Khanka Hard Travel Case Review

Khanka Hard Travel Case Replacement for iMuto full review and explore the advantages and disadvantages. if you want to buy this product first you know about it.

The use of electronic products has
increased dramatically over the last decade
electronic products such as mobile
phones tablets laptops and other portable devices
require power to run sometimes it
happens that the mobile phone is out of
charge and you’re traveling to a place
where charging the mobile phone is challenging
to solve this problem companies have
introduced a portable power bank
that can charge your mobile phone tablet
Bluetooth speaker and headphones
but carrying the power bank comes with a
probability of being damaged during transport

Khanka Hard Travel Case

which is why you need a good travel case for your power bank
dear viewers, we’ve chosen khanka hard travel case replacement for imuto
3000 mah portable charger x6
for you here we go first we’ll take a look at the product
and specs before we get into customer reviews
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now let’s take a look if you’re using the auto 3000
mah portable charger x6 then the Khanka
hard travel case
would be an excellent
carry case for your power bank
the case has a dimension of 7.87 by 4.33
by 1.97 inches on the inside which would perfectly fit the imuto
3000 mah power bank the carry case is
made with premium hard EVA

which is hard enough to protect their
power bank from being damaged
it comes with space for the power bank
as well as the charger cable
that comes with the imuto power bank the
high-quality fabrics used in the exterior of the
carry case make sure that the product is
long-lasting the soft interior of the Khanka hard
travel case is made with high-quality shockproof
sponge which protects the power bank from falls and pressure

The major problem for any power bank

it comes with a hand strap which makes
carrying the power bank easier when you
don’t have a bag is a major problem for any power bank
carry case is its zipper but the Khanka hard travel case is not
like that the carry case comes with a high quality
classic zipper which opens and closes smoothly also the
zipper does not get damaged easily
in case of extensive use, it’s time for
us to look into the user reviews of this
carry case and find out what customers are saying
their carry case has got 4.7 stars out
of 5 stars from a total of 116 customer ratings

Here are some comments from customers
one person has given five stars and
commented very nice case better than I had
anticipated fits the charger perfectly easy to keep
in my travel bag or work bag
for unexpected moments when I need to
charge one of many electronics I carry
around case keeps the charger very well
protected another person gave 5 stars
and wrote this case is very hard and protects my
I muto smart power charger

Travel case replacement

buy this when you buy the power charger
that’s all we have on the Khanka hard
travel case replacement for imeuto 3000
mah portable charger x6
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