Kendall Jenner bikini reviews

So I tried Kylie Swim and it did NOT live up to expectations. These might be the worst swimsuits I’ve ever tried. I knew the coverage was supposed to be minimal, but there are several more issues including quality, comfort, and sizing. I’ve never tried other Kardashian brands such as Skims or Kylie Cosmetics, but after this experience, I can’t say I’m inclined to try those either! I am not affiliated with Kylie/any of the Kardashians and I bought all of these myself.

Kendall Jenner bikini

So I spent $300 on KylieSwim in the middle of fall.
This is actually my first time
trying any Kendall Jenner product.
I’ve never tried Skims,
but I heard Skims is pretty good quality.
I’ve never tried the Kylie Lip Kits,
but I also heard good things about them.
Unfortunately, the press for Kylie Swim
isn’t quite so great.

I’ve seen a lot of concerning TikTok reviews
and nothing has been telling me more than,
“Kathryn, should you even be doing this review?
“Can you even try these on?”
Because I’m a little concerned.
If you’re new here, my name is Kathryn.
I do super honest activewear and sometimes swimwear reviews,
occasionally regular clothes too.
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So yeah, I was set on doing this review,
and then the launch happened.
I waited a couple hours.
I was like, “Eh, I don’t know if I really want to do this.”
And then I noticed one of the suits was sold out,
so I was like, “Okay, I’m just going to do it.
“I’m just going to buy.”

Mini Triangle Orange

So I didn’t get a couple of the suits,
and as I was scrolling the website,
they have their adult suit,
and then you get down to these other suits.
They’re called Mini Caicos,Mini Triangle Orange,
and I literally almost added those to my cart.
Apparently, those are the children’s swimsuits.
So you have your full thong swimsuits
and then you scroll down two more and it’s toddler swim,
which I don’t think calling it Mini Caicos was very clear,
at least to me.

I was like, I did not know that those were kids’ swimsuits.
Thankfully I didn’t buy them.
But I would put these swimsuits
at a pretty high price point,
considering they’re $80 for a one-piece,
and the two pieces are $40 per item.
And as someone who really doesn’t swim that much,
that’s kind of a lot, especially for Instagram swimwear,
not necessarily functional swimming swimwear,
because I don’t think that this is really made for swimming.
So my expectations were high and they were quickly let down.
As much as people hate Zaful and Shein,

Kendall Jenner bikini
Kendall Jenner bikini

Best companies

I get it, they’re not the best companies,
but you can get a $12 swimsuit
and it’s wearable in the water,
and I don’t know if the same thing can be said
about these $80 suits.
Just as a reference, here are some swim bottoms
that are pretty equivalent in price.
Here is the inside of the Kylie Swim.
It has a single lining
and this kind of itchy seams along the outside.

This one is double lined,so lined inside and out,
and it doesn’t have itchy seams.
It lays super smooth on your skin
and it doesn’t cut in and irritate.
So let’s just start jumping into this.
I truly don’t know if I can actually try these on camera.
I’m a little worried they might be really sheer,
so we’ll see.
And also, can you believe
that this tiny little pile of clothing,
this tiny little thing, this is a swimsuit
that is supposed to cover my whole body?

Bought a swimsuit

This is a one piece.
I don’t even know what size I got.
Okay, I got a small in this.
So I think the thing that shocks me most
is that I can’t even tell you the last time
I bought a swimsuit that was single-lined.
Even the darker colors of this are see-through
while completely dry, soI just can’t even imagine
what would happen if you actually get wet in this.
So this is the suit.
It’s got one strap over here.
This goes around your boob,
and then this goes along the side.

I don’t really know.
I will just say right now,
I’m all down for showing some skin at the beach
and at the pool and everything.
I don’t think I’m fully at this level
of thong back, super minimal coverage.
So I’m not necessarily going to ding her on that,
because that’s just the design.
Might not be my personal preference,
but people might like this,
so I’m going to try to review around that.
Even though it may not be my thing,
it could be someone else’s.
But I think that there are just some key flaws besides that.
Even if you’re going to be wearing a thong swimsuit,
barely covering the nips and everything,

The lady’s coverage

it should at least be opaque enough
that you can’t see everything through.
So this is the back.
This is the lady’s coverage,
and I think something that’s hilarious
is the fact that the hygiene liners they used
are literally wider than the actual space
that’s supposed to cover me.
And if the hygiene liner can’t even fit in here,
how are my parts supposed to fit in here?
Answer me that, Kylie.

