Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered review

I’ve played a lot of games about Spider-Man. I still think that Bruce Campbell should do the voiceover for all tutorials. I even played Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, which had four different web-slingers and later inspired the Spider-Verse storyline in the comics. The main point is that I’m in a pretty good position to judge Spider-Man games. I can tell you that Marvel’s Spider-Man, which came out on Sonyboxes in 2018 and is finally coming to PC in a remastered version, is a great Spider-Man game. I can tell you that.

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Spider-Man is known to you. He is a guy named Peter Parker. A radioactive spider bit him, and now he can climb up walls and punch bad guys really well. In Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, you can play as Spider-Man in a big, living city called New York. It’s great if you’ll pardon the pun. Is it really the best Spider-Man game? Nah. I think that’s its spin-off or sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but that’s not on PC yet. This means that Marvel’s Spider-Man will be the best wall-climbing PC game for a few more months, which isn’t a bad consolation.

Also, Spider-Man used his web to help Miles Morales fly. Spider-web-swinging The Man’s set a new standard for creative movement in games, and it’s still a tonne of fun to zip around New York on his webs. I’ve heard that Marvel’s Spider-Man takes about 16 hours to finish, but I added at least ten more by swinging, jumping, boosting, and playing free-fall chicken with the concrete. I have never once used fast travel.

You’ll take a long way around to complete quests just so you can enjoy being Spider-Man. It’s just as much fun to be in the air as it is to be on the ground. You can flip off a water tower, dive-bomb an alley, and jump at the top of every swing. When you land by accident, Spider-Man feels like a penguin waddling slowly across the tundra, which is the perfect contrast to how comfortable he is in the sky.

This doesn’t always happen when you’re grounded, though. Spider-Man isn’t very nice when he’s fighting, and the game does a great job of making you feel quick and nimble as you use your speed and wits to fight huge groups of enemies or people who are much bigger than Peter Parker. You sometimes feel more like Batman than the wall-crawler because you can unlock suits and gadgets and sneak around on beams and high ledges to do stealth takedowns.

Still, that’s not bad. It makes you feel smart when you combine your Arkham-style dodging and punching with instant takedowns and stun grenades. You can kill the first group of bad guys without them knowing you’re there; use your suit’s special ability to make decoy holograms; pull a fusebox off the wall and throw it at the group of bad guys on your left, which will electrocute them all; and then start doing swing kicks, web yanks, and air-juggles. And if you do everything right at the end, it feels like a ballet.

This is the start of a new Spider-Man story that has everything you need. It’s an old favorite: Supervillains! Stopping break-ins! He has a girlfriend, right? Aunt May is waiting for him at dinner. Betrayal! Be-who-al? Marvel’s Spider-Man is smart because it skips all the backstory and other stuff and starts in the middle of things. Peter is older now. He went to college, got his degree, and started working for Dr. Octavius. He also volunteers at the local F.E.A.S.T. center, which helps homeless people and people with weird backronyms. There are dramatic turns that are obvious from a mile away, but that’s a big part of the fun. The game knows you know, and it’s a lot of fun to keep that tension up and down.

It’s all part of what makes being Spider-Man so interesting. It wouldn’t be a Spider-Man story if you didn’t have to make a hard moral choice, have mixed feelings about a bad guy, and try to balance your personal life with your work as a masked superhero. As player number two, you really feel this last part because you’ll get calls on the police radio asking for help with a robbery, car chase, or bomb threat while you’re swinging around. They are kind of repetitive, but if you don’t pay attention to them, you have to listen to a bystander call into J.J. Jameson’s talk show, which is suddenly very relevant again, and complain about you. Ingrates

As it turns out, Spider-Man does a lot of this kind of hero work. Some guy has lost his homing pigeons, Harry Osborn wants you to check out a bunch of mobile science labs, and for some reason, you really want to get all the old backpacks that you left webbed around the city years ago. There are a lot of icons on the map when you zoom out, and I’m sure it felt a little old even in 2018. Since web swinging is so fast and fun, I ended up getting a lot of these collectibles by accident, which is good because they’re used to buying new suits and improving gadgets in the game. Those are some of the best parts, so it’s too bad that they’re tied so closely to doing Spider-chores. But I guess that makes the locks feel like they are more valuable.

In other parts of the game, there is a lot of fun, light-hearted details that add to the world. There’s a kind of Twitter that you don’t have to look at, but if you do, you’ll see that people are sharing tips on how to get Spider-Man webs off their cars. Pete’s dialogue is funny but not too funny, and he seems like a nice, understandable guy. Marvel’s Spider-Man also has a few parts where you play as Mary Jane and Miles Morales, who aren’t superhuman. I found these parts a little annoying, but they helped build up the characters and set up the next game.

In the context of this review, it’s kind of a shame that Spider-Man: Miles Morales exists. This version of Marvel’s Spider-Man is a great game, and it comes with all the extras. If Miles Morales didn’t exist, I’d have no problem telling you to get this Spider-Man right now. But it’s a curse to know that Miles Morales exists, is a bit tighter, cleaner, and more dynamic, and is coming to PC very soon. I don’t think you’d be sorry if you bought Marvel’s Spider-Man, because it’s a good game, but look. If there’s only one…


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