Kelly Ripa fainted from ovarian cysts during intercourse.

The popular host of a daytime talk show is putting out a book called “Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories.” One of the stories in the book has made a lot of noise.

Kelly Ripa recounts passing out during sex

The vignette, called “Don’t Let Your Husband Pick Your Death Clothes,” was published in Haute Living. It takes place in 1997, when Ripa was just married to her “All My Children” co-star Mark Consuelos and had just given birth to their six-month-old son Michael.

Ripa says that she and Consuelos were spending time together when she passed out because of pain from a burst ovarian cyst.

When she woke up in the emergency room, her husband had dressed her in a French-cut leotard from the 1980s and a pair of red Manolo Blahnik shoes, which Ripa said made her look like a “dime store prostitute” while he ate some snacks.

Ovarian cysts during intercourse

“My eyes move back and forth between the fuzzy images on the screen, what’s left of my ovarian tormentor, and Mark eating happily.” In her book of true short stories, Ripa says, “Sex can be so traumatic, and yet one of us is completely unafraid.” “There he is, happily eating saltines and asking for a second glass of apple juice. Mark could be at a spa or at the movies. Instead, I’m lying on my back and wondering when the other two cysts will burst. “

“I thought I was dreaming or having a nightmare when I was on the stretcher,” she explained, “and I didn’t realise I had come to.”

The book by Ripa is set to come out on September 27.


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