While the Kylie suits are single-lined,
they at least have a double lining down here
in the most nether of regions,so at least they have that.
Guys, as soon as I hold this stuff up to the light,
so much light passes through.
I actually don’t know how I’m going to try it on.
I might literally have to wear
a bodysuit or something underneath,
just so I can be able to try it on.
But I’m just going to show you something real quick.
This is me through the fabric.
If you can see me through the camera through the fabric,
I think we’re going to be able to see a lot more.
I’ve seen some poor quality stitching,
this one seems to be okay.

The lady's coverage
The lady’s coverage

Expensive suits

So I don’t know, let’s try it on.
I will say, I like the colors she went with.
It’s very sunset and everything, so I thought that was cute.
Okay, so I don’t think I’m being dramatic in saying
this actually might be one of the worst swimsuits
I’ve ever tried in my entire life.
I actually can’t believe this is $80.
I have said some suits were overpriced in the past,
some other expensive suits, and compared to this,
they were absolutely not overpriced.
That was very reasonable.

I cannot show the bottom of this one
with nothing on underneath it
because I am just, I’m flossed.
I’m flossed.
Front and back, fully flossed, and not in the right way.
And here’s a little comparison of the thickness
of the region down here.
At the thinnest, it’s actually not too big of a difference,
but you can see the Kylieone continues to be thin
way up and back, while the other suit widens out
for a little more coverage.

Beyond the sheerness

So you’re just really getting
very minimal coverage on this one.
Okay, I’m just going to do my best,
just for a minute before I put on something underneath this,
’cause I actually can’t review this.
First of all, I’m being pulled so much.
This is not long torso friendly.
Completely sheer, youcan totally see my nips.
There’s two inches of coverage over here,
and just beyond the sheerness,
I don’t really understand what the point of this design was.

What is this little strap down here?
I don’t think that looks good.
It’s not flattering on the girls,
and it’s very open in the back.
So I’m going to put on a bodysuit underneath this
and we’re going to actually review it.
Honestly, you guys know I’m pretty fearless on this website.
I will try on anything, but this just draws a line for me.
It’s Kylie’s fault, it’s not mine, okay?
Here we go, guys.
Here we go.

No lips were covered in this situation

We found a PG way to talk about this swimsuit.
So we can see just the absolute lack of coverage down here.
No lips were covered in this situation.
We can also just see how sheer this is.
It’s not working for me.
Also, this is just such athin little band of coverage.
It’s literally over boob, side boob
and under boob all in one.
You literally couldn’t avoid it.
I think we can see the weird design more.
I just truly don’t understand
what they were going for back here.
I don’t get it, I’m not a huge fan.
Definitely not long torso friendly.
I’m feeling so much pulling up here.
And then we got a little Borat situation in the back.
– [Borat] So nice!
– Even moving beyond the sheerness and everything,

the suit just really isn’t comfortable
because of the single lining
and the thick stitching around it.
The stitching is really cutting into me, so.
And here’s the Kylie suit compared to a $15 Zaful bottom.
If we’re being honest,
the bottoms are really more like seven to $8,
because you buy them in a set.
So we can compare the thickness.
I just honestly cannot believe how paper-thin these are.
It actually amazes me.
Here’s the Zaful bottoms, double-lined.
Again, no little itchy seams along the edges,
and we have those little itchy seams on the Kylie ones.
Guys, I don’t know what I expected out of Kylie Swim,
but it really wasn’t this.
And yeah, I truly would rather shop at Shein.
I really would.
Oh no.

Literally, two fingers worth

Guys, I don’t, it’s hard for me to even believe
that this is meant to be a one piece swimsuit.
Where am I supposed to fit into this?
It’s just hard for me to believe
that I am going to actually fit into this suit
in a way that would be acceptable to the world.
Also, I’m telling you right now, the yellow, a huge mistake.
Here’s another view of the subpar coverage.
This, literally two fingers worth,
is supposed to cover everything down there.
Guys, I can already predict,
lots of single lipping will be happening.

