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Hi welcome back to my
website today we are gonna be doing a
huge massive Amazon haul because we’re
in quarantine and I can’t go shopping
anywhere else but no really I actually
always shelve on Amazon this is not
sponsored I promise I feel like you guys
think it probably is this is not
sponsored but in today’s article I’m gonna
be sharing some fashion finds that I’ve
been loving I’ll try everything on for

you and then I’ll also be sharing some
home favorites and some home decor
so we’ll be downstairs in my house just
so you can see it all set up and I just
really love everything in this article
yeah you guys know how much I’ve loved
Amazon over the years of everything it
linked down below along with my Amazon
the little store I don’t know why they call
it a store it’s just where I link
everything that I love in all of these
different categories but anyway let’s
just get started and we’re gonna start
with my lovely coffee cup which you
can’t even see but it’s Yeti now this is
why I love this okay because it’s like

Amazon haul

it’s like the shape of a mug and it does
come obviously it with a lid so you can
travel with this and it’s cool because
it’s like a mug but I actually use it
every single morning just for my coffee
without the lid and it keeps my coffee
so much warmer longer and I know you
no heat is escaping from the top but
it sort of seems like it’s a regular mug
but all of this is space that usually
mugs kind of like dispense the heat so I
just find that my coffee stays hot so
much longer and if the price is really
good too and it’s white so I just
feel like it’s like really pretty

it’s like fresh and stylish and mmm oh
and you’re probably wondering oh is
shaking pull stuff out here because
this is a haul no that was for dramatic
the effect this is an empty box okay so the
The next thing that I’m trying to show is
This really cute satin PJs they have
cactus on them cacti cactus you can get
them in different colors and patterns
and stuff I don’t know why I was like I
thought the cactus cacti were cute so
they are shorts as you already saw in my
lovely intro so if you just want some
really very well priced PJs that are
super soft kind of silky perfect for
around the house that we are doing a lot
right now

Amazon clothing haul

Jessi’s so speaking of pajama things and
sleeping I have been loving this
nightgown are there any girls out there
or women that when they were a child
they just like slept in nightgowns every
the night I don’t know why I got away from
that because it is so comfortable maybe
you guys still do that I just haven’t
for years but this is so so stretchy and
comfortable it’s really cute so let me
sleep I just really really like it so I
need to get back into nightgowns I am

just gonna get the clothes out of
the way so that we can kind of focus on the
home stuff and the home decor and the
the second half of the article so just FYI I’m
not sure what you’re interested in but I
am interested in these shorts, but not all of
this stuff is loungewear
I just like to group things together
sometimes so these are by the brand
Amazon essentials so it’s like their own
a brand I’m obsessed with the Amazon
essentials I have their underwear I’m
wearing them right now I have their

Amazon Fashion haul 2021

t-shirts I usually wear their t-shirts
this is just like such a comfy
cute pair of shorts to wear just to
where is these Amazon essentials – I feel
yes this is Amazon essentials – so I
ended up ordering their bra to try or
their brassiere as they used to say and
I really really like it there’s no
underwire here so it’s really
comfortable there’s some padding it’s
just it’s like a really nice bra and the
price is like really good like(price maybe change when you buy) maybe I don’t know it’s it’s

it’s just really good so I’m very
impressed I feel like I’m always just
impressed with the Amazon essentials
line also I just wanna do a quick plug
for my Instagram page if you don’t
follow me on Instagram
I would love for you to take literally
like two or three seconds and do that I
just have been more active on Instagram
and granite-like I always have been but
I’ve just been sharing more ins and outs
of my life lately and I just feel like
my audience there is like really good
Pete like they’re all from YouTube
mostly you don’t I mean and I just feel
like people constantly compliment my
engagement on Instagram and it’s because

Amazon top haul

it’s you guys like you guys are coming
from or from YouTube to Instagram and
it’s just like I just really appreciate
you guys so thank you
so much all right so I want to talk
about these two shirts because you guys
need these two shirts or at least one of
them they don’t have to be in the
leopard print they have many many other
prints but guys these are so good I’ve
shown this one before it’s the
the long-sleeve version there’s just
something about this fabric and even
when I wear it out when I used to go out

