Low-rise pants: Julia Fox’s dangerously low-rise pants divide

Julia Fox went out with Amelia Hamlin and Christine Quinn for a night in the town. She wore a strange pair of pants.

How low can she go?

Julia Fox has been pushing the limits of fashion for a long time, but her latest look might be an all-time high—or low, depending on how you look at it.

The “Uncut Gems” star wore her pants with the lowest rise possible for a night out in New York City. She wore a black bikini top and patchwork leather pants that dipped dangerously low in the front, making every step a potential wardrobe malfunction.

She was there with “Selling Sunset” actress Christine Quinn, who wore a yellow ruffled minidress, and Amelia Hamlin, who had bleached eyebrows and low-rise jeans that made Fox’s outfit look pretty normal.

The outfit on social media

Fans were quick to talk about the outfit on social media, where they made memes and compared her to a centaur because her torso seemed to go on and on.

Someone tweeted, “I wish I was as certain about anything as Julia Fox is that those pants will stay up.” Another person said, “At this point, Julia Fox in Uncut Gems feels like a fever dream. Every day, she moves farther away from the light and becomes more like Jar Jar Binks. “

wrote a third, “I want everyone to wear what they want and feel comfortable and true to who they are, except for Julia Fox in these pants.” I’m afraid I can’t. “

Fox has been seen on the streets of New York City in a variety of barely-there outfits this summer.

The 32-year-old actress isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, so she posted a picture of herself as a half-horse with the caption “sleigh.”

Julia Fox’s low-rise pants.

Liza Keane, who designed the outfit, also posted a photo of Fox with the cheeky caption, “The internet is very confused by Julia Fox’s low-rise pants.”

In fact, the centaur comparisons seem to be right on since the pants that everyone is talking about are from Keane’s “Beast” collection.

Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend has been in a lot of scandalous outfits lately. In the past few days, she has worn a flaming leather coat; posed on top of a taxi in nothing but Alexander Wang underwear; modeled a butt-baring lace-up look.


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