Israel-Saudi Arabia to Establish diplomatic ties

Israel and Saudi Arabia are taking steps towards the normalization of ties. Today, Saudi Arabia opened its airspace to Israeli planes. Meanwhile, Israel has given its nod to settle a long-standing dispute.

Latest News About Normalization of ties

The war in Ukraine you could say is
reshaping the world new alliances are
being built a new partnership is on the
horizon Saudi Arabia and Israel
they’re taking steps toward normalization
this would have been unimaginable a few
years ago Donald trump’s Abraham accord
started the process now joe Biden could
finish it today Riyadh made an
announcement Saudi Arabia opened its
airspace to all Israeli carriers
earlier airlines from Israel had to
bypass Saudi Arabia they could not fly

over the country but now they can in
fact there are more benefits for Israel
Muslims in Israel will now be able to
take direct charter flights for the hajj
Israeli airlines can operate shorter
flights to countries like India and
China they’ll burn less fuel this
announcement from Riyadh is being seen
as a goodwill gesture step towards
normalization of ties one that was
engineered by the Americans
American diplomats have been working
behind the scenes for a while now a
series of moves have planned the opening
up of the Saudi airspace is just one part of the plan
the u.s president took a rare victory
lap today joe Biden flew from Tel Aviv
to Jeddah, he’s become the first world
leader to fly directly from Israel to
Saudi Arabia before that flight
he sent out this message

Extraordinary opportunities

I’ll be the first American president to
fly from Israel directly to Jeddah Saudi Arabia
that represents important progress and
when I see the Saudi leadership tomorrow
I’ll be carrying a direct message
message of peace and extraordinary
opportunities that a more stable and
integrated region could bring
to the region and quite frankly the
whole world as we work together
toward great integration greater integration
greater integration is Biden’s message
how will the u.s president make that
happen while he was in Israel he
discussed a deal it’s about the red sea islands
quick background the red sea islands are
two islands Tehran and sanafir they’re
small in size but they have strategic
significance they could open up a trade
link between Europe and Asia
but they’re caught in an old dispute
until the 1950s Egypt controlled these
islands then came to the swiss crisis
Israel invaded the red sea islands
in 1979 a peace deal was struck Egypt
recovered its territory but they got the
islands with the claws

Israel must approve that deal

if Egypt decides to hand over these
islands to anybody Israel must approve that deal
in 2016 Saudi Arabia came into the
picture Egypt needed financial support
so it gave the red sea islands to Riyadh
but Israel did not approve
and since 2016 it has been blocking the
handover now that has changed Israel has
green-lighted the transfer during
biden’s visit to Israel approved the deal
the red sea islands can go to Saudi
Arabia and this is a big breakthrough
with the transfer of the red sea islands
israel and Saudi Arabia could establish
diplomatic ties on both sides have been
trying to achieve this for a while in

the past Israeli leaders have made
secret trips to Saudi Arabia they used
foreign aircraft they used fictitious
stopovers to mask their flights to
Riyadh but they were happening the last
leader to attempt such a secret visit
was Penniman Netanyahu he’s believed to
have visited Saudi Arabia in 2020
reports say he even met
saudi crown prince Muhammed bin Salman
but he was not able to get a deal
that could happen now Saudi Arabia might
extend more gifts to Israel Riyadh is
expected to deepen its security ties and
intelligence sharing with tel Aviv both
countries see Iran as their arch enemy

New security arrangement

so a new security arrangement could
focus on Iran and its activities in West Asia
what about full normalization
israel’s caretaker prime minister yay
Lapid is optimistic you will travel to Saudi Arabia
your visit to Saudi Arabia is
important for Israel and for the entire region
for our security and for the future
prosperity of the middle east
we are obligated to be cautious at every
step but to any country any nation
that wants peace and normalization with
us we say shalom welcome

so Israel is ready to welcome Saudi
Arabia with open arms it seems like the
ball is in Riyadh’s court will Muhammad
bin Salman take the plunge can Biden
convince him to normalize ties with Israel
just a few moments ago joe Biden arrived
in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is the final
final stop of his West Asia trip was the u.s
president will meet King Salman
also the crown prince Muhammed bin
salman Biden has a thorny relationship
with MBs remember as a presidential
candidate he wanted to turn Saudi Arabia
into a global pariah, it remains to be seen

how their dialogue will unfold Biden is
also trying to convince gulf states to
release more oil he will meet leaders
from other gulf countries like Bahrain
Kuwait Oman Qatar and the UAE to seek
more oil supplies.


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