Men’s Burberry t-shirt Review

Men’s Burberry t-shirts at Harrods are adorned with streetwear-inspired prints and TB monogram details. Receive complimentary UK delivery

Burberry t-shirt

all right everybody how’s it going today
we got a special review we’re bout a
review an authentic Burberry shirt I’ve
been an over website kind of fun article
of a review of this but there are nuts of
you found so today here I am you guys
came to the right article there’s a 6
April shirt without further ado cuz
it started as you can tell a nice little
box I purchased this at the store at
Fashion Valley this is the hardest part
is this ribbon that they tie I don’t
know how they do it but to pin this

so it comes in this amazing box right here
nice quality let’s can tell it fits
perfectly probably with the fakes the
box isn’t in fit but hey we don’t do a
face around here hopefully I don’t drop
it for you guys
they steal it real nice with this little
this is very on the packaging
okay here it is right here Matt nice
folded packaging okay here we got the
Burberry shirt right here size large
this one’s a slim fit shirt so it’s kind
of tight throughout the waist

Burberry t-shirt
Burberry t-shirt

The Burberry London

so you’re kind of wide you’re gonna need a bigger
size than what you normally are we got
that very print real nice the tag is
different for the 2019 version says
February London England the button save
every England
okay liftoff further ado the surround
the shirt okay okay
definitely a nice fit nice feeling to
the shirt I love the way fits real
nice and snug it’s perfect you guys seen
my last review for the Cologne

I also got the Burberry London to match the
shirt you know I got a spray this song
when I rock this shirt cause I could
tell the colors you’re nice and stiff
just thought I should be the color
wedding I’m saying we’ve got some khaki
right here got some blacks some Gray’s
some light Browns you know in the cuffs
it’s like a metallic black it’s kind of
like a little, it’s almost as it’s
reflecting so so if your every shirt
ain’t doing that reflecting
and that might be

Shiny like reflective

fake even up here I could tell that
looks kind of like shiny like reflective
black adds a nice little touch to it
you know it’s not just flat black or
grey it has like this little shine to it
lookout for that but what I really
would look out for is the tag since the
2019 version is different there might be
a lot of fakes out there I was like an
online for this shirt I wasn’t eBay I
was Poshmark or whatever it’s called but

Shiny like reflective
Shiny like reflective

it’s this app right here and I was
messaging the setters if it was
authentic can only stand because the
prices were ridiculously low but then
the day I didn’t trust it I don’t want
to buy it and then next thing you know
it is the base so definitely I
recommend you just go to the store
the Burberry store and actually buying
that shirt actually try it on because
you never know my fits on you but at the
end of the day its parents buy the real
thing’s worth it the quality is way
way better

Holyfield and spend less money

you know last longer and it looks better
feels better look at the sleeves the red
crosses they perfectly aligned
everything’s perfect with this shirt
this shirt right here was 420 dollars
with tax worth every single penny
in the day people in it might not want
to spend so much money on the offensive
designer stuff you want to do the short
cut you get cut short either spend a few
more bucks to get the real deal

Holyfield and spend less money
Holyfield and spend less money

Holyfield and spend less money and it
turning out to be really cheap maybe
even ripping when I wash it but I
recommend everybody to go out there buy
real designer products so yeah this is
if this Burberry London shirt review for
you guys hope you guys enjoy it
hopefully, you guys got some tips out of
this article and remember don’t cheat
yourself treat yourself but I put this
back in its box

hopefully, my girlfriend isn’t getting
mad because I made or filled it back
into the box so now she gotta do it
again but hey you got to do what you
gotta do that’s it for this episode
hopefully, you guys enjoy it stay tuned
for new episodes.
more cologne reviews – more tips to come
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