Jabra Elite 4 active | Extremely durable earbuds

The Jabra Elite 4 Active True Wireless Earbuds are specifically designed for an active lifestyle.It is designed to stay comfortably in place.

Jabra Elite 4 active

What you’re looking at right here are
the brand new jabra elite four active
earbuds which in my opinion might be the
new king of wireless earbuds when it
comes to workouts and just bass lovers
in general so you might remember the
elite 75t earbuds from two years ago
they had a great water resistance great
design great for workouts and of course
that signature bass heavy sound that we

really liked about the jabra earbuds
since it came out however we really
haven’t seen many new replacements for
those earbuds the 85 ts were a little
bulkier they kind of dialed back the
base a little bit and newer jobber
earbuds were just not the same as the
75ts that is until now these the jabra
elite four actives are designed for
workouts they’re extremely versatile
they have active noise cancellation

Bass-heavy sound

they’re compact comfortable and of
course they have that classic bass-heavy
the sound that a lot of people really like
about Jabra earbuds additionally these
are now selling for about 120 now i
while i do seriously think that these
can be my new go-to earbuds for workouts
and possibly replace my beats fit pro
there is one catch that i want to
address but let’s first start with the
physical tour of these talk about what
we’re dealing with of course the case on

the outside you’ll see it’s very
familiar it’s much like most other
jobber earbuds and it’s one of my
favorite designs for cases the downside
here is that there is no qi wireless
charging i mean that’s going to be kind
of expected when you’re talking about a
lower price within the range but still for 120
i would expect some qi wireless charging
that’s definitely a drawback

Type-c charging

we do have USB type-c charging on the back we
have our classic led on the front to
indicate when it’s pairing when it’s
updating or of course if its just
you know the battery level in general
when you open them up I love how the
earbuds case sits up but the earbuds
themselves although they fit and the
overall geometry is very similar to the
75ts they are slightly different in that
when you look at them you don’t see a

physical button on the outside now at
first i was concerned when these came
out because i saw the box and i thought
like that can’t be good that’s one of
the main reasons i like the jobber
earbuds especially for working out
but don’t worry there is still a
physical button in fact the outer
plastic or maybe it’s possibly like a
soft rubber it’s really kind of hard to
tell because it is pretty firm but if

No proximity sensor

you press it there is that tactile
the feedback it’s a physical button there
additionally, we have our little charging
nodes on the inside unfortunately there
is no proximity sensor on these they
come in three different colors as you
can see right here there’s mint there’s
blue and of course black and then we
have four microphones as well uh with
that being said let’s actually get into
a microphone test right now to see how

they really sound all right so getting
into a microphone test these are the
jabra elite four active indoors
obviously in a studio environment so
this is probably as good as they’re
going into sound we’re gonna go outside
and see how they sound in a louder
the environment, of course, like i said these
two have four microphones they have
active noise cancellation and they also
have a transparency pass-through mode so

Really dynamic workouts

Really dynamic workouts
Really dynamic workouts

i can hear my own voice while i’m
talking on the phone something that i
really do appreciate all right so now
i’m outside there’s a little bit of
traffic behind me a little breezy out
here but let me know what you think of
the microphones in a louder environment
now of course i don’t know if you’ve
tried the Jabra elite threes or the 75
t’s so i don’t want to brush over the

fit too much these tend to go pretty
deep in your ear canal they don’t really
stick out that far but i find that they
stay in relatively well unless your ears
get like really really sweaty if you’re
somebody that has like really sweaty
ears then there is a chance these could
work the way out of your ear if you’re
doing really dynamic workouts they don’t
have that little wingtip that we saw on
the beats however for just about any

ip57 water-resistant

workout out there i find that they stay
in my ears personally really well i
don’t have any issue with them falling
out and i really do like the physical
button the physical button is something
that you don’t see on many earbuds out
there but especially for working out i
really value that because if you’re
running outside and it’s cold and you
have gloves on capacitive touch sensors
don’t work if you’re running outside and

your hands are sweaty or if it’s raining
again capacitive touch sensors don’t
work when they’re wet and the third
thing is if your hands are just like
really cold sometimes they’re not
registered by touch sensor so physical
button is just more reliable in pretty
much every situation for for my
experience and so i really do appreciate
that they still have that on there now
as far as water resistance goes these
are more than suited for any kind of
sweat or rain or whatever you’re doing
because these are ip57 water-resistant

Bluetooth earbuds

now some people might ask can you go
swimming with them the answer is kind of
no for any Bluetooth earbuds because
bluetooth and water like doesn’t really
it doesn’t really work well so for
everything that’s not swimming these are
definitely resistant and they do a
really good job the battery life on
these again is something that we really
like to see seven hours in the earbuds

28 hours when you include the case
should easily be getting you through
several days of use if not an entire
week obviously depending on how much you
use them and an additional thing to note
about the lineup in general i know this
might confuse people and i actually will
be writing a full article comparing the
entire jabra lineup if you want to see

that definitely do click that subscribe
button but essentially the jabra elite 7
pros they’re going to be more for casual
listening they’re smaller they have
slightly better anc and sound quality
and they do have multi-pairing right now
so they can connect to multiple devices
at the same time unfortunately these
only connect to one device at a time
then one tier down from that we have the
jabber elite seven actives i have not


write an article about those yet but
essentially they’re very very similar to
these they’re slightly more expensive
and you’re getting a few extra features
but the water resistance and the battery
life and things like that are going
to be very very similar to these then we
have the jabra elite threes which are
more budget-friendly they’re below this
so i said these are 120

the threes are about 80 and they still
do a really decent job as well you guys
can see my full review on those but
essentially these are fitting right in
the sweet spot where i think most people
especially just for working out or just
for base lovers these are going to do a
great job but that leads me into the
next thing i want to talk about being
the bass on these earbuds in fact i want
to talk about the sound quality in

