Jungkook becomes the main event at Art Exhibition at National Culture Center in Bangladesh as the crowd adore his paintings

Jungkook from BTS is known as the fan artists’ favorite model, so it’s no surprise that his fan art gets a lot of love and attention on social media. 
Jungkook’s portraits have also been shown at art shows in many countries around the world.

Jungkook got a lot of attention recently for his two beautiful portraits that were shown at a two-day art show at Bangladesh’s national cultural center, Shipakala Academy. Fans crowded around his paintings, which became the most popular thing at the show. People were seen loving and taking pictures of his beautiful art, which shows how popular he is in Bangladesh.

One was called “1997” and showed Jungkook in a royal outfit, while the other was called “My You” and showed him with a leaf or feather in his hair. Fahmida Yeasmin Ripa is an artist who made beautiful portraits.

Jungkook’s painting was also shown at a show in the Emporium Mall in Lahore, which is Pakistan’s second largest shopping mall.


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