Literally, two fingers worth

I should really put this up to the sun,
but you can see the logo and everything through the yellow.
This is the inside,
and literally, this is how sheer it is completely dry.
You can read the care instructions.
This is the darkest color and I can read the logo
and everything completely through.
Guys, what the heck?
Okay, this is the Augustine piece in yellow.
I got this one in a medium.
I just figured this one,
how critical could sizing really be?
And this is the space for the girls,
so let’s try this one on.
Remember how I said the last suit
was the worst bathing suit I’ve ever tried on?

Bodysuit underneath

This one just beat it.
So first of all, more flossing going on downstairs.
Second of all, these suits really do nothing
for my ladies with a natural chest.
It’s doing all sorts of squishing and no lifting,
and I have about one inch of coverage,
so yeah, we can’t really do much with this one,
so let’s try on the bodysuit.
Could you imagine me trying to review this
without wearing this bodysuit underneath?
Okay, I feel like I’m being too negative.
It’s hard because I just don’t really have
a lot of positive things to say,
but I do like a nice high-cut leg line.

I think a nice high-cut leg, very flattering.
I feel like having this little cut-out
and kind of shape like this,
it can accentuate a little hourglass figure.
I think there are definitely some pros
in just the direction she was going with the design.
But again, not enough coverage down here
for any woman who’s over 100 pounds.
This is a medium, and I’d actually say
it’s pretty snug on me.
Maybe because it’s not allowing it to seep itself in here,
’cause I got it on over some clothes.

Instagram swimsuit

But I would for sure say all of these suits run small
and I would size up one to two sizes,
just because of how adjustable they are.
I generally wear small in swimsuits
and I could probably do a large.
And let’s just take a moment for where this is hitting me.
This is where my nips are.
We have approximately one inch, maybe less.
This isn’t even an Instagram swimsuit.
That is just too much for me.
I’m trying to keep my biases out.
That is my personal preference,

so maybe someone would like that.
Just one slight movement and you’re out, so.
This yellow, literally stay away from it at all costs,
because this is the sheerest color.
And then the back just has a little bit of scrappiness.
This one is kind of confusing to get on.
I couldn’t tell if this was the top part
or these were the bottom.
I couldn’t really tell.
I don’t know what else to say,
other than this is just really $80 down the drain.
And the last suit I got
was just a little triangle two-piece,
and while I felt like the other suits
at least had some cute design elements,
a little bit different,
haven’t seen a suit exactly like theirs,
I just think, why, why make a triangle swimsuit?
Why am I going to pay $40for a triangle swim top
that is single-lined,

Bought the toddler one

no even option for any cup pads or anything,
and a design that I have seen around for literally years?
This is the OG swimsuit design.
This, this one makes me feel
like I might’ve bought the toddler one.
Look how small this is.
Okay, I got a medium in this, and it’s still this small.
Oh my gosh, they’re just so see-through.
Is the way that these tags are attached,
is that weird to anyone else?
I feel like that is a mistake.
They’re not pinned on.

This is sewn in, but just by a little thread.
That’s kind of weird.
And then I also got a medium in the bottoms.
This one looks maybe a little better in terms of coverage,
but it’s still not great.
And since I’m not loving the quality,
I already am planning to return these,
so you’re definitely going to be able
to see the hygiene liner while I’m wearing it.
I’m not excited to try these on.
They’re so awful.
Okay, this might be the best one,
but it’s just a triangle suit, so.

Triangle suits

I still wouldn’t recommend buying it
because compared to other triangle suits
that I have for way less, it’s worse.
It’s just the best, most wearable suit that she has today.
So personally, I prefer a double lining,
because as soon as I step outside,
if there’s any sort of breeze, nippage, immediate.
There’s really not a lot of coverage.
This is even a medium,
and normally I’m kind of a small sports bra,
small top kind of thing.

