Lululemon Pack And Go Multi Wear Bag Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing the lululemon pack and go multi-wear bag. so I have the pack-and-go multi-wear bag in the color vapor black and it currently goes for 118 dollars.

so the first thing i want to show you guys on the 
bag is the logos so the first one is right here on  
the little belt bag portion of the bag and this is 
a sticker logo on the kind of backpack portion of  
the bag we do have this logo right here which is 
a written lululemon logo in addition to that on  
the sides of the bag here we do have a logo on the 
little kind of clasps here and,

Lululemon Multi Wear Bag

if we come behind the belt bag here there’s a metal logo on the 
backpack portion so at the belt bag portion here
when you open that up we can see  that there are three card slots  
and then just an internal space there are no other 
pockets in here and there’s no pocket on the back  
as well and I’m going to go ahead and kind of clip 
it is off now to show you guys what the rest of the  
bag has to offer we do have a pocket right here 
and it can fit you know this much in my hand we  
also have these two side pockets that can be used 
for water bottles now opening it up, there’s some

the hardware here it says lululemon i believe this is 
like a plastic material but it looks quite nice  
we also have a hair tie zipper pull which 
is fantastic if you ever need a hair tie  
on the go now opening up the pocket it does say 
items of importance there is a little cute message  
and here is the internal storage space 
and coming over the inside of the bag  
guys, we do have this you know large storage 
area here now there are no other internal  
pockets or dividers or anything it’s 
just this kind of large storage space.

Features of Multi Wear Bag

Coming over to the back of the 
bag we do also have this pocket here  
and this pocket spans the entire width of the 
bag and this is what the back of the bag does  
look like we have this strap that is convertible 
and it’s attached via carabiners on both sides  
all right guys so now i’m going to go ahead and 
try this on so you can see what it looks like  
on me, alright guys so the first way you can wear 
this bag is a sling bag so coming over to the  
back here what you’re going to need to do is 
attach both carabiners to one side of the bag  
which i have done you can wear it actually 
at the front putting it over your shoulder  
or you can go ahead and you know 
throw it over your back like this
and of course, if you wanted to you can go ahead 
move the carabiners to this side of the bag.

Features of Multi Wear Bag

so you can wear it over your other shoulder so another 
way you can wear this is a traditional backpack  
so what you’re going to need to do is to 
unzip the kind of back part here of the strap  
and then make sure that each carabiner is 
on one side so i’m just going to push in
and then put it on this side so now we have both 
of our straps and this is what it looks like as  
a backpack so it does have these little buckles 
on the inside here just going to take them off
there’s an additional attachment area here 
basically, this is what you put the little  
buckle through so it attaches so i’m just 
going to slide that through to take it out.

Traditional or everybody bag

so once you take that off you can 
go ahead and clip these back on
i’m gonna put this aside for a moment 
so here we have the belt bag portion  
and you can go ahead and just wear 
this is a traditional belt bag guys  
so just you know unclasp it and either tighten 
or loosen it depending on your waist size i  
definitely need to loosen it because it is 
too tight so it does have this little kind  
of the buckle with the clasp, it’s not like the 
traditional og everybody bag it does have  
you know a different closure strap mechanism so 
i’m just going to slide this over and then pull
and then put it on and when you’re done 
adjusting it just make sure you slide these  
little things in place all right guys.

One thing note about Lululemon

so here it is on me as a belt bag
and one thing to note is that the strap 
here is thinner than what we get on the  
traditional everywhere belt bag and 
if i wanted to wear it as a crossbody  
you can do that as well and 
here it is on me as a crossbody
and one thing to know is that it does 
lie pretty flat against your chest  
so that’s something that i do like about 
it’s all right guys so coming back over to  
this portion of the bag um a final way 
you could wear this is as like a tote  
bag type of thing so i would just basically 
go ahead zip this shut take the carabiners.

i’m going to detach them on both sides  
and then you’re going to take the strap and you’re 
going to tuck it into this back pocket right here
so now that the strap is hidden it’s more 
of kind of like a tote bag type of look
all right guys now I’m going to go into the major 
highlights about this bag it’s great for casual  
wear walks hikes travel work amusement parks the 
gym and more it’s made of a water repellent fabric  
it’s a convertible bag and can be worn 
multiple ways it has a large water bottle  
pockets a 7-liter capacity.