I feel like I keep referencing
Quarantine life so much lately and
people if they watch this article in a few
months they’re gonna be like what the
heck is she talking about why doesn’t
she leave her house anyway when I would
wear this out people would constantly
say wow this is a really good fabric
it’s kind of like shiny it’s stretchy
it’s just a really good material um so I
wore it so much that I ended up getting
it is a short sleeve version and so I’m
going to be wearing this in the spring
and summer and it’s just a good leopard

Amazon Fall haul

print again other prints are available now
we’re gonna talk about a hat wow I kind
of did it did you see it let me try it
again wow that was good this hat I
really liked it I have hats over there
in my hat section that cost (price maybe change when you buy) from Nordstrom they’re great
quality hats but this much better price
and the quality really really good feel
like if you wear it like this you just
look like a Texas Ranger or not Texas
Ranger Safari Ranger, it’s more like if
you go like that and you have like a
really cute outfit on it’s just super
cute I love this camel color comes in

many other colors as well I feel like a
the hat is just such a good outfit edition
next, I’m gonna talk about two pink
shirts this one I’ll go over
briefly, because it’s kind of it’s just
like a casual shirt, I wear it a lot with
those shorts maybe saw me trying it on
with those shorts but it’s kind of
cropped just a bit but not too much so
you don’t you know see all of your
stomach’s so it’s like a nice lounge
shirt but also could definitely be worn
out you know just with a pair of jeans
and look really good but then this

Amazon tops haul

shirt oh I love it so much it has like
bubble sleeves just a bit and you can
wear it untucked but I love it tucked
into high-waisted jeans and it’s just
such a flattering well-priced top really
good material as well it comes up kind
of high on the neck so you can wear some
cute earrings with it
it’s just a really really good blouse
like a really good blouse with lots of colors
options I went with pink I kind of have
a pink thing going on right now I’m also
really happy with this blouse that I got
it’s very detailed with lace so I just I
love it

I went with a purple pastel color which
is really unique I don’t have that color
that much throughout my closet I love it
tucked into jeans again but of course
you could leave it tucked out and
that’ll look really great too there’s I
don’t know it’s just a really
pretty lace detail which is really in
right now and then this dress.
I featured this dress in that
livestream and so many people loved this
dress the price is so good the quality

Amazon haul home decor

so good I went with black but there’s so
many options and I know it looks kind of
see-through but that’s actually just the
back this back sections a little bit
see-through but the rest of it is a
thicker material so it’s not like you’re
gonna be revealing anything and it’s
just so flowy it’s just one of those
dresses that you just look really pretty
and feminine but you don’t have to worry
about it and you’re super comfortable
probably should have put this in with

the loungewear section however I’ve been
loving these Adidas leggings I feel like
everybody just always wears the same
black leggings but these have the
stripes down they are Adidas got them on
Amazon price so good and they’re just I
don’t know they’re like a little bit
different sporty a little bit of white
the accent here so you can have the
athleisure wear look and then these
tassel earrings their statement they are
bold I’m gonna actually just hold them
up to my ear I’m not usually a fan of
bold jewelry but I feel like earrings
are making a comeback as far as like

Amazon haul shopping

bold earrings I’m still not on the
bandwagon for like big bold necklaces
like I’m loving this set here this is
like my favorite necklace combo so this
is what they look like obviously really
bad with what I am wearing if they were
like kind of hidden in there they’re
kind of like basketweave Tassili
neutral they’re just really pretty and I
feel like they will look so good in the

once when we’re basking in the sunlight
bronzed wearing a bathing suit so the
price of these I keep saying that for
everything the price is really good and
when I say when I talk about prices
being really good I do just want to say
I will only share things that even
though the price is really good I also
have to be happy with the quality so I
just want to throw that out there too
okay we’re gonna move on through the

Amazon haul TikTok

home things and the two coolers and just
the cool thing this is an
acrylic tissue box and it is so pretty
I have stocked up on a few of these I
might be ordering a few more because to
me I just constantly am using tissues
but guys the boxes are ugly they’re just
weird patterns they’re weird colors they
don’t go with your room and this is just
it’s just like oh like it’s pretty like
it actually is like a nice little decor
piece but it’s also really functional I

think this is like (price maybe change when you buy) maybe
you can get rectangle ones and you can
also, get the taller square ones I just
love these throughout my house highly
recommend and really affordable to just
put that back in there we can’t waste
tissues next we need to talk about this
I got this idea from my friend
Amanda this is a portable charger which
I have had some in the past but this one
by far is so much better because like it
really holds a huge charge there’s

