Johnny Depp is dating Joelle Rich from his U.K. libel trial, but it’s not serious.

Johnny Depp is dating Joelle Rich, his lawyer in his libel case against The Sun in the United Kingdom. 
A source tells PEOPLE that Joelle Rich, one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers from his U.K. libel case, is dating him. A source says, “They’re going out, but it’s not serious.”

Rich is a lawyer from London. He was on Johnny Depp’s legal team when he sued The Sun for libel in 2020 and lost. He sued the newspaper for calling him a “wife-beater,” but the court said that the outlet’s claims were “substantially true,” and his ex-wife Amber Heard testified to back up the claims. In March 2021, he tried to get the decision changed, but he failed.

In the defamation case that Depp had against Heard, 36, this year in Fairfax County, Virginia, she was not one of his lawyers. He won the case because a jury decided that Heard’s 2018 opinion piece in the Washington Post about domestic violence was defamatory, even though she didn’t name him. Heard was given more than $10 million in damages, and Depp was given $2 million after she won one of her three defamation countersuits. (Both of them are trying to change the decisions.)

Johnny Depp Dating Lawyer Joelle Rich

Rich wasn’t Depp’s lawyer this time, but she did show up in court more than once to show her support. On May 3, she was seen with Depp outside the courthouse, and on May 16, she was seen hugging Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, inside the courtroom. Us Weekly was the first to write about the couple.

According to her bio, Rich “helps people and families in the public eye protect their privacy and reputations” and has “expertise in libel, privacy, and copyright disputes.” She “works to defend [clients’] reputations against false and defamatory claims in print, online, and on social media.” Last year, her firm also fought for Meghan Markle in a case against the people who ran the Mail on Sunday. Since the high-profile defamation case in Virginia earlier this year, people have been talking about Depp’s love life.

People on social media started rumors that his lawyer, Vasquez, was dating the movie star client. In an interview with People, she denied the rumor and called it “sexist.” ” I guess it’s part of being a woman who is just doing her job,” said Vasquez. It’s disappointing that some news outlets kind of ran with it or said that my interactions with Johnny, who is a friend and whom I’ve known and represented for four-and-a-half years,

It’s a shame to hear that

were in any way inappropriate or unprofessional. It’s a shame to hear that. ” I care a lot about my clients, and it’s clear that we’ve grown close. “But when I say “we,” I mean the entire team, and Johnny is a part of that,” Vasquez explained.”I also come from Cuba and Colombia. I’m tactile. What should I tell you? I give people hugs. I’m not embarrassed by that. “

Then, when Depp was photographed in Italy helping a mystery woman with her bag as they got out of a car and he went to music rehearsals in July, fans thought it might be the start of a new relationship. A source close to Depp told PEOPLE, however, that she was Depp’s French teacher for his upcoming film Jeanne du Barry and that there was “no romantic connection at all; it was all business.”


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