iSoft 8.0: your favorite app is compatible with iOS 16

Even though Apple planned to release the final version of iOS 16 on September 12, we’re happy to let you know that the 8.0 update for your iSoft app is already out. Fully compatible with iOS 16, it adds some practical details and further improves the overall experience.

iSoft already works with the iPhone 14

Since 2009, iSoft has been available on the App Store, where it gets a lot of updates every year. For once, when a major new version of iOS comes out, your app also gets a new version. In iOS 16, we added a widget to the locked screen that lets you see how many articles were published that day. A quick way to see if you need to open the app It goes well with the widget on the home screen that shows information from the most recent posts.

Still, in the news section, we’ve made it easier to move between articles by making internal links open not in a browser but in a native page on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, with all the comfort that comes with it. A real plus that was asked for by a lot of readers.

Don’t be afraid to update iSoft

For the rest, let’s talk about how the new iPhone 14 is mentioned in the comments, how the look of the home screen has changed, and how the new widget for the home screen is now easier to read thanks to iOS 14. Not to mention a few small bugs that were fixed.

Don’t be afraid to update iSoft and let us know what you think by leaving a comment. And once more, thank you for following us on the Apple blog every day for so many years and getting more and more people to do so.

Get the free app iSoft by going to.


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