Marshall Willen Best COMPACT Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Willen is a fully waterproof speaker with a reasonable amount of power, though it’s priced a bit high for what it offers. The Best COMPACT Bluetooth Speaker review.

All right so we’re taking a look at the
marshall willing ultra-compact Bluetooth
as you can see this thing fits
in one hand with no issue and i mean i
could even fit this into my pocket if i
wanted to so when it comes to
portability and just having a speaker
that you can literally take anywhere
with you on the go.

Marshall Willen Review

it doesn’t get much better than
something like this so obviously we have
a number of different options uh when it
comes to Bluetooth speakers of this size
um you’ve got things like the jbl go 3
you have the jbl clip 4. um you’ve got
the bose soundlink micro
as well as a number of other options as well but
I’ve been testing this out for the past
few days and I think for something of
this size i think this is my new

so let’s go ahead and take a look so obviously as you can see
the speaker is this nice square shape which i really like
because it’s easy to stand up on any type of surface
you also have this really rugged type of build
with the grille on the front and that
classic marshall branding and then you
have this little brass multi-function button
which definitely adds a really nice look but it’s also
functional so this is what helps you
control your media.

Marshall Willen Features

so you can play and pause your music you
can increase your volume
decrease your volume skip to the next
track previous track the whole nine
yards on the top of the speaker you can
also, see that you have a little battery
level indicator to help you gauge how
much battery life is remaining and then
over on the other side, you have a
Bluetooth pairing button on the side of
the speaker you can see you have your
USB type-c charging port and then over
on the back, you have this built-in strap
which is great for portability because.

Marshall Willen Features

you can attach this thing to a backpack
a travel bag your bike you know your
handlebars whatever you got going on you
can make use of this strap and make sure
that your speaker stays with you at all
times it also has a built-in microphone
which means if you’re connected to the
speaker and you happen to get a phone
call you don’t necessarily have to
disconnect in order to take the call
it’s also compatible with the marshall app
which gives you access to three
different eq presets so you have the
standard marshall setting.

Marshall app setting

you have the push setting which is going
to give you more of a v-shape type of
sound so it gives you a boost in terms
of bass as well as treble and then you
have the voice setting which is going to
be good for things like podcasts or
audiobooks and then if you want to
purchase more than one of these speakers
you do have the option to pair as many
as you want together for stereo sound
so as far as Bluetooth this is running
Bluetooth 5.1

when it comes to battery life you’re
getting an advertised 15 hours on a
single charge and it does feature fast
charging so just 20 minutes of charging
will give you roughly three hours of
playback if you ever grab the speaker
and it’s completely dead so that’s
definitely going to help you if you’re
in a pinch and then.

Marshall app setting
Marshall app setting
Marshall Willen water-resistant

when it comes to water resistance we have an ip67 dust
and water-resistant rating uh which
means that the speaker is essentially
waterproof and if you want to take this
to the pool to the beach take it camping
uh no matter where you are
dirt sand dust none of those things are
going to pose a threat against the speaker.

so let’s go ahead and talk about the
sound quality so for this thing to be as
compact as it is it’s giving you some
exceptional sound quality
is giving you a very rich a very warm a
very punchy dynamic type of sound
whatever adjective you want to come up
with this is definitely providing that
in terms of sound quality and it gets
surprisingly loud considering the size
so um you get some really good
separation between the bass and the
lower frequencies and the overall treble
especially at max volume

Test Sound Quality

a lot of times when it comes to speakers
of this size once you approach 100 volume
the sound just kind of bottoms out but
once you push this thing
it maintains its composure all the way through
which i definitely found to be
impressive so enough of that let’s go
ahead and get into the audio test so
that you guys can hear for yourself bad
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Perfect Bluetooth Speaker

so you won’t know my name i hope you got
a lot of time i’m not sure where do we go
so hopefully the audio test at least
gave you an idea as to what you can
expect in terms of sound from this speaker
take my word for it sound quality is
excellent like i said it’s very rich
it’s very warm very dynamic um it really
brings out the character of your music
very well so as far as sound quality
this definitely has you covered.

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