Lynx launches in November and isn’t afraid of Pico and Meta

Larroque says in a YouTube live update that production has already begun and that he will talk more about it in October. He says that the crisis with semiconductor manufacturers is the only reason why the headset has been delayed over and over again. “We’re at war with suppliers in Taiwan all the time.”

On October 10, Lynx will post on its website the OpenXR and Unity SDK for Lynx R1. Unreal is likely to come out by the end of the year.

The founder of Lynx is not afraid of other companies.

Larroque doesn’t worry about big companies like Meta, Pico, and Apple, which are all getting into the mixed reality market at about the same time.

Larroque says that the Lynx R1 probably can’t compete in VR mode, but as far as he knows, it’s better in AR and XR mode. In particular, he talks about how the real world outside the frame blends into the video image on the screens of the headset.

He also said that the Lynx lens, which was made in-house, might be better than the pancake lenses that will be used in future headsets. Larroque says, “We don’t lose as much light, so the contrast is much better.” He thinks that the XR headset he made years ago can keep up with the competition in terms of technology.

The new norm will be mixed reality.

Larroque also thinks that the term “mixed reality” will come to be used instead of VR and AR. “Big companies like Meta and Apple will all market to it,” says Larroque.

Larroque also doesn’t worry about the competition because the way his French company does business is “traditionally European.” Lynx makes money by selling headsets and the ecosystem that goes with them, he says. Why would social media companies like Meta or Pico sell headsets at a loss? He probably means that they use user data for their own gain.

Larroque says, “You don’t buy a headset from Meta or Pico, they buy you.” Lynx will hire a new spokesperson in November to talk about these things in a more professional way than before.


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