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we’ll be comparing the top 5 gaming headsets that are designed for different kinds of users. We will take into account performance and features so you can decide which is best for you.

so you want to know what is going to be
the best gaming headset for you in 2022
well in this article we’re breaking down
the top five gaming headsets on the
market this year based on price versus
performance and situations they’ll be
used in so whether you’re interested in
a headset for casual gaming competitive
gaming or anything in between
stay tuned we’ll have the perfect
product for you
all the links to find the best prices on
all the products mentioned in this article
will be in the down below the
products are in no exact order to be
sure to stay tuned till the end so you
don’t miss anything first up the.

1. Logitech G PRO X Wireless – Plush bass tab

Logitech g pro x wireless
our pick for the best wireless gaming
headset for most people
the Logitech g pro x wireless takes
everything that made the pro x’s wired
model great and improves on it with the
addition of wireless connectivity and
serves it up with the best combination
of price sound quality and comfort this

ogitech G PRO X Wireless - Plush bass tab
ogitech G PRO X Wireless – Plush bass tab

The headset features ear cups that are
cushioned with memory foam pads and are
covered with passive noise canceling
Letherette or if you prefer something
a bit more breathable the second set of ear
pads are included that are made out of
soft velour for premium comfort on the
left ear cup you’ll be able to access
most of what makes this headset tick
including a volume dial and a mic mute
button a power button a USB charging
port and a 3.5-millimeter mic port

Best headphones for big heads

The mic is equipped with a small foam pop
filter and is on a flexible boom it
performs clearly in games and is
removable if you want to just use the
pro x as headphones whatever source you
listen to the headset delivers excellent
performance across the board the audio
is enhanced with 7.1 object-based
surround sound for greater positional
and distance awareness of objects it
also has a bunch of different presets in
both stereo and surround the sound meaning
you can match each game with an
optimized soundscape the fps setting
makes enemy footsteps and gunshots pop
while the cinematic setting emphasizes

the dialogue and music on a games console
performance is really great too
connecting it to the ps4 and the docked
the switch is as simple as plugging in the
dongle for battery life the pro x will
give you up to 23 hours of use from a full charge
if you’re searching for a wireless
gaming headset with excellent sound
the quality comfort and battery life the
Logitech g pro x wireless is all you
need and gives you great performance for
the price next up the.

2. Razer BlackShark V2 – Best gaming headset under 200

Razer black shark v2 our
pick a best wire gaming headset
the razer black shark v2 is a simple
a headset that does a terrific job at some
of the most important aspects of a
The gaming headset has great audio
performance while providing a light
comfortable fit with the added bonus of
a wired low latency connection ideal for
competitive gaming this headset is
comfortable enough to wear for extended
gaming sessions and delivers good sound
quality for both games and music the ear
cups are very soft with cooling gel

Razer BlackShark V2 - Best gaming headset under 200
Razer BlackShark V2 – Best gaming headset under 200

Infused memory foam that produces some
passive noise cancellation while
reducing clamping force which is great
if you wear glasses the headband is also
well-padded and overall comfort is
increased by the headset’s lightweight
the left cup has a volume control that
produces a click at the 50 points so you
can make adjustments and have a good
the idea of where you are on the volume
scale without having to look
the detachable cardioid mic also sits on the
left ear cup the mic capsule sits on the
end of a flexible boom that can be muted

Comfort audio headphones

with a switch on the rear of the ear cup
the main audio cable isn’t detachable
but it is a speed flex cable so it’s
highly flexible and won’t get bunched up
sound is produced by two triforce 50
millimeter drivers that offer good sound
quality especially in games where audio
cues are important and the included USB
the sound card gives you support for thx 7.1
spatial audio that expands the sound
stage and makes directional audio more
prominent in gaming a more exciting experience
the key difference between this headset
is the low latency wired connection

which also comes at an affordable sub
100 price point they do offer a wireless
the option that is also terrific for an
extra 50 or so
if you’re looking for a straight-ahead
a gaming headset that focuses more on
comfort and sound quality of the razer
black shark v2 is a perfect choice
although it is wired you get the added
benefits that come with a wired headset
like low latency more affordable price
no need to charge the headset and more
it offers simulated surround sound a
fantastic microphone and it’s 3.5
millimeter connection gives it the
flexibility to be used with more sources next up the.

