifestyle

Galaxy gear fit 2 band
Galaxy gear fit 2 band


to be more fit and that’s the main
the reason you’re buying one of these which
for a lot of people, i think that is the answer
then I think theme band 6 is going to
be the very obvious pick there it has
better accuracy with the heart rate
tracking it also has idle alerts
has female health tracking and it kind
of gamifies it with the personal
activity intelligence

which the pain from what I found at least
for me I thought is
kind of a nice feature to have I think
it’s nice to kind of gamify and
encourage you
to reach a certain level and give you a
nice index to compare where you are
versus where your goals are where you
were last week and so


for anybody looking to be more fit i
think me band 6 is a good pick there
and i guess the other category would be
anybody looking for a more affordable
a version of a smartwatch if you don’t
want to buy
you know a four or 500 smartwatch then
one of these might be an appealing option
and while galaxy fit 2 does have a
better interface

I think here as well I would have to say
that I mean personally I would prefer
the mi band 6 because it does have that
larger display I think it looks really
nice like that
and it also has a couple of extra
features on there i really like how it
has the remote shutter
uh better weather on there and a lot of
things like that but of course


Samsung ecosystem

if you are in the Samsung ecosystem it
is probably pretty nice to have the
galaxy fit too i mean i mean i
am in the galaxy ecosystem and it is
nice to have this but
i mean neither one’s a bad pick you
really can’t go wrong with either one of
them but if i had to pick one
i would definitely be saying me band
6 for both of those situations

would be my pick that’s the one i would
go with but you guys can leave a comment
and let me know what you think of both
of these

which one would you prefer and why do
you like it what do you think is missing
from either one of these and
do you think Samsung will come out with
a galaxy fit 3. so that’s all I have for
you guys in this comparison if you
enjoyed this article consider liking and


Single piece with silicone band
Connect only via Bluetooth
HR sensing and accelerometer
Stress monitoring and Breathing exercises
Find my phone
High heart rate alerts
Auto fitness tracking, but Fit does it much better

Samsung galaxy FIT2:

Integrated touch home button (vs swipe back on screen)
5ATM + IP68 water resistance
Better strap (easier)
21-day battery life (14 with continuous HR) (vs 14 on Mi Band) – basically the same
Choose 10 of roughly 100 exercises (vs 30 sports modes)
Galaxy Health App (vs Mi Fit)
Convenient quick settings
Better notifications
Cleaner interface (nicer to use and find stuff)
Night mode
Water mode is not as nice as it was (the screen turns on a lot)
Can export as GPX (course) but not TCX which means no HR data… why?
Snap charger on the rear (vs magnetic charger)

Mi Band 5:

SpO2 tracking
1.56” display (vs 1.1”) – both AMOLED
5ATM water resistance
Only needs one app (vs two for Fit 2)
Idle alerts
Women’s menstrual tracking
Remote photo taking
More in-depth weather
Does not allow you to export workouts
The app is not ideal

Brightness testing


Both devices are fantastic. The larger screen on the Mi Band makes me prefer it to the Fit2, but the Fit has a smoother interface and integrates more nicely with Samsung phones

Fit does better: Interface, notifications, strap, and auto fitness tracking
Mi Band does better: PAI, remote photo taking, price, more accurate HR
The Fit2 gained a lot of ground and offers an appealing device, but the new Mi Band 6 display is a big win for Xiaomi, so which is better now?

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