Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds full Review – New Favorite Workout Earbuds

Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds first dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and sweatproof set of truly wireless earbuds. Vista’s innovative design and unrivaled combination. We provide all kinds of product reviews.

Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds full Review

What we have right here is a brand new
pair of earbuds just announced by
jaybird this morning
and honestly they might be my new
favorite pair of earbuds
for working out whether that’s running
lifting in a gym
going on a hike whatever it might be
these are really a solid pair of earbuds
and they have a lot of things to do right

so from the physical design which we’ll
talk about in a second to the sound
quality of the active noise cancellation
and of course, we’ll get into testing for
all of these including a microphone test
of course
so you guys can see how the call quality
is buttons of things that i really
liked about these a few things i don’t
like and we’ll talk about that of course
oh yeah and i realized i haven’t
actually said the name of these earbuds

yet these are the jaybird
vista ii i’ve been testing them out for
about a week now and as a side note if
you’re new here
please do click that subscribes button
down below but let’s start off with the
physical design let’s talk about it and

Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds full Review
Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds full Review

Physical Design

what we like and what we don’t like
about it now the physical design of the
case on the outside
it’s really honestly great i love the
design it’s very very lightweight
the battery life on these is fantastic
so you’re getting 24 hours of battery
life when you include the case
just the earbuds alone you’re looking at
eight hours of battery life still
very very impressive that’s a great
battery life and i like to see that
the case is also water-resistant that’s
really rare to see uh it’s ip54 water
resistant and of course dusters isn’t
there as well

which like i said you really don’t see
that advertised on most other earbuds
and that’s because
these are really geared toward a more
athletic or outdoorsy kind of crowd
and they’re anticipating people maybe
going on a day hike and they have these
clipped on your backpack you’re
listening to the earbuds
and you know dust or water might end up

getting you to know in these ear in the case and
you want to make sure that it doesn’t
take on the damage so ip54 for the case
but the earbuds are even better they’re
ip68 so

Fantastic Earbuds ( Swimming Pool )

honestly, i think that’s fantastic that you
could drop these in like a swimming pool
and they really shouldn’t have any
the problem, of course, is you can’t swim with
with wireless earbuds, Bluetooth doesn’t
really work with water
but with that being said you don’t have
to worry about them getting damaged
they are also crush-proof drop-proof and
they claim to
meet us military durability standards so
whatever that means
essentially to summarize from my testing
here it’s a good solid pair of earbuds
on the front we have
our USB type-c port with three LEDs
above that

that’s your indicator for battery level
for pairing stuff like that
and these also have wireless charging
another great feature that i love to see
in earbuds the little loop on the top i
think is actually
pretty good for the crowd that would be
using these earbuds obviously you could
take it off you just cut it off if you
didn’t like that but
it would be nice to hang it on a
backpack or something of that nature
opening it up another good thing is that
you can set it down

Themselves Aesthetic is Pretty

you know on a table open it up and have
With your earbuds in there you could listen
to just one at a time if you want so
they do have a mono mode
and then looking at the earbuds
themselves the aesthetic is pretty similar to
the original jaybird vista but the
jaybird vista ii here
honestly, it’s very slightly
different you can see that it’s a little
bit more of a fabric exterior there
but we still have three different wing
tips that it comes within the box
uh really three different entire
fittings you know so
the ear the wingtip and the little ear
tip in itself

are connected so you have to pick one of
three and i found that honestly
it’s pretty easy to find the right one
it might be a different size in either
ear so you want to test
all the different ones before you choose
and it is a physical button on the
outside again another
the great thing that i love inactive
earbuds because if you’re running in the
winter and you have gloves on or
if your hands are wet sometimes touch
pads don’t work
and so having physical buttons another
big positive here overall the physical
design of these

Pretty Comfortable

is really really winning so far i think
these do a fantastic job
as far as fit and comfort i know they’re
geared towards working out and most
people don’t work out for like five hours
but if you’re considering using these in
like your office and you want to listen all-day
again i found them to be pretty
comfortable sometimes the ear tip or the
wingtip might poke your ear a little bit after
several hours but again it’s something
that i haven’t found especially
and i’ve been wearing them all day even

this morning and i had no problem with
that of course when you are working out
they’re incredibly secure
and i had no problems with them slipping
or moving or really anything like that
so great design overall i i really don’t
have a lot to say that i don’t like
about the design
oh and two other things i forgot to
mention one of them you have three
different colors available i think they
look pretty nice
and the second thing is actually the
controls on here like i said they are
physical buttons and you can
single double triple press or there’s
also the option

Feature Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds

to double-tap the outside this is
something we saw in the galaxy buds plus
a feature that kind of wasn’t really
picked up by any other earbuds out there
except for these i really like that
a feature so you have an extra control
it’s using an accelerometer and if you
double tap in really any direction
you have to tap it relatively hard but
when you do that you’re able to again
do whatever control you want you can
customize that within the app i’ll show
you that later on in the article
but that brings us to the next
category of features now

like i said the physical design i really
didn’t have a whole lot to say about
that that i didn’t like and when it
comes to features
again they did a lot of things really
well but of course, some things were not done
extremely well they were just done you
know pretty good and so
the big advertising on these really
talked about
the active noise cancellation and what
they call the surrounding sense which is
like transparency mode
and i’ve tried them both and they

Feature Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds
Feature Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds

