Men’s Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas

This week we’re going with a bit of a theme and doing floral shirt outfits. They’re one of my favorite spring and summer shirts because they’re really fun to wear. Hope these looks are helpful! Let me know your thoughts.

Men’s Floral Shirt

it’s five outfits Friday hey everybody
parker here welcome back to my website
if you’re new here we are all about
building your confidence through fashion
and lifestyle choices that are not going
to break the bank so if you like the sound of that
join the gang welcome back to another
an episode of five outfits Friday the
short article series where I show you guys
five easy outfit ideas that you can recreate
this weekend you can save it for later
you can stick it in your back pocket
have it in the back of your mind for the
next time you want to feel
superconfident i decided this week

we’re going to go with a little bit of a
the theme I think i might start doing it
this way i want to hear what you guys think but
all five outfits are styled with a
floral shirts is super popular right now
I’m a huge fan I have been for years and
i hope you guys are too
so here are five looks for several
different occasions
all with floral shirts for a casual
night out we’ve got this floral shirt
that i actually got at Walmart
layered over a buck mason t-shirt with
some unique jeans
Nike blazers some light accessories
because we are going out so you know you want to

Men's Floral Shirt
Men’s Floral Shirt

Bigger guys

add a little bit of extra personality to your outfit but
this is an outfit again I’ve told you
guys before but especially for you bigger guys
casual layering like this because the
t-shirt kind of lets you hide your midsection
then you throw the shirt over the top of
that and it’s really stylish because
you’re getting layers and dimensions
but overall it just looks really good
and you can be a little bit less self-conscious
if you might be carrying a little extra
weight regardless it works for everybody
anybody type

so for our dressy night out, I’ve got
this black floral shirt that’s actually
from goodwill
it’s old vintage these pants are from
combat gent and these shoes are from the bass
regions classic but we’re going with
a little bit more of like a Miami vibe
very dark colors because we are going
out i definitely prefer to keep it dark at night time
and the shirts a little oversized it’s
nice and flowy
we’ve got a gold watch from Armitron
some other little accessories from
Vitali overall

Button-up shirt

it’s very cool and fun very summery but
also still a little bit dressier because
I’ve got dress pants on
with a button-up shirt and I’ve got
everything tucked in it’s just a much nicer way
to go hit the town date night okay so with this one
I’ve got this shirt from guess these
pants are also from Walmart and then
these penny loafers from swims
a little bit of jewelry again nothing
too flashy because it’s just a date we
want to look nice but we don’t want to
be grabbing too much attention

Button-up shirt
Button-up shirt

I’m really loving the sort of blue on
this shirt
the way that it blends in with the blue
of the pants and the shoes, it’s kind of
almost a monochromatic look
but then you allow the shirt to really
be the focal point of the outfit
because the rest of your outfit is
pretty solid colored it’s a solid
reliable move that you can always use
when you’re wearing a floral shirt
daytime casual we’ve got another floral
shirt from the thrift store
a tank top from fresh clean teas jeans
shorts that i cut myself

Bright colors easy layers

from gap jeans, i know people are still
a little bit on the fence about jeans
shorts but I’m telling you guys
you gotta jump on board they’re so good
some crew socks from Uniqlo
and vans authentics and then I’m finally
styling one of my hats from the wall
from yellow 108. so bright colors
easy layers and the same way that we did
earlier with the white tee under it
you can still totally do the same thing
with a tank top like this

Bright colors easy layers
Bright colors easy layers

it’s a very simple move that is very
summery very beachy
because if you’re going to be near
the water you could totally be comfortable
in something like this
or if you’re just going to be running
around town, it totally works as well
and finally, since we’re doing floral
shirts this week I had to do like a pool
or a beach day I’ve got this shirt
from ASOS that I love and this swim
trunks from my undies

Birkenstock sandals

with some Birkenstock sandals one of my
favorite style moves if I’m going to be
near the water is to wear a solid
colored bathing suit
and a fun shirt because i could totally
wear an outfit like this
after I’m done at the pool or the beach and still
feel really stylish if i do end up going
out to like a casual dinner
or hanging out for a little while longer i don’t feel like
I’m too underdressed because these
shorts could almost double
as a pair of chino shorts, it’s a smart style move
and there you go five easy stylish

outfit ideas for all kinds of different activities i
hope you guys enjoyed
remember you don’t have to be wearing
exactly what I’m wearing
just think about it in the ways that i
style the outfits so
when you’re dressing with the
clothes that you already have or if
you’re shopping for yourself
you know what to look for because the
the whole idea here is just to get you guys
thinking in a way
that you start to understand
combinations and how you can be styling
them in different ways

Men’s Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas

so that when you’re getting yourself
dressed it’s easier because you just know
what makes you feel the most confident
oh i also really want to know how you guys liked
me talking directly to the camera this week
i feel like it gives me the opportunity
to tell you what brands I’m wearing
and just to kind of be a little bit more
direct but if you prefer the voice over
style let me know down in the comments
like you heard me say
a few of the shirts are from goodwill so
obviously, i can’t put links to those
down but i tried to find

Men's Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas
Men’s Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas

at least something similar to everything
that i’m wearing there are a bunch of links
to shop each of these looks individually
down there as always if you have any questions
or specific requests or anything you can
drop them down below
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Men's Floral Shirt Outfit
Men’s Floral Shirt Outfit

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