Amazon haul clothes

different USB ports there are different
inputs so I can charge my laptop I can
charge my phone I could charge like my
husband’s phone you can just throw it in
your purse and it’s just great for
around the house even or it’s great if
you’re gonna go to like a doctor’s
appointment or maybe you’re wherever
it’s just this comes in so handy I love
how it’s white it’s just a really good
it’s not like a huge investment at all
but it’s really good to have and
you’ll use it way more than you think
and I also wanted to mention this Amazon

basics this is a really cool card that I
purchased alongside this because I do
use Apple products so this is the
lightning cable and it’s I got it in a
really pretty rose gold color so they
have a lot of color options but it’s
just handy again for my phone and I just
slide it right into this
bag and it’s just a lifesaver I
also, feel like I throw in blankets so
many of my articles but we apparently are
blanket junkies are that weird


I don’t know but we’re just obsessed
with blankets so I ended up ordering
this from Amazon it’s like (price maybe change when you buy) I’m not sure but it’s totally
like barefoot dreams dupe so barefoot
dreams blankets are amazing but they’re
over (price maybe change when you buy) I kind of do think
they’re worth it, to be honest, but this
is such a good alternative option my
kids love it actually more than the
barefoot dreams of buying it because it is
so soft and it has these really pretty
pom-poms on the end so I feel like it’s
just really stylish too so I just had to
mention it I just had to mention it

because it’s so good ok so after this
we’re gonna actually go downstairs I’m
gonna show you some things actually set
up in my house but before we do that I
wanted to show you this is a
cutting knife so it actually has like a
cutting board here and this is a really
sharp knife and this makes chopping
anything like for your kids or just
chopping vegetables chopping whatever
really easy you just go boop-boop

Amazon fashion 2021

it’s just so easy I just really love
these and I’d never invented it it was
really smart my kids even use it the
other night my oldest cut up an onion
for me with these
so anyway recommend this for your
kitchen use alright so I guess I’m just
going handheld here for a minute I
wanted to show you this really nice
a bookshelf that I got from Amazon it’s so
pretty it comes in a few finishes and I
just yeah I just want to show you some

decor pieces most everything is from
Amazon so first this pampas grass if you
guys you’ve probably seen it around and
maybe you didn’t know what it was
because I didn’t for the longest time
but that is its natural grass but it is
so chic and pretty and I love just
putting it into a glass oversized vase
on the floor so I can link these pampas
the grass I also might link some Etsy
versions because I ordered I think this
I can’t remember if this is Amazon or
Etsy so I’ll link a few options
For this glass vase, I’ll link some options
that one from Target but I have another

Amazon clothing

that’s clear I’d like a clear color
that’s really good and then this is our
wedding photo this frame Amazon find
really really pretty and well priced I
think this is actually from Target but I
just it’s like a faux plant but it was
only like (price maybe change when you buy) I can link that oh this
tray okay so this tray Amazon it’s like
an acrylic tray obviously so you could
use it for so many things I actually
just like it sitting here on this
bookshelf it has really pretty gold
features I feel like it goes well with

the frame but I use it for just my
everyday bag so I come in from the house
I’ll throw my keys here I’ll throw might
whatever bag I’m carrying right here so
it just looks really pretty but it’s
also, it just serves a function of like
this is where I keep everything I know
exactly where it is at all times and
then down here I get asked about these
books all the time so this is an
Etsy actually so I will link the shop
below you’re not going to see these
prints available but thats because it’s
custom so just reach out to her and she
can make these for you I like them
actually flipped up and just stacked but

Amazon super

I also really like them upright – with
these bookends
these bookends are from Amazon super
cheap but it just it keeps your books
upright so anyways I just thought I
would share my latest little design
decor design that I have going on here
in my bedroom okay so we’re back up here
I just want to say that is the end of
the article great outro um so thanks so
much for reading, Ill link everything
down below if you haven’t been interested
and Ill also link these articles here if
you want to continue on reading my
website by.


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