Kim Kardashian shares the type of guy she wants to date next

Kim Kardashian went on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” on Wednesday, where she talked about her plans for dating after her breakup with Pete Davidson last month.

Do you get set up by friends? Do you go on a dating app? ” Corden asked. “How does Kim K. get a date?””I haven’t really given it much thought because, well, I’m not looking,” Kardashian said. I just want to take a break. I think I need some time alone to focus, finish school, and do other things. But I think my next route will be because I feel like I need to do something, like go to different places. No matter what I do, it’s clear that it’s not working. So I’m not sure. Maybe a hospital and talk with a doctor. A legal office. “

She also said that her next boyfriend should be smart. Kardashian said, “I think it will be someone like a scientist, neuroscientist, biochemist, doctor, or lawyer.” “Maybe that’s what I have in mind for the future.”

Corden said, “I like where your mind is at right now.””So if we ever see paparazzi photos that say, ‘Kim Kardashian was spotted at NASA,’ we’ll be like, ‘Ahhhh, she’s back at it,'” he joked.

After she got divorced from Kanye West, Kardashian started dating Davidson. After nine months together, they broke up.

The types of guy she wants to date next

She talked more about her miscarriage until she stopped herself. “Let’s just call it what it was,” the star said. “It was a dead end.” “I had an abortion to save my own life, but it was for a baby who had no chance at all. And to be honest, I didn’t put two and two together until a few months ago. 
Teigen said that she understood this after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade earlier this summer. She told Legend that she felt bad for people who had abortions because of what they had to go through and the emotional decision they had to make. Legend then told her that she was one of those people. 
“I stopped talking because I felt weird that I hadn’t seen it that way,” Teigen said. “I told everyone that we had a miscarriage. Everyone agreed that we had a miscarriage, and that’s what all the headlines said. And I felt stupid because it took me over a year to figure out that we had an abortion. 
Teigen spoke about a topic called “We Made That Choice.” The invite-only event took place at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. It was put on with the help of the group Invisible Hand, which works to change the way people think, and The Hollywood Reporter was a media partner. The event included a full day of programming meant to bring together TV writers, producers, and executives with people who are working to change the culture.

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