Pretty Noticeable Difference

definitely do work like there is a
pretty noticeable difference
but i wouldn’t expect the ANC on here to
be at the same caliber of like the bose
QuietComfort earbuds or AirPods pro
like these just don’t quite block nearly
as much sound now
with that being said the ear tips
themselves fit really well in your ear
and they create a good passive noise
blocking so

it does block plenty of sounds but just
don’t expect these to be
winning the next competition for the
best and similarly surround sense
you can hear some things around you but
again it is a lot quieter a little more

so not the best out there for that but
again a nice feature that i enjoy having on here
we also have mono mode as i mentioned
before so you can listen to just one earbud
uh pretty great to have that feature and
it is really easy to pair these earbuds
so as soon as you open the case it’ll pair
almost immediately with your phone if
you have an android you have a little

pop-up and you just say pair
if you have an iPhone you just go into
uh settings go to Bluetooth and it
should show up as soon as you open the case
for the first time and then every other
time after that obviously as soon as you
open the case

Automatically Connects

it just automatically connects to your
phone now whether you have android or
ios you will be getting the Jaybird app
and the Jaybird app gives you a plethora
of different features on the top, you can
see the battery levels for the earbuds
and the case
going down we have the eq which they
have preset here a bunch of different

ones that honestly sound pretty good and
pretty different as well so everybody
should be able to find
a pretty good preset to their liking but
if you want to make one of your own you
could actually tap on edit for anyone
of these

which is kind of weird i don’t know why
they don’t have an ad new instead
if you go to edit this one you can save
it as a new one
now what i don’t like about this however
it’s great that you can customize the eq
but what i don’t like
is the way that you’re doing this i
don’t know why they chose this method
with the dots that you move around and the graph
changes i think it’s it’s very confusing
like i don’t know why you have three
dots down on the bottom right here
and if you move one uh the whole graph
just gets really really weird like i
kind of get the idea

Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds

of what it’s trying to do but i don’t
know why they didn’t just make a simple like five bar
eq you know it would have made a lot
more sense to me but if you like this
you can also go on the bottom and they
kind of like a timeline of what you changed
in case you did something you didn’t
like you could just go back to what it
was again

a really weird way to adjust the eq i
don’t like that
but as we continue down on the on the
app here we can adjust the active noise
cancellation under surround sense and by
adjust i mean

choose if you want them on or off you
can’t actually adjust the levels of them
but you know at least you have the
option to change that in the app i
usually, just change it on the earbuds by
and in order to do that, you can actually
go to button controls down here
and choose what each button does so if
you single press
double press or triple press you can do
uh or press and hold rather not triple
press sorry

Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds
Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds

Switch Between

uh you’re going to have those controls
and then if you double-tap that’s going
to allow you to switch between
uh like for example anc and surround sense so
the left bud and the right bud uh you
can adjust entirely what the button does
so guys that’s pretty much everything
with the app with that being said let’s
get into a microphone test
this is a call quality test with the
microphones on these earbuds we are
indoors in a studio environment right

but let’s go outside and see what they
sound like in a louder environment now
this is a call quality test next to a
busy street
a little bit of wind out here definitely
plenty of traffic behind me so leave a
comment and let me know if you can hear this
or not as far as sound quality goes
these have sbc and aac
which is to be expected they’re not
really geared towards audio files and so
for the sound quality analysis
we kind of have to keep in mind who the
target audience is it’s not going to be

Hi-fi Files

listening to hi-fi files in their
basement in a perfect acoustic environment
it’s going to be people out on the run
or if you’re out
not on the run you guys don’t i mean if
you’re on a run you’re not like maybe
you’re maybe running for the cops with
these i don’t know
but if you’re out on a run or if you’re
working out or something you’re probably
looking for fun dynamic music that’s
powerful that’s lively
and that’s exactly what these deliver
they’re really the perfect sound quality
or sound profile in my opinion for working out

and of course, you could change that in
the app but they really were able to
deliver on a large amount of bass
as well as an overall lively and rich
profile like i said
but really to summarize i have no
complaints about the audio i think they
do a great job especially when you’re working out
if you’re somebody sitting at a desk and
you’re trying to listen to hi-fi audio
files and really analyze everything
these might not be the best pair for you
but at the same time
i think most people would think that
these sound fantastic but guys

Best Earbuds 2021

that’s pretty much everything i have to
say about the jaybird vista 2.
like i said i think they’re really going
to be a strong contender for the best
earbuds for working out i think they’re
my pick right now because they fit
really well they’re very durable they
have great sound
they have those physical buttons in case
you’re sweaty if you’re wearing gloves in the winter
and i mean really most importantly like
i said they fit really well and they
stay in your ears when you’re running I think

overall jaybird really crushed it with
this i don’t know
really what they can improve the active
noise cancellation isn’t incredibly powerful
but i don’t think that’s any reason not
to buy these if you guys have any
questions or comments about the jaybird vista 2
please leave them in a comment down
below ill try to reply to as many as I can
but as always guys if you enjoyed this
article please consider liking and sharing.


IP67 water-resistant earbuds
IP54 water-resistant case
3 colors
Crushproof, drop-proof, and meets US military durability standards
Physical buttons (customizable)
Accelerometer tap to control buds
3 sizes
VERY secure
Fantastic for workouts
Pretty comfortable in my ears. I work with these for hours


Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
SurroundSense (transparency)
Mono mode
Very easy to pair
Jaybird App
Customize buttons
Find my buds
Auto pause


Lots of sound profiles in the app
Bass mode is fun and is my preference for workouts
Decent clarity
Powerful and lively, good for workouts
Overall very good sound quality.


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