So if this is a medium and this is added coverage,
I mean, you could probably size up a bunch in this top
for more coverage, because it is completely adjustable.
Little metal detailing on the ties.
And yeah, it’s okay,
but really what else is there to say about this one?
The bottoms, I am fully covered.
I feel like I’m not going to be single lipping or anything.
I will say, a lot of these suits are very narrow down there,
and I would actually say I’m kind of on the narrow side
of the spectrum down there.
So if I’m not able to wear these, not a lot of people will.
But yeah, definitely a very low rise.
I do like how they have
this little adjustable strap at the side.
It’s better than the ties for me,
’cause I don’t like, I don’t know,
I just don’t like tying these bottoms,
and then there’s a risk of it falling off.
So they just have this little kind of adjustable bra strap kind of thing, which is nice.
Got that on both sides.

The hygiene liners

It’s just a little metal detailing, so that’s fine.
It’s pretty cheeky in the back.
I don’t know if you can see.
I think the hygiene liners coming out or something.
And this is the darkest color,
and even though there may be some nippage,
if there is any nippagenow, which it’s possible,
for sure the moment you get in the water,
this will go completely sheer.
So I don’t think these are functional,
not even for a little poolside, because there’s still a risk.
So I really really do not recommend these, so, sorry Kylie.
And lastly, we have the sarongs.
These were $45.
I think they’re just one size.
Yup, one size.

I don’t really know how to tie these.
Oh, I got the sunset one.
I think this color is really nice.
It’s a mesh kind of stretchy, breathable material.
So this one’s going well so far.
I don’t really know how you could really disappoint
on a piece of fabric.
I think $45 is a pretty high price point
for a piece of scrap fabric, to be quite honest.
There’s nothing that really went into this
that I feel like it should cost $45, yet it does.
The sunset color is pretty though.
Let’s try this on.

The colors go really well with the suits

Okay, so we got the sarong.
I don’t even know if there are instructions
on how to tie this.
I literally just did a little double knot
and then you kind of just fan out the material
so that it covers a little more.
I think it’s cute.
I think the colors go really well with the suits.
Personally, I just feel like there’s a lot of fabric
kind of draping down here.
I don’t know, I could see it.
I feel like this little mini
kind of tie swim skirts has been a thing.

The mesh actually feels pretty nice,
definitely way better than the swim fabric,
but I just don’t think$45 is worth it to me
for literally just a piece of fabric.
Maybe if it was an actually tied skirt or something.
Quickly popping in here just to say,
if you’re one of my ladies reading this article,
I would really appreciate if you gave it some sort of like
or just any female attention,
because these swimsuit reviews tend to attract
an audience I don’t want.
My audience on YouTube
is usually literally almost all women,
and then we have an article like this where I try to post it,
help out my ladies looking into buying these things,
and then the wrong audience finds it.

The supportive women

So if we can try to send this in the right direction,
the supportive women.
And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
if you are a creepy man and you comment on this article,
I will literally block you from this website
within five minutes.
And every once and a while, there’s a man who’s like,
“You make these articles appealing to men
“and then you say that you don’t want men reading them.”
It’s like, no, you are so oblivious.
This was never meant for you, okay?
It’s embarrassing that you’re here.

You’re getting blocked.
It’s also embarrassing when they take the time
to write out these long comments
and then I just immediately delete them.
So glad that you had all that extra time in your day.
Okay guys, that is it for my review.
I honestly have to say
that this might be one of the most disappointing brands
I’ve tried all year.
Okay, it’s embarrassing.
I will also say,

Kendall Jenner bikini reviews

I’m not a huge Kendall Jenner fan to begin with.
I really don’t follow them that closely,
but I also have nothing against them.
I’m all for women-owned businesses,
but no matter who owns the business,
I can’t recommend you buy overpriced swimwear
that’s uncomfortable, sheer,
you can’t even wear out of the house,
and is just really cheaply made.
So I’m sorry to all of my Kylie lovers.
Maybe stick with the Lip Kits.
I don’t think she’s quite there with the swimwear.

This is her first launch,
so maybe we’ll see some improvements.
And she’s gotten so much press
out of just how bad these suits are
that I wonder if this was all just a marketing thing
to kind of spice it up a little bit,
get her a little more fame,
to attract a little more attention
to the Jenners in general.
If you tried Kylie Swim,
let me know in the comments down below
what your thoughts were.
I really will have a hard time believing
if anyone likes this.
There are better options out there.
If you made it this far and you’re not already subscribed,
please make sure to do so.
We got a lot of new articles coming up.
Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you next time, bye!

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