Fastest sound

general so these are definitely a very
strong pair of earbuds with a very
powerful bass it’s not the fastest sound
and therefore not the tightest space out
there but you get a loud boomy bass that
really emphasizes and gives you a lot of
energy when you’re listening to music
while you’re working out the highs and
mids can get a little bit eclipsed by
the lows but like i said it’s very
lively with lifted highs so you do get a
little bit of vibrance there still a tad
on the dark side though which i mean for

those seeking a lot of bass and a lot of
like high energy music especially when
you’re working out this is going to be a
pretty ideal sound for you of course
there is some congestion with weak
instrument separation as you might
expect with a kind of slower pair of
earbuds with a really big emphasis on
bass but overall just to really
emphasize the sound quality on these big
lively sound lacking in detail lacking
separation but when you’re working out

Noise cancellation

I think that’s exactly what Jabra was
going for that’s one of the big reasons
people love them or their 75 t’s because
you either love that big bass you love
the high energy music or you’re working
out and that’s exactly what you want
anyway so some other things to note with
the sound of these earbuds besides just
the audio itself these do have a heart
to remote as i said you can adjust that
within the app they also have active

noise cancellation which again you can
adjust when you first set it up you can
choose the level and if it’s right or
left dominant these also and this is
something i think is really interesting
kind of a head scratcher for me these
support spc and aptx as their two main
codecs there and aptx is something that
we don’t even see on the elite seven
pros which only have spc and aac but the
threes also have aptx so i don’t know if
it was a different chip they put in here

Bluetooth 5.2

maybe one a newer one from Qualcomm that
has apex capabilities at a lower price
either way, i’m not sure but the sound
quality like i said is not going to be
especially uh analytical anyway so it
doesn’t make a massive difference but
but still, it’s kind of a benefit to have
apex on here and then lastly as far as
lag goes of course most apps like

youtube are going to automatically
adjust for you but for games and other
apps that maybe don’t adjust for lag the
lag on these is surprisingly low you’re
looking at about 250 milliseconds which
is lower than the pretty common
standard out there for about 400
milliseconds so that’s again another
positive with Bluetooth 5.2 and the
newer chips we’re dealing with now let’s
get into the features with these earbuds

Spotify with the controls on the earbuds

Spotify with the controls on the earbuds
Spotify with the controls on the earbuds

as i mentioned before bluetooth 5.2 is
great it’s giving us mono mode which
means you can listen to just the left or
just the right earbud while the other
one is in the case and if you have an
android phone you get three more
benefits on here the first one is the
ability to summon spotify with just the
controls on the earbuds similar to what
we saw on the galaxy buds a couple years
ago we also have google fast pair and

we have amazon alex you know what i’m
talking about they’re voice assistant
but google fast pair is nice as soon as
you open these it pops up on your
android device and you can connect them
naturally these do also work on iphones
however, there are going to be a few
drawbacks for iphone users one of them
you don’t get fast pair because apple
only likes apple the second one is that
you’re not able to summon Spotify with
the controls on the earbuds and the
the third one is that you will not be able

Only works with android

To use apt that’s just something that
only works with android right now now
talking about controls I’m going to show
you guys right on the screen here what
the controls do for the left and the
right earbud but otherwise that’s pretty
much as far as it goes for the actual
features on here but i want to say when
you get these definitely be sure to get
the update as soon as possible so you
want to charge them up connect to your
phone open the jabra sound plus app and

you’re going to actually go and install
that firmware update that’s what’s going
to give you a lot of the new features
including for example active noise
cancellation which out of the box it
doesn’t actually have but i mentioned
earlier in this article that there are
some negatives not everything’s positive
and so there’s really a couple big
things that i think set this back and

Wireless charging

Wireless charging
Wireless charging

for this price point, i would like to see
them the first one being wireless
charging i don’t know why they didn’t
add that it’s a very similar case to
what we saw before and many other cases
that look exactly like this from jabra
did have wireless charging secondly they
don’t have a proximity sensor which for
me especially when i’m at the gym i
think is really important of course

You can switch to uh transparency mode and
hear things around you every now and
then but it’s still nice to take the
earbuds out talk to somebody put them
back in and it continues your music
these don’t have that when you take them
out they’ll just continue playing until
you press the button to pause them and

Jabra elite 4

the last one is that currently these do
not have the ability to connect to
multiple devices at once and toggle
between them so like your laptop and
your phone it’s something that we didn’t
see on the jabber elite seven actives or
seven pros but they now are rolling it
out for those so
i don’t know maybe they’ll roll it out
for this eventually jabra has been a
really good company about updating
things but in general

i think that jabra really did a good job this year the 85
t’s last year felt like a bit of a miss
to me but this year jabra is back on
track and in my opinion better than ever
the threes are great for if you’re on a
budget like seriously great i prefer
them over a lot of earbuds out there the
seven pros have been kind of my ultimate
go-to because they’re very light they’re
very versatile they’re compact and

Pretty decent sound

They have pretty decent sound while also
being able to connect to multiple
devices at once thanks to that new
update and then these right here fit
into the lineup as in my opinion a
pretty ideal pair for working out they
have that emphasis on bass that you’re
not getting from the other pairs and
additionally you’re still getting the
physical buttons while getting better
water resistance so leave a comment
below and let me know what you think of

the jobber elite fours as well as the
jabra lineup in general this year like i
said i will be writing a full article
comparing them but if you enjoyed this
article consider liking and subscribing
i’m Abdul rehman thanks for reading see
you next

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