lululemon everywhere belt bag red review

This is a review of the new lululemon Wunderlust Belt Bag in red & comparison to the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag.

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the website grow so i have this bag in the color 
red and it currently goes for 58. so the first  
thing I’m going to show you guys is the logos on 
this bag so coming out to the front right here  

lululemon belt bag red review

we do have a metal lululemon logo my favorite 
type of logo to see looks great and it’s durable  
and then we also have on the zipper right here a 
lululemon written logo there on the zipper pull  
and there’s one on the top zipper here as 
well and there’s another one at the side  
right here all right guys so in case you’ve missed it.
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alright guys now I’m going to show 
you inside and all around the bag so  
coming over to the front here.

we do have a zippered pocket
and then on the inside here we have a silicone 
lululemon logo and then looking at the pockets  
here we have one solid mesh pocket going along 
the side and two divided mesh pockets on this  
side here along with this internal storage space 
now that’s all the storage on here no pockets at  
the back guys so now I’m going to go ahead and try 
this on so you can see what it looks like on me  
all right guys so this is what it looks 
like on me and I’m wearing it as a belt bag
one thing to note is that the strap here 
does get loose a lot of time and it ends  
up looking like this so something to keep 
in mind, there is a little slider here too.

The strap does adjust pretty easily

you know keep it in place but like I said it does 
end up like this throughout the day if you’re like  
walking or something so another way you can 
wear this is as a crossbody bag so to do that  
i would just go ahead and expand the strap a bit 
so the strap does adjust pretty easily you kind  
of just pull and then slide this little thing 
around accordingly and i do like that it does  
have a buckle here because that does make 
it is pretty easy to take on and off quickly  
all right guys this is what it 
looks like on me as a crossbody
one thing to know is that the bag does protrude 
out a little bit from your chest so it doesn’t lie  
completely flat all right guys now I’m gonna go 
into the major highlights about this bag so this  
belt bag is great for activities like shopping 
walks travel to amusement parks and casual wear.

it’s made of a smooth water repellent fabric 
that’s easy to wipe clean it has an interior and  
exterior pockets for organization 1.8 liter 
capacity which is great to hold all of your  
essentials and a bit more it has an adjustable 
strap and I’ve gone ahead and measured out the  
max and minimum lengths for you guys so the max 
wrap length goes to 46 inches fully extended  
and the minimum strap length goes to 27 inches 
and the minimum strap length I’m counting going  
to the very end here I’m not counting if we 
just keep pulling and pulling and pulling  
you know until there’s no more because that’s not 
really feasible I mean you’re going to have this  
huge hanging piece that you can do nothing with 
and the dimensions of this bag are 12.4 inches by  
2.6 inches by 5.7 inches all right guys so now I’m 
going to show you what this belt bag can hold you  
know what i typically put inside of my belt bag.

Future of this bag

so the first thing here is we have a nice zippered  
pocket at the front and for me, this is the perfect 
size for sunglasses so i have a pair of sunglasses  
right here guys now opening it up here I’m going 
to go ahead and put my phone in here so I’m going  
to be putting my phone in this long mesh pocket 
here perfect size this should definitely fit  
most smartphones guys so the next mesh pocket 
I’m going to be putting in a hand sanitizer
and then i have a hair tie which 
I’m going to put it in the next pocket  
and finally, i have my mini wallet here 
which I’m going to put in the internal space
so now I’m going to go ahead and zip it shut  
and now the front pocket so 
here’s what it looks like full
all right guys so here’s the tag for 
anybody interested in this information.

so now I’m going to go into a bit of a comparison 
between this bag and the lululemon everywhere belt  
all right guys so I’ve gone ahead and grabbed 
an everywhere belt bag out of my collection so  
here is the everywhere belt bag and just holding 
them up there are a lot of similarities we are  
seeing here so the ever belt bag here goes for 
38 dollars whereas the wanderlust belt bag here  
goes for 58 the wanderlust belt bag is a 1.8 
liter bag and the ever belt bag is a one liter  
bag they are very similar-sized bags the shape 
is kind of similar guys and the logo placement  
you know putting them kind of overlapping 
each other they are very very similar guys
you aren’t seeing much of a difference there 
there is a big difference in width though.

Design by high-quality fabric

so here’s the width of the ever belt bag and 
this is the wanderlust so it does stretch out  
a bit further here is another difference 
is coming over to the back of the bag  
we have a zippered pocket on the ever belt 
bag no pocket here and then at the front we  
have a zippered pocket here no zippered pocket 
at the front, so an advantage of the wanderlust  
bay here is that because it doesn’t have a back 
pocket here you aren’t going to get any possible  
you know irritations if you’re wearing more 
delicate fabrics like I’m wearing Nulu today which  
is a delicate fabric from lululemon so sometimes 
if you are wearing an ever belt bag like this and  
the zipper could irritate your 
clothing if you are wearing it.

