Lululemon easy access Clean Lines Crossbody bag Review

Lululemon easy access Clean Lines Crossbody bag Review

Today we are reviewing the high-quality bag review in this review we are telling you about the best things about this bag if you want to buy this bag must check this review and then buy.

Today I’m going to be 

reviewing the lululemon clean lines crossbody bag  

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Lululemon easy access Crossbody bag

So i have this bag in the color everglade green  

and currently goes for 58 dollars so coming up 

to the front here we do have a patch logo and  

i think it looks really nice definitely more 

low-key than you know some other logos we have  

we also have a little logo on the zipper pull here 

and at the back here we do have a drop-in pocket  

definitely nice and spacious fits you know this 

much of my hand in here it isn’t to that we have  

the strap which is attached via carabiners here 

and it is a continuous loop on the strap here  

now coming over to the inside of the bag.

we do have some hardware here and it’s  

like plastic written lululemon logo i do 

think it looks quite nice and then we have  

a zippered pocket behind that opening it 

up we can see it says items of importance  

and we have a space in here for storage so 

coming over to the other side of the bag we have  

a divided mesh pocket here both are good sized 

and then we just have this internal area here  

so there’s definitely a good amount of storage in 

this bag now I’m going to go ahead and try this  

on so you can see what it looks like on me all 

right guys so this is what it looks like on me

and I’m wearing it as a belt bag right now 

because yes you can wear it as a belt bag  

some things about me guys i am typically a size 

10 little lemon tops a 12 in their bottoms and i  

has the strap fully tightened to the max length?

lululemon zip-top crossbody

so if you are someone who is smaller than me you  

might not be able to wear it as a belt bag but if 

you are someone my size or larger you definitely  

can so another way you can wear this is as a 

crossbody you know because it is a crossbody bag  

so to do that it’s very easy because it does have 

a continuous loop for the strap which i love it’s  

the same thing we see on the ever belt bag just a 

little bit kind of like narrower it’s not as wide  

so we’re just going to take this and pull

all right guys so this is what it looks like 

on me as a crossbody with the max length here.

lululemon zip-top crossbody


i think it looks really nice

so another way you can wear this bag is 

basically as a crossbody but with the strap fully  

tightened so this is what it looks like on me guys

and you can actually go ahead and remove the strap completely  

and now if you wanted to you can just 

you know walk around with it as a clutch  

so I’ve gone ahead and removed the strap here so 

what you’re going to need to do is to attach both  

ends of the carabiners to one side and then you 

can wear it like this so this bag you can wear a  

bunch of different ways guys and the strap here is 


lululemon small crossbody bag

so next thing I’m going to show you guys  

is a zipper on this bag no issues here it’s nice 

and smooth and the inside zipper is also great  

so one thing i love about this bag is it’s really 

lightweight, so i can wear it for hours on end without  

any issues and now I’m going to go into the 

major highlights about this bag so this bag  

is great for things like shopping travel and walks 

it’s made of a lightweight water repellent fabric  

it’s a 2.8-liter bag so it can hold all of your 

essentials guys and much more it can be worn  

a variety of ways which i just showed you and 

the absolute max strap length goes to 52 inches  

while the minimum strap length comes to 29 inches 

and the dimensions of this bag are 11.8 inches by  

2 inches by 7.9 inches i have right here the 

tag for anybody interested in this information.

all right guys so now I’m going to show you what 

can hold in this bag you know what i typically  

put inside of my crossbody so the first thing 

i’m going to put in the bag is going to be my  

phone here guys so i have the dimensions of my 

phone on-screen for you guys I’m going to go  

ahead and put my phone in the zippered pocket 

here i have a large wallet so I’m going to put  

my large wallet is in here because it can actually 

fit in here there are many bags but this just  

won’t fit because it’s pretty wide so I’m just 

gonna put this in kind of the internal space

some hand sanitizer so I’m gonna put 

these are in one of the little mesh pockets

in the other mesh pocket, i’m 

going to put in a chapstick guys

and i have a hand lotion as.

Cheaper Crossbody bag

well I’m going to put in  

I’m going to zip that shut and in the back here 

I’m going to put in my final item which is a pen

all right guys so this bag is full now I’m going 

to show you all around so the back the side the  

front and if you wanted to you could also fit like 

a standard 500-milliliter water bottle in here

so the first con for me would be the price i 

definitely would have liked to see it a little bit  

cheaper um if it was at least 10 dollars cheaper 

i think that it would be priced accordingly  

i just find it a little bit high because i do find 

the bag is quite thin and another con for me is  

that this material here does attract pet hair 

and lint quite easily so you kind of have to.

you know keep that in mind and constantly roll 

it and brush it down to keep it looking good

alright guys so considering the price the 

quality the color capacity the functionality  

the durability and everything like that i would 

go ahead and give this an 8.1 out of 10. and i  

definitely do give it a thumbs up so if you 

guys are looking to get the lululemon clean  

lines crossbody I’ve gone ahead and left a link 

down in the down below for you to use and if  

there’s anything i missed today that you want 

to know just go ahead and drop a comment below. 


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