Kendall Jenner was ‘very relaxed’ about wearing a see-through shirt in her debut fashion show.

Most people might feel nervous walking down a designer runway for the first time in a see-through outfit, but Kendall Jenner didn’t.

The model and TV star, who is 26 years old, just did a video for Vogue in which she talked about 16 of the outfits she’s worn in her career.

Jenner said that it was her first high-fashion show and that she was asked to wear a see-through top when she was shown a picture of herself on a Marc Jacobs runway in 2014.

Jenner said of the runway, “I could not believe that I was there.” Strangely, I didn’t have many nerves, and I think it was because my shoes were flat. They weren’t big heels with a lot of height. Even though my breasts were out, I was pretty chilled. Jenner went on to say that she “didn’t necessarily know” how to walk a runway at the time, so her modeling agency taught her how.

She said that she took their instructions so seriously that she “ended up being really stiff” on her walk. Still, she said she loved to think about herself when she was younger and remembers being excited about the chance.

“I had just turned 18,” Jenner said. I remember getting a call from my agent saying that Marc and Katie wanted to put me in this kind of sheer top, and I said, ‘I’m game. Like, I don’t mind. I don’t mind the nipple at all. “

She also said, “It didn’t make me more nervous.” “I genuinely was just like, ‘Dope. No matter what they want. It’s what they want, so let’s make it happen.’ I had no problems at all. ” Celebrities love to wear daring clothes like sheer tops, form-fitting dresses, and dresses with big cutouts.

Miley Cyrus, Joey King, and Dakota Johnson have some of the wildest clothes of any star. Tana Mongeau, an influencer, recently told Insider that she likes to wear clothes that “make people feel uncomfortable.


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