Lululemon Mini Belt Bag Review

This is a review of the new lululemon Mini Belt Bag in trench & a lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag comparison High-quality brand bag.

Today I’m going to be reviewing the new lululemon 
mini belt bag but before i get started make  
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this is in the color trench and it goes for 38.

Lululemon Mini Belt Bag

so the first thing I’m going to show you guys 
is the logos on this bag so coming up to the  
front here guys we have a kind of silicone logo 
right here and then on the other side, we have a  
little patch logo on the little zipper pull here 
it also says lululemon and on the strap here on  
the back there is also a lululemon logo so now 
I’m going to show you all around and inside the  
bag so this is the front of the bag this is the 
back on the back here we have a drop-in pocket  
and here’s the inside of the bag so it does 
have one single mesh pocket going along here  
and internal space and then it has a little 
silicone lululemon like logo patch right here  
and all right now I’m going to go ahead and try 
this on so you can see what it looks like on me

all right guys this is what it looks like on me 
as a crossbody and I do have it extended to the  
absolute max length here in addition to wearing it 
as a crossbody here we can wear it as a belt bag  
so to do that I’m going to have to go 
ahead and tighten up the strap a bit  
so this strap here you have to tighten it 
at two ends so there are adjustments on this side  
and adjustments on this side as well and the 
little buckle here is definitely pretty handy.

The major highlights of this bag

so I’m just going to clip that on all right guys 
so here is what it looks like on me like a belt bag
and i am wearing it pretty low um if i did want 
to go ahead and wear it a little bit higher on  
my waist i would tighten it more so you can 
go ahead and tighten you know either side  
so now it is tighter on me and it’s higher up on 
my waist so you can definitely wear it like this  
as well depending on your personal preference 
guys all right guys now I’m going to go into  
the major highlights about this bag so it’s 
great for shopping walks travel and casual wear  
it has a 0.7-liter capacity it’s made of 
a water repellent fabric the dimensions  
of this bag are 7.1 inches by 1.6 inches by 4.1 
inches and I’ve gone ahead and measured out the  
maximum and minimum strap lengths for you guys 

The major highlights of this bag

so the strap at the absolute max is 39 inches  
and the minimum length goes to 22 inches now 
I’m going to show you what can go inside this  
bag you know what i typically put inside of 
my belt bag so the first thing I’m actually  
going to put in here is my phone so i have the 
dimensions of my phone on-screen for you guys  
one thing to know is that this can hold your bare 
essentials guys so with that it’s not going to  
hold you know my smartphone in the pocket 
here not even here because it’s too small  
so i’m going to put my phone in the interior 
space next up i have with me a hair tie  
and I’m going to put this 
in the little back pocket
and along with that, I’m going to put a chapstick.


so now coming into the pocket here I’m 
going to go ahead and put a pen in there
so the next thing I’m going to put in is a 
hand lotion guys and I’m going to put that  
in this pocket as well and the final 
thing i have is a hand sanitizer  
so at this point guys, the bag is pretty full 
there’s nothing else i could really fit in  
here typically with other bags, i would put 
like my little mini wallet in here but that’s  
not gonna fit in this bag so if i was gonna 
take this on the go i would just take all  
of my essential cards and put them in here 
so now i’m going to go ahead and zip it up
and here’s what it looks like full

now I’m going to do a comparison between the 
lululemon mini belt bag and the lululemon  
everywhere belt bag so I have an everywhere 
belt bag with me and these bags have a lot  
of similarities guys they are both 38 dollar bags 
they are both belt bags that have a similar shape as  
well but some of the differences are the size.

The interior pockets

So if I’m holding them up to each other guys we can  
see there’s a definite difference here more room 
here more room at the side as well and then coming  
over to the bottom, we have more room as well for 
the specifics guys this is a 0.7-liter bag this  
is a one-liter bag the ever above bike can hold 
like pretty much every smartphone you can put  
it is here you can put it in the back pocket as 
well with this bag you cannot do the drop-in  
pocket and the interior pockets are too small 
another thing about the inside of the bag is that  
we have a single pocket here and then on this side 

we have two divided mesh pockets so it’s really  
nice for the organization coming over to the back
guys we can see that we have a drop-in pocket here  
and on the other belt bag, we actually have 
a zippered pocket is something i prefer because  
it’s a little bit more secure other than that guys 
they are very similar bags if you do want to see  
exactly what can fit in everywhere belt bag I have 
done a full review on this bag which you can find  
in the top right or in the down below and 
these bags are the exact same price guys i mean  
i would definitely recommend getting an ever belt 
bag because for the same price you’re getting more  
storage and you know more capacity and they come 
in cuter colors in my opinion but an advantage  
about the mini bag versus the everywhere belt bag 
is that it is more lightweight and it’s smaller.

The cons about this bag

So i think this would be a better option for someone 
going on a run or a hike this one i think would be  
great for people who do have a smaller waist maybe 
smaller profiles who do find the ever belt bag  
too big on them all right guys now I’m going to go 
into the cons about this bag so the first con for  
me is the strap here is very annoying as 
you guys will note it adjusts on two sides i don’t  
know why they didn’t just put it on one side of this 
thing constantly gets stuck when you are pulling  
it and it gets in the way and you can’t just like 
pull the strap down no you have to like feed it  

through from the bottom pull it up and then you 
have to go ahead and pull it down and then you  
have to move these it’s just annoying i 
really prefer the continuous loop we have on the  
every belt bag here you know just pulling it like 
that super easy adjustment i don’t have to like  
adjust one side or the other side so one con for 
me is the fabric here i don’t like this fabric  
it is very thin so i feel like it could rip easily 
if you are you know a little bit clumsy and i also  
don’t like that the fabric here has these little 
squares in them i really like smooth fabrics i  
don’t like when they have like little lines 
or little diamonds um sometimes.

Smooth fabrics Bag

when you’re buying fabrics online it’s really hard to tell 
like what kind of fabric you’re getting from the  
lemon in the website photos but i don’t like this 
type of fabric i try to avoid them because i find  
these bags one they’re thinner and two i find them 
harder to wash if you do need to wipe them down it  
just holds on to like dirt and grime more that’s 
what i found in the past anyways but in particular  
i don’t like these little squares that are just my 
personal preference you guys might not have an  
issue with that at all but i do prefer like the 
smooth fabric here on the regular ever belt bag  
and i know not all of them come in this fabric 

Smooth fabrics Bag

because depending on the color you got for every  
belt bags you could get a fabric like this as well 
but one thing i have noticed is that all of these  
mini belt bags come in this exact same fabric 
with the little squares just in different colors
all right guys so considering the price the 
quality color the functionality the capacity  
and everything like that i would go ahead and give 
this is a 7.4 out of 10. and I definitely do give it  
a thumbs up so if you guys are looking to get the 
lululemon mini belt bag I’ve gone ahead and left a  
link down in the down for you to use and if 
you want to pick up the regular ever belt bag that  
is there as well and i hope you guys did find this 
article helpful.

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