The Dimensions of this bag

It can hold all of your essentials and much more  
and the dimensions of this bag are 7.9 inches 
by 3.9 inches by 12.6 inches all right guys so  
this is the point in the article where I’d show 
you everything i was able to fit inside of  
this bag but unfortunately this part of the 
article got corrupted and i lost the footage  
so instead I’m showing you guys a clip here of 
everything i was able to fit inside of this bag
all right guys so now I’m going to compare the 
belt bag portion of the pack and go multi-wear  
backpack to the everywhere belt bag so one 
thing to note right off the bat is that there is  
a difference in size so if i hold them 
kind of on top of each other you can see  
that the ever belt bag is a little bit 
longer and a little bit kind of wider.

coming over to the back we have a back zippered 
pocket we do not have a zippered bag pocket here  
on the inside as well there are also differences 
so on the upper belt bag, we have one long mesh  
pocket and then a divided mesh pocket on the other 
side on this belt bag here we have some card slots  
as i did show you guys before on the ever wear 
belt bag and this is the og ever belt bag guys  
not that new one that’s just come out this one 
has the continuous loop strap and then this one  
does not have a continuous loop it has these two 
little buckles that help keep the excess from  
moving around on you so i guess this is similar 
to the new everywhere belt bag it’s just a lot  
skinnier those are the main differences here, guys 
pricing wise this is 38 for every belt bag this  
was 118 for that whole combination of the backpack 
and belt bag all right guys so i have found some  
cons about this bag.

About the fabric of this bag

The first one for me is the fabric now i don’t know if you guys have  
noticed but the fabric here is that type of fabric 
from lululemon that has these little squares I’ve  
talked about before in my mini belt bag review and 
i just don’t like the look of it for one another  
reason i don’t like this type of fabric is because 
it’s really thin it’s also hard to clean because  
if you do get it dirty by accident if you get food 
on it or something i find from experience that  
food and stuff get trapped in these little lines 
in between the squares so it’s hard to clean and  
another thing is that when you’re wearing it 
as a backpack, you have to zip this part open  
and these little kinds of inside parts of 
the zipper i don’t know what it’s called 

About the fabric of this bag

but this part of the zipper is uncomfortable 
because this part is directly on your shoulders  
on your skin and as you move it kind of rubs so 
if you’re wearing this with you know a t-shirt or  
a dress or a tank top and your shoulders or arms 
are exposed and you happen to kind of have this  
rubbing across it gets very uncomfortable when 
you’re wearing it for an extended period of time  
I’ve shown you guys today how to convert this 
multiple different ways to wear it  
but i had to figure that out all on my own because 
there are no instructions at all not on the  
website is not on the tag and nowhere and it’s super 
annoying it was actually pretty time-consuming to  
figure out how to use this bag because they 
give you a little picture that’s like hey  
wear this as a sling bag or wear it this way but,

The quality or color of the comfort functionality  

you don’t know how to do that so i had to figure  
that out so i definitely would have preferred 
instructions not just like some random pictures
all right guys so considering the price the 
quality or color the comfort functionality  
and everything like that I’d go ahead and 
give it a 7.1 out of 10. and I definitely do  
give it a thumbs up alright guys so if you 
are looking to get this lululemon pack and  
go multi wear bag I’ve gone ahead and left 
the link down for you to  
use and if there’s anything i missed today 
that you want to know just go ahead and drop  
a comment below thanks for reading guys and 
make sure to comment.


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