Joe Biden visits Palestine, promises $100 million

Joe Biden reaffirmed his support for the two-state solution during his visit to East Jerusalem and Bethlehem. But, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas warned that the window to implement the peace plan was closing fast. Palki Sharma decodes Biden’s Palestine policy.

Joe Biden visits Palestine

We can tell you that before heading
to Jeddah Biden had another stop
Palestine he made two quick stops in
east Jerusalem and Bethlehem
both cities were under strict security
lockdown Biden’s first engagement was
at the Augusta Victoria hospital in east
Jerusalem he arrived
and as he arrived one thing stood out
something was missing on the
presidential limousine the beast until

yesterday Biden’s car had two flags on
the hood the u.s flag and the Israeli
flag but in east Jerusalem the Israeli
flag was missing and that’s not all
biden did not take Israeli officials to
east Jerusalem he asked them to stay
behind in Israel, it’s a big political
statement you see east Jerusalem was not
always under Israeli control, it was
captured after the 1967 war
the international community does not
recognize it as part of Israel so the
missing flag could be a political
statement a confusing political statement.

Joe Biden is in Jerusalem this week

why do I say confusing take a look at this
I’m honored to be back here
in the capital of Israel
you heard him that was Joe Biden in Jerusalem this week
he openly called the city the capital of Israel
yet in east Jerusalem, he took off the
Israeli flag so naturally there’s a lot
of speculation does Biden support a divided Jerusalem
or was this yet another gaffe
we’ll answer that in a bit for now let’s
return to Biden’s hospital visit the u.s
president announced 100 million dollars
for Palestine this money will be used to
build hospitals on the west bank from east Jerusalem
he headed to Bethlehem
he was welcomed by Palestinian president
Mahmoud abbas they inspected the guard
of honor and then got down to business
for Palestine Biden’s visit is an

Opportunity the former president Donald
Trump openly sided with Israel he even
cut down funding for Palestine
compared to that Joe Biden is more
sympathetic today he reaffirmed his
support for the two-state solution
now as the president united states
my commitment to that goal of a
two-state solution has not changed in all these years
two states along the 1967 lines were
mutually agreed to swaps
remain the best way to achieve
equal measure of security prosperity
freedom and democracy for the
Palestinians as well as Israelis.

Two-state solution

The sentiment is great but does joe
Biden has the political capital to do
so even without a two-state solution look
at what Israel has achieved in six Arab
countries have normalized ties with them
Saudi Arabia could be the next one so
America is running out of leverage the
Arab states are embracing Israel under the status quo
not under the promise of accelerating a two-state solution
and Palestinian leaders realize this
listen to this warning by president Mahmoud abbas
the opportunity for a two-state solution
on the 1967 borders may be available
today and it may not remain for a long time
president abbas have seen the writing on the wall
the new generation of Arab leaders is
not focused on Palestine they are
focused on a post-oil future
they are focused on countering Iran
and for that the Arab world needs Israel
even joe Biden realizes this is the perfect
example is the killing of al-Jazeera
journalist Shireen Abu allay
the united nations have found that she
was killed by an Israeli bullet.

The whole world knows this but listens to how
joe Biden tackled the issue
the united states will continue to
insist on a full and transparent
accounting of her death
and will continue to stand up for media
freedom everywhere in the world
not a single word about Israel’s role
you see Israel’s strategic importance
outweighs the Palestinian cause in the
last century that was not the case
Palestine was a rallying cause for the Arab world

The Jerusalem question

If u.s presidents wanted Arab support
they had to support Palestine but that’s
not the case anymore one by one Arab
countries are embracing Israel so the
two-state solution is on the back burner
which brings us back to the Jerusalem question
what is biden’s position on the most
controversial city in the world
the readout of his meeting with abbas
offers some clues i’m going to quote
from what he said president biden reiterated the us
position that jerusalem is the capital of israel
and that the specific boundaries of
sovereignty in jerusalem must be
resolved through final status

negotiations between israelis and palestinians
in other words figure it out yourself
until then the u.s will employ such
symbolic moves like removing the israeli
flag and not taking israeli officials
along in east jerusalem
these may have a shock value but beyond
that they do not really help palestine

so trump or biden republican or democrat
the u.s policy towards palestine
continues to remain the same manage the
crisis with no intention of solving it.


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