King of Fighters 15 Patch Notes 1.51 Update Today on October 04, 2022

King of Fighters 15 Update 1.51The details of the game update, bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes are listed below. King of Fighters 15 Update 1.51 can now be downloaded on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Depending on the platform, the file size may be different.

The Samurai Shodown album now has three new songs. 
“Added the random list function.” 
It’s a function that lets players set music to play in random order during battle, on the main menu, and during member er selection
For more information, look at the in-game description.

Room Fit 
You can now change the settings for the input delay from the Room Menu during a match. Selecting Automatic makes the rollback frames vary. 
You will hear a sound when it is your turn to play.

Casual Match, Rank Match
You can now change the settings for input delay during a match. 
When you choose Automatic, the rollback frames are set to be variable.

PARTY VS changed the rules to include “Winner Stays On.”

For more information, look at the in-game description.

The game freezes and the sounds stop working. 
Playing sounds from the controller was temporarily turned off so that a problem could be fixed. The problem has now been fixed, so controllers can now play sounds again. 
*Only PlayStation has this issue.

Results: Fixed a problem where conversations between Chris and O.Chris weren’t playing right.

Trophy, Accomplishment 
I fixed a mistake in the “Gotcha!” trophy description. 
The correct description now says, “Completed 10 counter throws successfully.” 
English, French, Italian, German, European Spanish, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, and Thai are all languages that can’t be changed.

Other: Minor issues with the user interface and the way characters look and act have been fixed.


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