Design by high-quality fabric
Design by high-quality fabric

if you’re like walking or going on a hike 
or something and its constant rubbing  
you might get some pilling on your clothes 
so i haven’t really experienced that guys  
typically when I am going on hikes or stuff i wear 
them this way across my body and i keep it tight  
so it doesn’t really move around but some people 
have reported you to know that there is some pilling  
coming from the zippers from the ever belt bag 
if they are wearing more delicate fabrics but  
here you aren’t going to have that issue because 
there is no back zipper it’s completely smooth  
and coming over to the inside of the bags both of 
them have the exact same layout another difference  
is that when we open up the belt bags we have some 
nice metal hardware on the everywhere belt bag  
from the wanderlust bag, we have this silicone 
logo instead final difference.

Awesome continuous loop

I’ve noticed guys is the strap so on the every belt bag here we have 
this awesome continuous loop is super easy  
to adjust and it stays in place when you do adjust 
doesn’t slide around on you and there’s no  
overhang bits for the strap here whereas on the 
wanderlust bag the strap here is kind of a hot  
mess it tangles consistently and this little 
thing moves around on you when you are walking  
so you can end up with you know it like this and 
you can be wearing it with a little side tail  
whether you guys think it’s worth an extra twenty 
dollars here over the ever belt bag is definitely  
up to you if you do want some more information on 
the everywhere belt bag I have done a full review  
on this bag which you can find on the top right 
or in the down below although this one  
is 1.8 liters I am finding them to fit almost the 
exact same amount of items and actually something.

i found that the back pocket here is actually 
larger capacity than the front pocket is so  
i have my phone here I can fit my phone 
in the back pocket of the ever belt bag
but i could not fit my phone in the 
front pocket of the wanderlust bag  
it’s just too small so although we do have 
differences in capacities there that’s something  
to keep in mind so my question to you guys is 
which bag would you prefer to get the everybody  
bag or the wanderlust belt bag and if you guys 
are interested in my outfit at all um in all of  
my articles i do state the outfit I’m wearing in the 
down below if you’re interested you can go  
ahead and check that out all right guys so i have 
found some cons about this bag so the first one  
for me is the strap i personally don’t like this 
type of new strap that lululemon is doing I’ve  
touched on a little bit when i did my comparison.

Best walking bag

but i don’t like the strap here very much because  
I’m finding it unreliable if i go ahead and 
tighten it to a certain length i find that as i’m  
walking along throughout the day it loosens up on 
me and this thing as well like i did show you
it does a lot of the time it moves around on its own 
so you end up with a little side tail and you’ll  
end up with the strap kind of just being a little 
bit floppy and that’s something i don’t like  
because it just looks messy and it’s annoying to 
have something kind of like hitting you as you’re  
walking and it just looks like a hot mess 
so i definitely don’t like the strap here I prefer  
the continuous sleep on the ever belt bag which is 
a lot more secure and doesn’t move around on you  
so one con I’ve noticed is when you put items in 
here there’s kind of this like dipping at the top.

i don’t know it just bothers me i prefer if it 
was straight but it doesn’t stay like that once  
you put items in it does dip down like that it 
might not bother you but something i wanted to  
mention because i don’t like that personally 
another con for me is the price i definitely  
don’t like the price here as i did tell you guys 
this is fifty-eight dollars every belt bag is  
thirty-eight dollars yes we are getting a bit of 
increased storage here in a bit of a different  
design but i don’t like that it’s so like high 
priced i definitely would have liked it to be  
the same price as they ever about a bag or maybe 
just like ten dollars more twenty dollars more is  
just a bit too much in my opinion final con that 
i found about this bag which you can probably see  
is that this bag collects lint and pet hair very 
easily now there’s some lint and stuff on this bag.

The functionality and comfort

it’s something that i find annoying because you 
constantly have to like wipe down and lint roll  
your bag to make sure it looks good quickly i want 
to show you guys the zippers here are two zippers on  
this bag is very solid i haven’t had any issues 
with them sticking or um hiccuping or anything and  
then the top zipper they’re both solid so that’s 
not something you have to worry about on this bag
all right guys so considering the price the 
quality the color capacity the functionality  
the comfort and everything like that i would 
go ahead and give this an 8.3 out of 10. and  
i definitely do give it a thumbs up so for those 
of you still with me at this point in the article
thanks for staying with me so far i’m super glad 
to have you with me so as a little sneak peek for  
those of you who stuck it out with me.

I’m going to be reviewing the lululemon pack and go multi-wear  
bag i just got this in the mail guys i’m going to 
be testing it out thoroughly and coming out with  
a full review very soon so make sure you’re 
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guys are interested in picking up the lululemon  
wanderlust belt bag or the lululemon ever belt 
bag I’ve gone ahead and left a link down in the  
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