3. Steel Series Arctis 7P+ – Cloud 9 bass tab

Steel series arctic 7p plus
our pick for the best headset for console gaming
in addition to being one of the most
comfortable headsets available the
arctic 7p plus provides a lot of value
and is one of the best headsets you can
get for console gaming the secret to
this headset’s comfort is the metal ski
goggle style suspension headband that
has an adjustable elastic band
underneath that sits gently against your
head the ear cups fit with just
the right amount of tightness and like the
razer black shark v2 provides some
passive noise cancellation while also
cushioning the area around

Steel Series Arctis 7P+ - Cloud 9 bass tab
Steel Series Arctis 7P+ – Cloud 9 bass tab

the perimeter of your ears without excessive pressure
although it’s designed primarily with
PlayStation 5 gamers in mind the
steelseries arctis 7p plus is a
versatile headset for multi-platform
gamers with the 7x available for Xbox
users as well with wired 3.5 millimeter
connectivity plus wireless connectivity
via an included USB-C dongle and a USB-a
adapter for that dongle you can use this
headset on other platforms like ps4 Xbox
series x pc Nintendo switch or android
the easily accessible volume dial is
positioned on the back of the left ear
cup and the mute button is right above
it’s on the right ear cup there’s a side
tone dial that lets you control the mix
of the main audio and your voice that’s
picked up by the microphone the

Here comes the sun bass tab

The bi-directional mic is retractable and
protrudes from the left ear cup
the 40-millimeter drivers deliver a
frequency response of 20 to 20 000 hertz
and are compatible with tempest 3d audio
on the ps5 and are sound accurate music
doesn’t overpower dialogue and
characters sound like they’re actually
coming from far away when they’re off in
the distance weapon fire also hints at
where the sound is coming from so you
can react appropriately to the SteelSeries
arctic 7p plus is an ideal headset for
ps5 mobile devices or pc and is an
excellent choice for gaming on a console

while it is designed for use with the
ps5 the 7x is available for Xbox users
which is more or less the same headset
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4. Astro A50 – Directional sound headphones

Astro a50 is our pick for the best
overall gaming headset
with its comfortable design bulletproof
wireless connectivity long battery life
and customizable audio the Astro a50 has
a lot going for it but the price is high
and you’ll need two different models on
hand if you game on both PlayStation and
Xbox but as a quality all-rounder the
a50 is difficult to just dismiss
both the PlayStation and Xbox versions
of this premium, the wireless headset has a lot to offer
above everything else the sound quality
and comfort is top notch the velour

Astro A50 - Directional sound headphones
Astro A50 – Directional sound headphones

The covers on the ear cups are soft and
breathable and the headset is highly
adjustable so there’s always a
comfortable configuration for any head size
one of the features that the a50 offers
that’s unique to any of the other
The headsets we’ve looked at are wireless
charging dock in addition to charging
the headset on the dock serves as a safe
storage spot and keeps you up to date on
charging status once fully charged
you’ll get up to 15 hours of usage and
an auto-shutoff feature conserves
the battery when the headset remains idle
for a set period of time
a flip-up microphone is attached to the
left ear cup that mutes when in the up

Good durable headphones

Inside each ear cup, there’s a 40
millimeter neodymium driver for great
sound and the Xbox version has the
additional enhancement of Dolby atmos
which provides a more accurate and
immersive sound experience
further deep tweaking of the settings is
available through the Astro command
center app but for quick on-the-fly
adjustments you’ll find a lot at your
fingertips through the headset
controls the biggest bonus with this
a headset is the overall ease of use the
The docking stand is extremely easy to use
and looks great on almost any desktop
the headset is one of the most

comfortable if not the most comfortable
headset on the market without question
if you’re after the best wireless
headset available that offers optimized
versions for your PlayStation or Xbox
the Astro a50 is a perfect choice for
you with a convenient power dock power
saving features and clear accurate audio
the a50 easily proves its worth and
either version will also work with your
PC last but not least the.

5. Razer Kraken X – kraken virtual race

Razer Kraken x our pack for the best budget gaming headset
under 50 good gaming headsets don’t have to cost
a small fortune so if you need a headset
that gets the job done without draining
your wallet the razer kraken x is a
terrific option it features the familiar
the all-black design we’ve come to recognize
from razer and support 7.1 surround
sound at a super low price point
using the headset couldn’t be easier all
you have to do is plug it in and start
playing the Kraken x offers good comfort
and will work with your ps5 Xbox series
x or s Nintendo switch pc and more the
headband and slider are made of a
durable thermal plastic that keeps

Razer Kraken X - kraken virtual race
Razer Kraken X – kraken virtual race

The headset feels light the headband and
each ear cup are well padded and
built-in website in each ear cup let
the arms of your glasses pass-through
without adding any additional clamping pressure
inside each ear cup, there’s a custom
tuned 40 millimeter neodymium driver
that produces a frequency response of 12
hertz to 28 000 hertz and controls
mounted on the left ear cup including a
volume wheel and a mute switch for
in-game voice chat a non-retractable
the cardioid mic is attached to the headset
that picks up sound from the front and
sides making it great for keeping
background noise down

Best closed-back headphones under 200

The 7.1 virtual surround adds a lot to the overall
soundscape and boosts low frequencies so
in-game explosions and other loud sounds
effects are enhanced while mid and high
range sounds like voices are very clear
but because the virtual surround is
software-based it will only work with your pc
if you’re on a budget the razer Kraken x
is an excellent choice for the price and
will give you great sounding audio for
under fifty dollars you’ll like the
solid build comfort and ease of use and
even though the virtual surround isn’t
available on consoles the sound quality
is still good enough with or without it.

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