Linda Evangelista settles CoolSculpting lawsuit

Linda Evangelista and Zeltiq Aesthetics have reached a settlement in her lawsuit. She said that the CoolSculpting procedure made her body look ugly.

Linda Evangelista before and after

The supermodel sued Zeltiq for $50 million in September after she said she had been out of the spotlight for a while because she had been detected with Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia, which she said was caused by several Zeltiq CoolSculpting sessions. The Mayo Clinic says that CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that uses “managed cooling to safely target and get rid of fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.”

Evangelista, who is 57 years old, said Tuesday on Instagram that she’s “pleased” that the lawsuit is over.

“I’m glad to put this behind me and look forward to another part of my life with family and friends,” she wrote. “I am very thankful for all the help I’ve gotten.”

Linda Evangelista’s lawsuit against Zeltiq over a CoolSculpting procedure, which she says made her body look ugly, has been settled.

The model has been open about the bad things that happened to her. For example, she told People that her diagnosis put her in a “cycle of deep depression” and that she doesn’t “look in the mirror” because it “doesn’t look like me.”

Linda Evangelista says she’s completed “hiding” because CoolSculpting made her look “disfigured.”

On the page about CoolSculpting safety, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is listed as a side effect that could happen. The safety information website suggests “corrective surgery, like liposuction.”

Did CoolSculpting work on Linda Evangelista’s face?

People have different ideas on this subject, so there is no one right answer. Some people think Linda Evangelista’s face was done with CoolSculpting, while others think she didn’t.

More Information about Linda Evangelista settles CoolSculpting

What does Linda Evangelista have wrong with her?

Linda Evangelista has skin cancer.

How long does the pain from CoolSculpting last?

Most of the time, the pain lasts for a few days after CoolSculpting. But for some people, it can last up to a few weeks.

Is there anything wrong with cool sculpting?

CoolSculpting doesn’t seem to have any known side effects.

Does CoolSculpting last forever?

Many people might think that CoolSculpting is permanent, but this isn’t always the case. Even though the procedure usually works and doesn’t require long-term care, there are times when the results may not last.

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