Latest News Lakers Sing Thomas Bryant

We have some breaking news out of la Thomas Bryant is going back home to play with the lakers Lebron James Anthony Davis Russell Westbrook.

Lakers Sing Thomas Bryant

let’s get right into this article so now
with that being said Thomas Bryant on
his way back to la on a minimum deal
looking to cash in next season i think
this is going to be a good fit um for
the lakers this one year as you know for
Thomas Bryant, he’s coming off a torn ac
i wasn’t fully healthy last year and now
he gets a chance to earn his
payday next season i think the lakers
are a team that really needs his
presence he’s a big energy guy he will
do whatever it takes to win a game
offensively defensively he is a monster as well
before terry is ACL in 2020 2021 i
believe it was he was averaging
14.3 points a game six rebounds and
almost one block per game wow shooting
42.9 from three in his first 10 games
like i said before tearing his ACL so
he’s going to be adding a ton of floor
spacing um with a team that
needs it desperately I mean when you
have you know Lebron James Anthony Davis
and Russell Westbrook are three guys who you
know aren’t the best as shown from
deep Thomas Bryant’s a guy who can very
uh welly stretch the floor as i said almost 43
from three in his first 10 games back in
2020 2021 so i think this fit is gonna
be very good for both the lakers and
Thomas Bryant like i said before Thomas
Bryant coming off an injury wants to
get a payday next year gonna sign a
minimum here with the lakers and

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He can turn up so next year he
can get a big payday um but i absolutely
love Thomas Bryant’s um tenacity the man
like i said before does whatever it
takes to win a game defensively he can
pretty much block any shot and he’s one
of those like spark plug guys that just
hypes up the crowd hype up his teammates like
every time you see him play the man just
is you know doing something crazy so i
love Thomas Bryant i love this fifth of
the lakers let me know in the comment
section down below guys how you feel
about this move for the lakers and
Thomas Bryant.


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